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Young Justice Bao 3

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi May 13, 2007

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Cast Deng Chao as Bao Zheng Zhao Yang as Gongsun Ce Shi Xiao Long as Zhan Zhao Qin Li as Xiao Man He Zhong Hua as Pang Tong Li Jie as the Emperor Plot: Technically this series is considered to be a sequel but actually it is not a continuation of the past two YJB. The famous trio returns, but this time they are on a mission...

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06-16-2010 02:27 PM


This season had a great cast! The three main leads had excellent chemistry and were all very well fleshed out. The trio of Bao Zheng, Gongsun Che, and Zhan Zhao were so funny and had excellent memorable lines! Each case took a little long to solve, but were all meaningful with sympathetic supporting characters.

The main romantic interests were pretty decent with the exception of one: Xiao Li, that actress was simply TOO childish. She made the teenaged Zhan Zhao look like a GIANT. Qin Li/Xiao Man was VERY interesting. Her transformation was subtle, meaningful, and greatly integral to the plot. This actress looks so much like Linda Chung? Xiao Feng Sheng was a very believable character with a great sense of humor.

Pang Tong and Emperor Renzong were also both well cast! In short, this series is a MUST SEE.

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