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Deng Chao


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February 08, 1979
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China (Mainland)
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Actor, Singer

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The Four 3 2014 as Leng Linqi/Lengxue (Movies)

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2009 as Zhang Wu Ji (Chinese TV Series)

Young Justice Bao 3 2006 as Bao Zheng (Chinese TV Series)

The World's Finest (Tian Xia Di Yi) 2004 as Emperor (Chinese TV Series)

Deng Chao News:

Chinese film 2014
Global Times - Dec 21, 2014

Director: Yu Baimei, Deng Chao Box office: 666 million yuan. The Continent Director: Han Han Box office: 630 million yuan. The Man from Macao Director: Wong Jing Box office: 525 million yuan. Tiny Times 3. Director: Guo Jingming Box office: 522 million ...

'The Breakup Guru,' Starring Deng Chao
New York Times - Jun 26, 2014

The jokes and sight gags fly in exhausting profusion in “The Breakup Guru,” Deng Chao and Yu Baimei's antic, scattershot romantic comedy. Mr. Deng plays the titular fixer, Mei Yuangui, a successful specialist in terminating the relationships of ...

Deng Chao, Wang Luodan: 2014's Most Valuable Chinese Stars
Yahoo Singapore News - Oct 29, 2014

Deng Chao, who has never been on the top three list before, jumped to number one on the list, not only for his directorial debut "The Breakup Guru" that earned more than RMB 700 million (approximately USD 114 million) at the box office, but also for ...

'Break-up Guru' stuns in its opening week
ecns - Jul 2, 2014

"The Breakup Guru" (Fen Shou Da Shi) starring and co-directed by famous Chinese actor Deng Chao, grossed over 180 million yuan (about US$ 28 million), at box offices during its opening weekend. The movie has enjoyed a high attendance rate.

Chinese Actor Deng Chao to Join "Artistry on Ice" Show - May 29, 2014

Zhao Hongbo, China's star ice skater and also the show's producer, told a press conference recently that some heavyweights would appear on this year's "Artistry on Ice" stage, including Chinese actor-director, Deng Chao. CRI's Liu Min has more.

Actor Deng Chao to be host of Chinese version of 'Running Man'
What's on Xiamen - Jul 10, 2014

It was recently revealed that Chinese actor, Deng Chao has been named one of the celebrities to participate in the Chinese version of the hit South Korean variety show, "Running Man". According to Sina News, the actor's participation in the programme ...

Deng Chao and Cindy voice for "despicable me 2"
Xinhua - Jan 7, 2014

Deng Chao says he enjoyed voicing the character. "The opportunity does not come easily. I like the story of the film. I like Gru's character. He's got a warm side. Strictly speaking he's not a good man. He has a lot of flaws, though this time he stands ...

'The Breakup Guru' ('Fen shou da shi'): Film Review
Hollywood Reporter - Jul 12, 2014

Many A-listers have used their directorial debuts simply to showcase their versatile acting chops, and mainland Chinese star Deng Chao has done the same — but in the worst possible way possible. Known at home for straight-faced dramatic roles — such ...

Film Review: 'The Breakup Guru'
Variety - Jul 1, 2014

So goes the premise of “The Breakup Guru,” a helming debut for mainland star Deng Chao and theater director Yu Baimei, who have claimed that they're pushing the envelope of Chinese comedy but have in fact merely pushed the genre to a new low in terms ...

The Breakup Guru
Film Business Asia - Aug 4, 2014

In fact, La Blaka was actually Mei Yuangui (Deng Chao), a self-styled "break-up master" who seduces women so their partners can painlessly get rid of them. Yuangui plans to retire after one more scam job. After arriving in Qingdao, he takes a coach ...

Chinese Version Of Running Man Heads To Seoul
KpopStarz - Sep 15, 2014

The members of the Chinese Running Man, which includes Deng Chao, Wang Ba O Chang, Wang Chu Lan, Chun Ga, Lee Chun, Jung Kai, Angela Baby, were filming for the show along with popular Chinese actors Wang Lee Kun, Lin Gung Shin and Uh Ooh ...

'American Dreams in China' review: Sweeping story of friendship
SFGate - Nov 13, 2014

Cheng (Huang Xiaming) is the thinker of the bunch, Wang (Tong Daiwei) is the fanboy who likes American films and American girls, and Meng (Deng Chao) is the ambitious idealist who wants to be on the cover of Time magazine. Meng gets the first visa to ...



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