Young Justice Bao 3

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi

May 13, 2007

Rating: four-point-five

Deng Chao as Bao Zheng
Zhao Yang as Gongsun Ce
Shi Xiao Long as Zhan Zhao
Qin Li as Xiao Man
He Zhong Hua as Pang Tong
Li Jie as the Emperor

Technically this series is considered to be a sequel but actually it is not a continuation of the past two YJB. The famous trio returns, but this time they are on a mission to find a legendary drug that allows immortality. Along the way, they become involved in several murders mysteries.

[Deng Chao as Bao Zheng]
Bao Zheng starts off with amnesia for the past 2 years and presently lives under the identity of Sha Da Bao. Even though he claims to be a very ignorant (kind of mentally challenged) restaurant worker, he possesses a far greater intelligence, which takes over when a murder takes place within the restaurant.
~Comment: I enjoyed his performance very much. He can do both dramatic and funny. Sha Da Bao was very funny to watch while Bao Zheng was interesting to follow. 5/5

[Zhao Yang as Gongsun Ce]
He is an officer working for the king. When Bao Zheng suddenly disappears for 2 years, Gongsun Ce goes searching. Eventually, they reunite and find themselves caught in the middle of mysterious murders.
~Comment: He is my favorite character! It’s so cute how he is always the center of jokes. Although he was kind of stiff at the beginning, he begins to improve throughout the series. 4.5/5

[Shi Xiao Long as Zhan Zhao]
He is the young kung-fu sidekicks of both Bao Zheng and Gongsun Ce. He is the one that catches the suspects and protects the two from any danger they may encounter.
~Comment: He is the only one that returns from YJB2. His performance was actually very entertaining. Maybe it was because I am so use to seeing him as Zhan Zhao, I thought that he was about to bring out the character completely. 5/5

[Qin Li as Xiao Man]
She was the one that discovered Bao Zheng when he claimed to have amnesia. Despite her secret identity, she finds herself falling in love with Bao Zheng.
~Comment: She was the only one in the cast that I liked and at the same time was annoyed with. At the beginning, she was very cute when she keeps hinting at BZ that she likes him but then I started to get annoyed when she turned all depressed. Her character slowly remembers her real mission and she loses her happy energetic self. 4/5

[The main trio]
They have such great chemistry! They tease each other but yet they care so much for each other. I love watching them.

[BZ and XM]
She knows that she isn’t supposed to love him but she does anyways and becomes torn between what she should do and what she wants. They have an okay chemistry in my opinion. They do have some cute parts but towards the end, it turned all dramatic/tragic.

[GSC and Xiao Feng Zheng]
They have a weird relationship but somehow I like watching them the most. She keeps leaving him then always comes back with a new identity. Maybe the weirdness comes from XFZ and her fear of losing the person she loves.

[Zhan Zhao and Xiao Li (the Japanese girl)]
I do not like this couple because the girl looks like she is 12. Even thought Shi Xiao Long is in his teens, standing next to her makes him look like he’s in his 20s. That kind of creep me out.

The case
The very first case was my favorite and it was the one that got me into the series. All of them were interesting to watch. The only downside I found was that most of them took too long to finish (the first case took around 10 episodes to finish) and they start to become predictable. They always suspect the wrong person and ends up having to start over with the clues.

Overall? This serial is a must watch if you are into mystery based series or if you are a fan of BZ, GSC, or ZZ.

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