The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber

Reviewed by: Vehem_the_Vile

April 02, 2007

Rating: five


I'm sure you guys know the story so I'm skipping the sypnosis part. This is my first time watching this show, and although I've never watched the previous versions, I think this '03 series has a great cast and I've been addicted to it since watching episode 1.

Zhang Wu Ji:

Initially I had reservations about Alec Su playing the hero due to his small frame, but I was later convinced by his ability to play naive and guillible and sometimes a little dim-witted. Though some times contradicted by his indecisiveness, he manages to shine through playing a righteous and good-hearted man who earned the respect of the pugilistic world.

Zhao Min:

My favourite character of the story; this girl has such a big heart judging by the way she loves Zhang Wu Ji. When she was first introduced, I thought she was just another spoiled brat princess, but as the story pushes on, I realised that she is someone who loves fearlessly, even sacrificing her family and safety to be with the man she loves. She knows what she wants, and I was relieved that she turned up and stopped Zhang Wu Ji from marrying Zhou Zhirou.I remember in the scene after being confronted by Zhang Wu Ji, who thought she had stolen the sabre and sword, she cried saying she has already died once for him. That scene was really touching and it shows how much she has done for him. Alyssa Chia potrayed the character to perfection of what Zhao Min should be; cute, intelligent, mischevious, caring, but also can be spiteful.

Zhou Zhi Rou:

Gao Yuan Yuan has the most serene pair of eyes I've ever seen, making her look cool and calm in the show as Zhou Zhi Rou. Potraying an icy demeanour, this girl was originally someone with a kind heart, but later became a victim of guilt and the shadow of her mentor, Priestess Mie Jue. I don't agree that she turned evil to avenge Mie Jue, but rather, she has a personal vendetta of her own and this lead to her destruction. I kinda liked her ending as she returned to Er Mei as sect leader, because she was kinda pitiful and I would feel sorry for her if her character was killed.

Xie Xun:

Thumbs up to this guy who plays the Golden Haired Lion King. His height and presence makes Xie Xun believable as a madman on an unstoppable rampage. Deemed an evil man by the pugilistic world, he showed another side of him by his love for Wu Ji and his loyalty towards his foster siblings, Yin Su Su and Zhang Cui Shan. His character is also pitiful, because he is a victim of circumstances. I liked the way how his character became a monk and I hoped he had found inner peace after years of bloodshed.

Cheng Kun:

Who else to potray a two-faced villian but Zhang Guo Li? This guy looks harmless enough to pose as a monk, but he has also showed that when he was bad, he could be VERY bad. I was disappointed Xie Xun only left him blinded in the end, perhaps this was the author's way to potray Xie Xun's gratitude towards Cheng Kun for being his mentor in the past. Good performance here by this guy, whose villianous character has certainly become one of my favourites.

Xiao Zhao:

Such sweet character with a sad ending. Played by Singapore-based actress Florence Tan, this servant girl is meticulous in caring for Zhang Wu Ji. It is understood that she loves him in her heart, but eventually out of filial piety, she had to become the Persian Ming Sect leader, and had to leave Zhang Wu Ji. Florence Tan made Xiao Zhao so likeable with her bubbly smile and thoughtfulness towards Zhang Wu Ji.


This is by far one of the best Jin Yong dramas I've seen and the cast here is remarkably good. However, I took awhile to be convinced that Yang Xiao could actually fly despite his size, haha. I kind of hated the Mongolian hairstyles, but I guess they were essential to make them look credible. Fighting scenes are okay, although can be improved with more effects. Overall a memorable epic drama that I will remember for a long time.

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