Young Detective Files (Shao Nian Bao Qing Tian)

Reviewed by: Gin Lee

January 01, 2008

Rating: three

Main Casts: Zhou Jie, Ren Quan, Shi Xiao Long, Li Bing Bing, Liu Yi Jun
Production: Mainland China
Episodes: 30
Type: Suspense Detective
Themesong: Wu Kui Yu Xin (Sun Nan)
Sub-themesong: Zhi Yao You Ni (Sun Nan and Na Ying)

Produced in year 2000, this show is full of suspense and cracky cases with unexpected ending which make you watch the series till the very end. Embark on uniqueness of cases with friendly competition between Bao Zheng and Gong Sun Ce as well as cute quarrelsome scenes, this show is entertaining and lively.

Character Analysis:
Bao Zheng (Zhou Jie)
The youthful Bao Zheng daring, analytical, intelligent, righteous, who is very innocent. He is great at solving cases and is very particular even to the most detailed evidence. He manages to solve all the cases.

Zhou Jie, as Bao Zheng is too childish and oblivious to court rivalry. Zhou Jie doesn't have the flair of Bao Zheng at all. I don't like his approach to make Bao Zheng looks quite foolish at times. I simply dislike the way he shakes his head and trying to be as innocent as a child. He is also too playful at times. His acting isn't that good too. I can't relate him to the middle age Bao Zheng.

Gong Sun Ce (Ren Quan)
Classmate of Bao Zheng who is the beneficiary of Bao Zheng. Narrow minded and highly competitive person who likes to pick up quarrel with Bao Zheng and Fei Yan.

Ren Quan is good as a competitive and jealous person. He is very funny and looks rather detestable to compete with Bao Zheng. That jealousy and unwillingness to admit defect expressions are vividly shown and he is able to portray a jealous, yet kind hearted person in nature. He doesn't look at all villain when he is trying to show his displeasure for being the no. 2 which I think is a good attempt from Ren Quan. I think he is the best performer in this show.

Gong Sun Ce is created to be competitive, yet kind hearted which I think is a good and unique character. It is very realistic and applicable to most people and many people can relate to his eagerness to outshine Bao Zheng. He seems to be both a foe and a friend to Bao Zheng whom I think give a good reflection of people.

Zhan Zhao (Shi Xiao Long)
A monk who is Skilful in martial arts. A foe turned friend of Bao Zheng.

Shi Xiao Long is good in stunts and convincing as the fighter, Zhan Zhao. This character is not so cheeky and childlike. Shi Xiao Long fits well into the role.

Ling Chu Chu (Li Bing Bing)
Bao Zheng's female friend. Skilled in martial arts and mature. She is less active, but is a good assistant to Bao Zheng.

Li Bing Bing is good as a mature lady. However, this character lacks depth and there isn't much developments of this character. Her personality is also not being vividly introduced and she seems like someone who is created to be Bao Zheng sidekick instead of adding flavours to the show. I think it is a waste of talent. This character should be created to have more impact to the show and I believe Li Bing Bing is capable of making a good impact with a good role. I can't comment much on her acting except to say that she is convincing as being mature. This character is simply too shallow and ordinary.

Pang Fei Yan (Liu Yi Jun)
Pang Tai Shi's third daughter who is an irritating, confident troublemaker who thinks so highly of herself. She likes Bao Zheng, but seems to get along better with Gong Sun Ce.

This actress is very irritating. I can't stand watching her talking and being so showy. I dislike her sarcastic and snobbish personality. I have to admit that Liu Yi Jun is able to bring out the character even though her acting is quite exaggerating and aggressive. On the other hand, I think that this character is supposed to be quite adorable despite being quite a snob. This is something Liu Yi Jun can't do. She is too irritating and I don't find her adorable at all.

The approach of creating humour is not unique and doesn't have much impact. This show is only interesting with good suspense stories that keep audience to watch the show. The jokes are not that funny with too much sarcastic from Pang Fei Yan. The characters created are weak and there is simply too much focus on Bao Zheng. The character Ling Chu Chu seems so redundant and the show would still go on fine without her existence. Pang Fei Yan is simply too irritating and she seems to have many negative points instead of positive points.

In one story, Gong Sun Ce is bed ridden and Bao Zheng forsakes his examination to take care of him. This reflects a truthful friendship and Bao Zheng's open heart to treat Gong Sun Ce as a good friend more than a good competitor. Gong Sun Ce is in a dilemma to accept Bao Zheng as a good friend, but he can't cast off the inner jealousy that Bao Zheng is better than him. This segment is interesting and really arises some thoughts and discussion from the audiences and it adds some depth to the show.

The rivalry between Bao Zheng and Pang Tai Shi is weakly shown and failed to give it a maximum surge. Pang Tai Shi also doesn't seem too villain. This is not the main focus, so I don't expect much from it. However, I think this minor plot should be removed as this show seems to have too many little plots behind the stories and there isn't a very good focus a particular plot.

Finally, the cases are the ones that are really good. The stories are very interesting and we wouldn't have easily predicted the ending. The stories are also not fed with too much information and knowledge. They are more on intellectual tricks work on general knowledge. They are very entertaining and the audience would enjoy cracking the cases with Bao Zheng. The endings are really unexpected and I think many people would be very surprised and give remarks such as 'Hey, why didn't I think of that?' Since the cases are based on general knowledge and understanding of the past, many people would be able to relate and enjoy solving the cases. We wouldn't need a great deal of knowledge to solve the case. Without the interesting, yet simply and entertaining suspense cases, the show would not be that enjoyable.

Go for the cases and put your heart in trying to crack the case yourself. You would enjoy the show very much. Entertaining, but with weak characters.

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