Alan Luo 羅志祥

Alan Luo


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Zhi Xiang
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July 30, 1979
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180 cm
68 kg
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Host, singer, actor

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Other names: Show Luo, Show Luo
Nickname: 小猪 Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)

Alan Luo, also know as Show Luo is a Taiwanese singer, host, actor and dancer. He was born in July 30, 1979. He was born into a musical family. Since he was a little kid he performed on stage with his parents. Luo rapidly started winning singing contests. Lou’s mother is an aboriginal princess so he sometimes refers to himself as the Amis prince.

He released his first album in 1996 with his group “4 Heavenly Kings” which separated in 1998. In that year he joined another band named “Romeo”, together till 2000. In 2003, Show Luo launched his first solo album. In 2005 he release his third album called “Hypnosis SHOW” where he invited his friends Jolin Tsai and Barbi Hsu. Later that year he had his first concert in the Taipei Arena. After 1 year, he released his fourth album called “SPRSHOW” in 2006 with his first song in English with Kumi Koda. Later in 2007, Luo left behind Avex Trax and joined EMI Capitol Records. He was selected the mandarin spokesperson for “High School Musical 2”. Show Luo has been endorsing McDonalds for many years. He was appointed “Love Ambassador” for McDonald’s World Children’s Day since 2005. He also donates to Ronald McDonald’s Charity House. Show also released his first DVD concert in 2008. In 2008 as well, Luo released his sixth album which was a point to many controversies. In 2009, Luo won the most awards in Singapore Entertainment Awards despite the highly skilled competition.

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Hi, My Sweetheart 2009 as Xue Hai / Lin Da Lang 薛海 / 林達浪 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Hot Shot 2008 as Yuan Da Ying (Taiwanese Dramas)

Corner With Love 2007 as Qin Lang (Taiwanese Dramas)

Hi! Working Girl 2003 as Zheng Da Lun (Taiwanese Dramas)

Alan Luo News:

Pop Stop
Taipei Times - Apr 26, 2012

Show Luo's (羅志祥, also known as Alan Luo) new album Count on Me (有我在) is a bestseller, cementing his status as one of the country's top hearthrobs, but the pop star and actor has an Achilles' Heel: his foot fetish. Luo is currently filming ...

WeChat Officially Steps Foot Into Singapore Market with First TV Commercial ...
Tech in Asia - Apr 22, 2013

The TV commercial (video above) will feature WeChat's so-called Super-Duo Ambassadors, Alan Luo Zhi-Xiang and Rainie Yang (pictured right), who are renowned artistes from Taiwan. The ad will include the duo acting as a couple while introducing the ...

Photo: Taipei times
Taipei Times - Oct 28, 2010

At the weekend, Alan Luo (羅志祥, also known as Show Luo) called on the Almighty when he denied rumors that he had contracted “cauliflower” (菜花), a Chinese euphemism for genital warts, according to the United Daily News. “[Perhaps] the media didn't ...

Barcelona Vs PSG 1-1 10/04/2013 Goals And Full Highlights | Champions ...
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Alan Luo · 3 months ago. psg is fun to watch. not sure how they will replace zlatan when he leaves though.. Read moreShow less. Reply. ·. psyke dav · 9 months ago. psg aurait du gagner, ils etaient meilleures. Read moreShow less · Translate. Reply ...

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Alan Luo · 3 months ago. eto'o and messi were teammates, so there is no need to compare the two. anyway, everton is extremely lucky to have eto'o on their team now. it seems to me that he's one of the few players that get better with age like zlatan ...



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