The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Reviewed by: kiki

January 19, 2004

Rating: five

# of episodes: 40

Hu Jun - Qiao Feng
Jimmy Lin - Duan Yu
Gao Hu - Hui Jok
Xiu Qing - Mu Rong Fu
Liu Yi Fei - Wang Yu Yan
Chen Hao - Ah Zi
Liu Tao - Ah Zhu
Jiang Xing - Muk Yuan Ching

The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils is one of my favorite books of Kim Yong. This series focuses on three characters: Qiao Feng, Duan Yu and Hui Jok.

Qiao Feng, the Gai Bang leader, was very respected and a very good fighter. When he was found to be a Khitan, he was forced to give up his leadership. Qiao Feng wanted to take revenge against the person who killed his parents. He met Duan Yu, who was a prince of Da Li, and they became god-brothers. Many bloody murders took place during his investigation. His master and step-parents were killed and people accused him of the murders.

During his journey to try to find the person who killed all the people, he met Ah Zhu and soon fell in love with her. They found out that Duan Zheng Chun, Duan Yu's father, was the murderer from the mouth of Mrs. Ma. When Qiao Feng was about to kill Duan Zheng Chun, Ah Zhu found out that she was the daughter of Duan. Ah Zhu didn't want Qiao Feng to kill her father so she pretended to be him. Qiao Feng killed her by accident. Before she died, she asked Qiao Feng to take care of her sister, Ah Zi.

Ah Zi was an evil girl who liked Qiao Feng deeply. You Tan Zhi wanted to take revenge against Qiao Feng because he had killed You Tan Zhi's father. You Tan Zhi had liked Ah Zi at first sight, and was willing to serve her as best as he could. One time, Ah Zi had became blind because her master had thrown some poison powder in her eyes. You Tan Zhi was willing to give his eyeballs to Ah Zi in order to let her see again.

Duan Yu was the prince of Da Li and had liked Wang Yu Yan ever since he saw her statue in a cave. He had learnt very powerful kung fu from the cave. At first, he fell in love with Muk Yuan Ching, but they found out that they were really brother and sister. He then met Wang Yu Yan and liked her a lot but she only liked her cousin, Mu Rong Fu. At the end, she found out that her cousin cared more about wanting to become the king than her. Then she was together with Duan Yu at the end.

Hui Jok was a very honest and respectful Shaolin monk. He was a very weak monk who could not fight. Once, he accidently won the chess game and received power from a powerful man. During his journey, he meet Lao Lao and Li Chiu Shui and had learned kungfu from them. Lao Lao and Li Chiu Shui hated each other deeply and were dead at the end because of revenge. One time, Lao Lao had brought him to Xi Ha and forced him to eat meat and love a woman. After Lao Lao died, Hui Jok married the woman who he meet in Xi Ha, Mon Gou.

Hu Jun - Qiao Feng: He did a fantastic job portraying Qiao Feng. I think he protrayed the best Qiao Feng out of all the ones I saw. In the The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils 1996, Felix also did a good job on portraying Qiao Feng but he was not protraying the actual personalities in the book. Hu Jun's Qiao Feng is more like the one in the book, who is very powerful, intelligent and kind-hearted.

Jimmy Lin - Duan Yu: Before the series was released, many people complained about the fact that Jimmy was cast as Duan Yu. People thought that Jimmy could not act but after I saw the series, I thought he was very cute and he could act. He portrayed Duan Yu as a very delightful man. Overall, I think his performance is very good. I could even say it is the best performance he ever act.

Liu Yi Fei - Wang Yu Yan: Wang Yu Yan is supposed to be a pretty and smart girl. Liu Yi Fei is very beautiful but I think she still needs improvement in her acting. Overall, she didn't protray Wang Yu Yan as well as I thought.

Liu Tao - Ah Zhu: I became Liu Tao's fan after this series. She portrayed Ah Zhu as a very cute and adorable girl. I think she is the best actress in this serial. She did a much better job than she did in Princess Pearl III. Overall, I think she did a fantastic job in this series. Too bad she was only in for around six episodes.

Chen Hao - Ah Zi: Ah Zi was supposed to be an evil and disrespectful girl. This time she turned into a cute girl. I think Chen Hao is very adorable but she is not protraying the Ah Zi that was in the book. Even though she didn't act very well, the ending part where she jumped down the mountain with Qiao Feng was great!

Favorite Scene
Episode #9 when Duan Yu meet Qiao Feng
Episode #17 when Ah Zhu was killed
Episode #40 when Qiao Feng and Ah Zi died

Favorite Couple
Qiao Feng and Ah Zhu

Overall, I think the actors and actresses did a fantastic job in this series. The acting scenes were great! The only thing they need is a theme song. They have a lot of sub-theme songs, but they didn't have a theme song. The sub-theme songs are really good, especially "Yer Won", which is excellent!


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