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February 08, 1979
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China (Mainland)
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Actor, Singer

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The Four 3 2014 as Leng Linqi/Lengxue (Movies)

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2009 as Zhang Wu Ji (Chinese TV Series)

Young Justice Bao 3 2006 as Bao Zheng (Chinese TV Series)

The World's Finest (Tian Xia Di Yi) 2004 as Emperor (Chinese TV Series)

Deng Chao News:

Film review: Mermaid – Stephen Chow's environmental morality tale
South China Morning Post (subscription) - Feb 11, 2016

This Chinese production tells the story of Liu Xuan (Deng Chao) a young business mogul attempting to clear a recently acquired bay of its marine life for property development. Unbeknownst to him (and the rest of the world), the waters are home to a ...

2016 Spring Festival Movie Guide
YIBADA English - Feb 11, 2016

... the title is considered as the King of Comedy's much-anticipated comeback as a director. The story revolves around the romance between humans and mermaids, embodying an environmental protection theme. "The Mermaid" stars Deng Chao, Kitty Zhang ...

Film Review: 'Devil and Angel'
Variety - Jan 5, 2016

An irascible thug and a dweeby doormat make socko debt collectors in “Devil and Angel,” a mainland Chinese comedy that leans heavily on the chemistry and star wattage of husband-and-wife leads Deng Chao and Betty Sun Li. Although it treats viewers as ...

'Mermaid': Review
Screen International - Feb 9, 2016

Playboy businessman Lu Xuan (Deng Chao, American Dreams In China) drops large sonar devices into the ocean along a strip of newly acquired coastline, known as the Green Gulf. He plans to clear the marine life and begin reclamation work on the area for ...

Stephen Chow's 'Mermaid' Leads Chinese Box Office To $101 Million New Year's ...
Forbes - Feb 9, 2016

Post-release reviews, which have been favorable, revealed that the story centers on a callous playboy billionaire (Deng Chao) who aims to develop an ocean gulf into a massive marine park, and the lovely mermaid (newcomer Jelly Lin) who emerges from the ...

'The Mermaid': Love tale after Chow's smash hit of monkey king
CCTV - Feb 2, 2016

This time around, his film is about the love story between a wealthy biology Ph.D with a mermaid. At the release ceremony in Beijing, where he was joined by the film's cast: Deng Chao, Show Luo, Lin Yun and Zhang Yuqi, Chow couldn't help but make a ...

Mermaid with a green message
The Straits Times - Feb 5, 2016

THE STORY: Liu Xuan (Deng Chao) is a crass mogul whose only interest is money. He buys over Green Gulf and plans to develop it. First, he has to drive away the surrounding marine fauna. Unknown to him, this wreaks havoc on the mer-people and ...

Stephen Chow Promotes 'The Mermaid' in Shanghai - Jan 30, 2016

Director Stephen Chow and actor Deng Chao promotes the upcoming film 'The Mermaid' in Shanghai on January 27, 2016. [Photo:]. Famous Chinese director and comedian Stephen Chow made an appearance in Shanghai on Friday, promoting his ...

Eight movies to watch this Chinese New Year
Malay Mail Online - Feb 4, 2016

Starring newcomer Lin Yun in the titular role, with the rest of the cast made up of Show Luo, Kitty Zhang, Deng Chao and more, the story tells of a man who falls in love with the mermaid that saves him from a boat crash. One's argument doesn't hold ...

China's Domestic Comedies Expecting a Boost from Spring Festival After ...
YIBADA English - Jan 29, 2016

"Devil and Angel," starring husband and wife Deng Chao and Sun Li, gained unfavorable reviews despite its superstar following. "You can see that the sales of 'Devil and Angel' dropped dramatically after being played for only a week. Our audience is ...

China Focus: Growing domestic comedies set to boost China's festive scene
Xinhua - Jan 26, 2016

Ilka is referring to comedies like "Devil and Angel" by director Deng Chao, which received criticism for its poor approach at making people laugh. To draw comparisons, some recall the works of prestigious Chinese directors such as Feng Xiaogang, who ...

'The Breakup Guru,' Starring Deng Chao
New York Times - Jun 26, 2014

The jokes and sight gags fly in exhausting profusion in “The Breakup Guru,” Deng Chao and Yu Baimei's antic, scattershot romantic comedy. Mr. Deng plays the titular fixer, Mei Yuangui, a successful specialist in terminating the relationships of ...

Deng Chao's Directorial Debut Opens Big - Jul 2, 2014

"The Breakup Guru" (Fen Shou Da Shi) starring and co-directed by famous Chinese actor Deng Chao, grossed over 180 million yuan (about US$ 28 million), at box offices during its opening weekend. The movie has enjoyed a high attendance rate.

Deng Chao and Cindy Voice for 'Despicable Me 2' - Jan 7, 2014

Deng Chao says he enjoyed voicing the character. "The opportunity does not come easily. I like the story of the film. I like Gru's character. He's got a warm side. Strictly speaking he's not a good man. He has a lot of flaws, though this time he stands ...

Actor Deng Chao to be host of Chinese version of 'Running Man'
What's on Xiamen - Jul 10, 2014

It was recently revealed that Chinese actor, Deng Chao has been named one of the celebrities to participate in the Chinese version of the hit South Korean variety show, "Running Man". According to Sina News, the actor's participation in the programme ...

Chinese Actor Deng Chao to Join "Artistry on Ice" Show - May 29, 2014

Zhao Hongbo, China's star ice skater and also the show's producer, told a press conference recently that some heavyweights would appear on this year's "Artistry on Ice" stage, including Chinese actor-director, Deng Chao. CRI's Liu Min has more.

The Dead End
Film Business Asia - Jun 29, 2015

Since then, the three have lain low in the provincial capital, Xiamen - Xin Xiaofeng (Deng Chao) as an auxiliary police detective, Yang Zidao (Guo Tao) as a taxi driver, the simpleton Chen Bijue (Gao Hu) as a fisherman-rafter - and secretly cared for ...

As China waits for 'Star Wars,' 'Mojin' digs up $183 million at box office
Los Angeles Times - Dec 29, 2015

In second place for the seven days ending Sunday was Enlight Media's comedy “Devil and Angel,” the second directorial effort of actor Deng Chao, who scored in 2014 with his romantic comedy “The Breakup Guru.” “Devil and Angel,” about a gifted student ...

'The Dead End' ('Lie ri zhuo xin'): Film Review
Hollywood Reporter - Aug 31, 2015

Having cast himself against type as a frivolous heartbreaker in his rom-com directorial debut The Breakup Guru, Deng Chao (American Dreams in China) returns to his metier here as Xiaofeng, a dazed, fidgety auxiliary policeman with a seemingly ...

'Mr. Six' tops China box office with $68.5m
Screen International - Jan 5, 2016

From the makers of last year's hit The Breakup Guru, the new comedy that revolves around two debt collectors features real-life couple Sun Li and Deng Chao (who is also co-directing with Yu Baimei). Three new entries followed, including Zhang Cheng's ...

China Box Office: 'Mojin' Marches Toward $200 Million
Hollywood Reporter - Dec 29, 2015

Although Mojin was back on top by Sunday, the blockbuster was actually beaten on Thursday, Friday and Saturday by actor-director Deng Chao's lowbrow comedy Devil and Angel, which grossed $79.27 million over its first four days. The film is the follow ...

Stephen Chow releases first trailer of
Yahoo Singapore News - Dec 10, 2015

The trailer features actor Deng Chao, who plays the lead in the movie, reporting his abduction by a mermaid to the police, while one of the officers kept giving him ludicrous sketches of a half man half fish creature. The movie, which tells the story ...

2015 Forbes China Celebrity List (Full List)
Forbes - May 14, 2015

22. Huang Bo, actor, 39 million yuan. 23. Aaron Kwok, actor and singer, 70 million yuan. 24. Wang Leehom, singer and actor, 45.5 million yuan. 25. Louis Koo, actor, 51 million yuan. 26. Nicky Wu, actor, 33 million yuan. 27. Deng Chao, actor, 29 million ...

China Box Office: 'Detective Chinatown' Wins Weekend, 'Mr. Six' Shows Staying ...
Hollywood Reporter - Jan 5, 2016

Actor-director Deng Chao's lowbrow comedy Devil and Angel continued its slide down the charts, falling from second to fourth for the week. The movie grossed $79.27 million in its first four days last week, but it since has been hurt by negative word of ...

Four new year's eve concerts held in China - Jan 1, 2016

Besides, the team members from popular reality show Running Man, Chinese version, including Deng Chao, Angelababy, Lu Han and Li Chen have joined Zhejiang Satellite TV's concert held in Southern China's Shenzhen. Meanwhile, in Jiangsu TV's New ...

China's 'The Dead End' Takes Home Two Awards at the Shanghai Film Festival
Yibada (English Edition) - Jun 24, 2015

The movie poster for "The Dead End" showing Duan Yihong and Deng Chao. (Photo : What's a film festival without the awards? China's very own “The Dead End” snatched a couple of awards at the recently concluded Shanghai International ...

Reality Shows the Path to Celebrity Status in China
Beijing Today - Jul 1, 2015

Chinese media are reveling in the “marriage scandal” of Deng Chao – husband of Empresses in the Palace star Sun Li – who was spotted on a date with actress Jiang Yiyan last week. Deng has played numerous roles in modern and ancient costume TV ...

Stephen Chow Reveals Trailer and Posters for New Film 'The Mermaid'
Yibada (English Edition) - Dec 12, 2015

The film stars Lin Yun, Deng Chao, Show Lo, Kris Wu Yifan, Zhang Yuqi, Li Shangzheng and Zhang Mei'e. The film is set to hit Chinese screens on Feb. 8, 2016. "The Mermaid" will be released in time for lunar Chinese New Year. It will face competition ...

Running Man mania hits Oz - Nov 26, 2015

... the show is not unlike The Amazing Race, taking celebrity contestants all over the world to compete in various challenges. Filming in Adelaide's Rundle Mall on Wednesday attracted a huge crowd, eager to snap stars Angelababy, Deng Chao and Lu Han.



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