Young Detective Files II

Reviewed by: Tieu Yeu Nu

March 25, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

Many people may not know that this sequel exists, and the actors and actresses are changed (I think)

(NOTE: I may have goten the names mixed up except for Pham Bang Bang, she's the only one I know so I'm sure I got her character right)

Bao Chung > Luc Nghi (never seen him before)
Cong Ton Sach > Ngam Tuyen (never seen him before either)
Chien Chieu > Thich Tieu Long (I think I saw the little kid but can't remember)
Tieu Thanh Dinh/Thien Quan > Pham Bang Bang (she stared in Hoan Chau Cat Cat as Kim Toa, Ruby Lin's maid)
Luc Tuong Tuong > Thong Phong Man (never seen her either or maybe I did but can't remember)

This is a mystery film, therefore, it consists of many mysteries. I won't tell you much about it because these mysteries are the highlights of the film.

We start off in a small town with Bao Chung, Cong Ton Sach, and Chien Chieu. Bao Chung won't leave the town because he wanted to wait for his mommy or something like that, but then floods came up due to someone taking money from the building of the dam so the king called him to help.

On their first day in the palace Bao Chung bumped into a stuttering girl who is a maid in the palace. He then went to the room where some guy was killed and saw the king. Then the king gave him a pendent that will keep him safe from everyone (No Killing pendent or something). When he was putting it into his pockets he found that his money was missing.

He remembered back to the stuttering maid, so he went to find her. He scared her from behind and found that she wasn't stuttering at all. After arguing with her for a while she handed him the bunch of flowers in her hand (she's a gardener there, I think). He took it thinking that she was about to give him back his money but instead she started screaming saying that he was molesting her.

After that, he found out her name was Tieu Thanh Dinh. They played many tricks on each other but most of the time she loses. Afterwards, when they left the palace, fate keeps bringing them back together, because he wanted to keep her beside him. He kept her locked up for lots of reasons, and because of the time they spent together they gradually fall in love. But neither would admit it to each other because of how proud they were.

Cong Ton Sach (CTS) came to the palace with Bao Chung and Chien Chieu. He always wanted to beat Bao Chung because everyone said that Bao Chung is the smartest guy in the world. He travels around the capital a lot and one night he met this girl who was carrying a torch to a bad guy's house. After some talking she burns his house. He wanted to hit her so CTS came out to save her. After some troubles were created by her, he found out who she was--she turns out to be his arranged future wife, Luc Tuong Tuong (LTT).

CTS kept trying to avoid her by telling her he did not want to marry, but LTT always insisted, so finally he told her that he was sick and is going to blind. After that, she follows him every where to try and cure his eyesight.

CTS of course, acts if he doesn't like her but through many incidents, he gradually falls for her too.

Chien Chieu followed them around like a little brother, he is the 'strength' of the three. He always has to save them and do stuff for them. Being a monk doesn't stop him from enjoying life, in his spare time he likes to catch mice and eat vegetarian food.

Bao Chung aka Luc Nghi:
I love this character. The guy is so cute when he smiles but he only smiles to his friends, or else when he smiles at you it means he wants something from you, he mostly does this to Tieu Thanh Dinh.

His character is very smart but sometimes indecisive, but that is only when it comes down to Tieu Thanh Dinh. It's so funny how a guy so smart like Bao Chung can be so stupid when talking about love in front of Tieu Thanh Dinh. We can tell that he has not grown into the Bao Thanh Thien we all know yet, because he is such a child in here when he is not solving cases.

However, the actor here has to be improved on, he's not one of the better actors, maybe average. I can still see him being stiff sometimes, especially in scenes with Tieu Thanh Dinh.

Cong Ton Sach aka Nham Tuyen
I love this guy too. He's so cute, this guy is a much better actor then Luc Nghi, but I don't think they should swap, because they are both so cute in their roles.

CTS is a very learned person, he loves to study and read. The only thing he is lacking is an imaginative mind like Bao Chung.

Following the plot, CTS was engaged to Luc Tuong Tuong from birth, he had never seen her, but had heard rumors that she is very ugly, so he is very scared of meeting her. Also, he is a devoted bachelor like Bao Chung.

He helps solves a lot of cases too, with or without Bao Chung. I pity him but also admire him when he went blind. I pitied him because he had lost the one thing he did best, to learn, he could no longer read and learn more things and see stuff like other people, but I admire his strength through this. He was only sad for a while at the start but then he overcame it and still maintained his respectability.

At the start of the film we could see that he found LTT rather annoying. I did too, but a cute, loving annoying. But like Bao Chung, he gradually falls for her, because she was so nice to him. He didn't want to show it to her probably for the same reason with Bao Chung, and I guess also because he wasn't ready to be a husband and settle down yet.

This guy is so cute whenever he sees LTT. He always tries to hide, but because he's blind, he can't tell if she seen him or not, but there are parts where I found him rather mean to LTT, after all the things she did for him he still treated her pretty badly.

Chien Chieu aka Thich Tieu Long
Nothing can be said about him except for the fact that he could act (maybe even better then Luc Nghi). He has a cute smile and he was rather tall for his age, he stood almost as tall as LTT (she's short).

What I found most disliking about him was that he was like the best kung fu person in the whole film, hello! How could a 15 year old or something be so good? But that's not his fault, and in the case with him and his little 'girlfriend' was hair raising. I found some parts cute but I've already seen this kind of 'love' version in other films but with older characters.

Tieu Thanh Dinh aka Pham Bang Bang
Ah, my favorite character!

I don't think anyone can hate this girl, she's so cute and funny. I really don't get why she isn't popular? I find that she has great potential, don't kill me or anything but I think she's a much better actress then Vicky Zhao (Trieu Vi). That is, even better then Ruby Lin (Lam Tam Nhu), she's so much cuter than both of them, and I believe she's prettier too. Well, maybe equal to Ruby Lin but definitely prettier and cuter then Vicky Zhao.

Anyway, back to her character. I simply adore this character. She's smart, she's funny, and she's an expert at picking locks. I found it so hilarious how Bao Chung keeps locking her up but she could leave so easily. She acted as if it was her house she could come and go at anytime.

Although she is not as bright as Bao Chung or CTS, she is a lot smarter then the rest of the cast, which is quite funny, and she helps out in the cases too. She doesn't solve anything (which I found kind of stupid) but she did the following and the searching jobs. She is really really really good at flying skills (kinh cong), but is not skilled in martial arts, which is a bother to me.

She keeps fighting with Bao Chung, even though she loses all the time, she never gives up fighting with him. We could see that she's in love with Bao Chung but keeps denying it. I felt sorry for her when Bao Chung keeps framing her then locking her up.

She's a very fun loving character, and Pham Bang Bang did this job well. Her expressions are so real and 'changable'. she could convert from happy, to shock, to scared, to hatred all in one scene, it was so funny in that scene where Bao Chung took all the stuff she stole (she's a thief) and put it in her room, then came in and started blackmailing her.

There are plenty of scenes where she is so funny and cute looking, but there are some scenes too where she cries. That's what I like about her character, this character is like a cross-bred between Ha Tu Vi (Ruby Lin's character in HZGG) and Tieu Yen Tu (Vicky Zhao's character in HZGG). She can be weak and caring like Ha Tu Vi and fun loving and carefree and revengeful like Tieu Yen Tu. Pham Bang Bang's performance was superb, I reckon the best in the whole film.

Luc Tuong Tuong aka Thong Phong Man
What can I say about her? She can't act that well, probably one of the worse actresses in the film, but still very cute.

I love her character for how she could take anything, the good and the bad, but mostly the bad. She isn't afraid of showing her love for CTS in front of everyone. She logically thinks things through (her logic) before deciding, and once she decided something she'll stick to it.

At the start, I think the only reason she was drawn to CTS was because he was smart, cute and respectable. Everything she believes a girl of her social status should marry. But after a while of following him around (literally) she falls for him.

But that doesn't mean she'll be all loving and caring, and soft on him. No, she is still the stubborn and harsh person she is, she always does things her way, and if he doesn't do it her way, she'll make him.

I found it so funny when Chien Chieu told her that she was being unfair to CTS, not thinking about his feelings, not being able to share his emotions, his blindness, altogether not understanding. So what did she do? She told him she'll go home and think about that problem and work on it. And she did. She decided to make herself blind so they will both be blind then no one can say she doesn't understand how he feels.

1. When Tieu Thanh Dinh was hurt from jumping off a cliff, Bao Chung was so worried (Luc Nghi didn't do this part that well, but I still got the idea), this I reckon was when Bao Chung found out he cared for Tieu Thanh Dinh alot more then he thought

2. When Tieu Thanh Dinh asked Bao Chung not to look in to the case of her step father anymore. This was such a touching scene (Luc Nghi did this part well), his face showed a vast of emotions. He was a person who likes everything to be crystal clear, but he didn't want to hurt her anymore. His face was so cute. I think this is when he found out he loved her more then he thought he did.

3. When CTS was up in the temple and LTT came. It was so funny, when he heard her name he covered his face right away, but LTT already saw him. He didn't know because he was blind. The two was so cute, he was like sitting on hot water and she was smiling the whole time.

4. When CTS was down in the secret chamber investigating in the case of Tieu Thanh Dinh's step fathers death, LTT came down with her eyes all bandaged up (she was trying to go blind). His face was so funny when he found out what she was doing. Her face was so funny when she was trying to 'smell' for him. I liked the line she used. She said "CTS why are you talking about? I know you're here, I can smell the husky smell on you". This was because he had told her once "I can tell it's you, your perfume is very different, it could easily be recognized"

The settings were ok, the costumes were ok. I loved the sub themesong, the themesong was ok, the extras where pretty good.

well I gave it 4 and a half stars because this is the first film for a very long time that I didn't find it necessary to fast forward anything, every scene was needed. If you missed one scene you could miss out on a very important fact to solve a case. And I didn't hate anyone in the film (main characters). I loved this film for it;s so different from the other Taiwanese films where there is so much talking, crying and an overwhelming amount of girls who are 'so deeply in love' with the main guys. The story was simple, one girl for one guy.

Simple, I don't get the ending. I really, really want to watch part three now because of the stupid ending. And I know part three right now in JULY 2002 hasn't came out in Australia yet. That is so annoying, I so want to watch it.

Another reason I don't like about it is that the couples don't get as much screen time. We get a few loving scenes here and there but not many. I would like it if the couples relationship was improved on in the next sequel.

I haven't seen Young Justice Bao yet so I can't compare, but after number 2, I don't want to see number one. I'm afraid it might ruin my image of Bao Chung and Cong Ton Sach.

I guarantee that if you're a fan of mystery, adventure, some thriller and a little romance and comedy you'll just love this series. It's kind of long but not dragging (in Viet only 14 tapes long).

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