Donnie Yen 甄子丹

Donnie Yen


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Yen Chi Tan
Date of Birth:
July 27, 1963
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China (Mainland)
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Actor, Director, Fight choreographer, Producer

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Golden Chickensss 2014 (Movies)

An Empress and the Warriors 2008 (Movies)

Ip Man 2008 as Ip Man (Movies)

Flash Point 2007 (Movies)

Dragon Tiger Gate 2006 as Wong Siu Long (Movies)

SPL 2005 (Movies)

Love On The Rocks 2004 (Movies)

The Twins Effect II 2004 (Movies)

Hero 2003 (Movies)

Fist of Fury 1995 (ATV TV Series)

The Kung Fu Master 1994 (ATV TV Series)

Dragon Inn 1992 (Movies)

Once Upon a Time in China II 1992 (Movies)

The Crime File 1991 (TVB Series)

Flying Squads 1989 (TVB Series)

In the Line of Duty IV 1989 (Movies)

Donnie Yen News:

Mike Tyson Will Fight Donnie Yen in 'Ip Man 3'
Indie Wire (blog) - Mar 25, 2015

Donnie Yen starred in the previous 2 "Ip Man" movies. I've seen both of them, and, in short, they're ok with some cool fight sequences; but neither really adds much to the crowded history of martial arts movies. Although both were box office ...

Kung Fu Killer Trailer: Donnie Yen Remains Terrifying
Film School Rejects (blog) - Mar 26, 2015

Donnie Yen is 51 years old and he could still kick the ass of everyone reading this, author included. In this trailer for Kung Fu Killer, his latest film that sees him as a wrongfully imprisoned martial arts master who is set free to track down a ...

Donnie Yen: "Ip Man 3" may be my final martial arts film
Yahoo Singapore News - Mar 27, 2015

27 Mar – There is a possibility that "Ip Man 3" may be the last martial arts film for its lead actor Donnie Yen, according to an interview on Sina's Daily News. However, fans need not worry, as it was more of an idea rather than a definite decision ...

From Bruce Lee to Donnie Yen: The HIDDEN SECRETS of Kung Fu film stars
Malaysia Chronicle - Mar 9, 2015

Following Bruce's death, kung fu continued to thrive in pop culture throughout the 1990s and the 2000s, with Jackie Chan ( 成龍), Jet Li (李連杰), Donnie Yen (甄子丹) dominating the genre. This period was practically the golden age of kung fu films, as ...

Hong Kong Action Star Donnie Yen to Star in English-Language 'Noodle Man ...
Hollywood Reporter - Oct 16, 2014

Donnie Yen, whose credits range from Hero to Ip Man, has signed on to star in Noodle Man, an action feature being produced by Michael Shamberg. Shamberg has produced films ranging from Get Shorty and Gattica, to Contagion and Django Unchained.

Kung Fu Killer review – Donnie Yen in Hong Kong cops-and martial-arts thriller
The Guardian - Feb 19, 2015

Something of a swan song for its 51-year-old star Donnie Yen, best known for the Ip Man franchise, this cops-and-martial-arts movie also pays affectionate tribute with its end-credits montage to the huge roster of talents in the Hong Kong industry ...

'Iceman' takes the heat out of Donnie Yen's performance
Los Angeles Times - Sep 19, 2014

Ho Ying (Donnie Yen), a Ming Dynasty imperial bodyguard, is delivering the Golden Wheel of Time, a sort of Ramayana-based Wayback Machine, to the emperor in 1621. Falsely accused of treason, he defies his would-be captors and ends up buried in the ...

'Sha Po Lang 2' to Land on the Big Screen on June 18
Yibada (English Edition) - Mar 26, 2015

Through the “Kill Zone,” Donnie Yen's and Sammo Hung's stardom skyrocketed. After the movie, Hung and Yen also collaborated in the 2008 box office hit “Ip Man.” However, for “Sha Po Lang 2,” Yen was not be able to join the cast because of two other ...

Donnie Yen Is The Tom Hanks Of Kicking Ass In Ip Man
Deadspin - Jul 31, 2014

On a good day, Hong Kong's Donnie Yen is the greatest working movie star on the face of the earth. Even in bad movies, he has a light charm, a gracefulness that shines brighter than anything his Hollywood peers can offer. There's a warmth in his ...

Review: KUNG FU JUNGLE Sees Donnie Yen Pay His Respects Then Kick ...
Twitch - Oct 23, 2014

Donnie Yen plays a convicted murderer sprung from jail to help track down a serial killer targeting martial arts masters in Teddy Chen's appreciably nostalgic action thriller. While Yen wisely gifts the lion's share of the fighting to opposite number ...

Tony Jaa Hits Hard in 'SPL 2′ Trailer
/FILM - Mar 23, 2015

That movie is the film where Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung fight like men possessed; it's one of the great fight films of the last decade. SPL 2 comes a decade later, and we were fairly skeptical about it being a good idea. But with Jaa, and Wu Jing and ...

'Hearthstone' Vs 'Heroes Of The Storm': Rewarding Effort, Not Victory, In ...
Gamenguide - Mar 19, 2015

At times, Hearthstone feels like that fight in the movie Hero where Jet Li and Donnie Yen battle one another in their minds. Losing is fine, but at least let me get a little something for the effort. Then there's Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's MOBA ...

Mike Tyson to join "Ip Man 3"
Yahoo Singapore News - Mar 25, 2015

Tyson previously opened up a Weibo account and asked about the best fighter in China. Producer Raymond Wong stated that he gets the idea of pitting Tyson against the martial art actor after someone told Tyson that Donnie Yen would be the best fighter ...

Golden Broom organisers hope for star appearances
Yahoo Singapore News - Mar 9, 2015

As reported on Sina News, the awards, which is equivalent to Hollywood's Golden Raspberry Awards (also known as Razzies), recently revealed that Guo Jingming's hit movie, "Tiny Times III", and Donnie Yen-starrer, "The Monkey King", were among the ...

Donnie Yen Officially Joins Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II
Cinema Blend - Apr 3, 2014

Last week, Grantland's Bill Simmons wrote a feature about "The Action Hero Championship Belt," detailing how each year in cinema was conquered by a certain onscreen badass. It's a fun read, and you should check it out. But because of a fractured ...

Shaolin Institute Launches Grand Opening of the New Orleans Shaolin Martial ...
PR Web (press release) - Mar 13, 2015

Many world renowned instructors and champions who have taught and trained at the institute, including Grand Master Wu Bin, mentor of movie stars Jet Li and Donnie Yen; Shi DeYang, the most famous traditional Kung Fu fighting form master of Shaolin ...

Donnie Yen, Hong Kong superstar, goes west in Kung Fu Jungle
Sydney Morning Herald - Oct 29, 2014

Even if you had never heard of Donnie Yen, currently Hong Kong's foremost martial arts hero, you would soon be in no doubt about his megastar status. His polite but distinct irritation at being asked the same things the fans ask ("How do you come up ...

Film Review: 'Iceman 3D'
Variety (blog) - May 14, 2014

Theoretically, the pairing of action legend Donnie Yen (“Ip Man”) with mainland comic heavyweight Wang Baoqiang (“Lost in Thailand”) in an epic fantasy should cause a commercial avalanche in Chinese and international markets. But the final product will ...

Donnie Yen's 'Kung Fu Jungle' To Premiere At London Film Festival
Variety - Sep 16, 2014

Announced as a late addition to the LFF line-up, the picture will play in the festival's Thrill section on Sunday Oct. 12 at the Empire Leicester Square. The film is directed by Hong Kong's Teddy Chen (“Bodyguards And Assassins”) and stars Yen (“Ip Man ...

The best of Donnie Yen
Film News - Feb 22, 2015

Following the announcement that Kung Fu legend Donnie Yen was taking his latest film, KUNG FU KILLER, to last year's London Film Festival, martial arts fans are keenly anticipating the wider release of the martial arts saga which land at cinemas on ...

KUNG FU JUNGLE: New Posters, Full Synopsis Emerge For Latest Donnie Yen ...
Twitch - Sep 24, 2014

Teddy Chen's Kung Fu Jungle (previously known as Last of the Best) will open on Hong Kong screens on 30 October, and Emperor Motion Pictures has released a brace of new moody character posters to further amp up the anticipation for the Donnie Yen ...

Donnie Yen Fights Them All in Daniel Lee's '14 Blades'
New York Times - Aug 21, 2014

Donnie Yen, the Hong Kong action star (“Ip Man,” “Dragon”), plays Qinglong, a loyal commander of the Jinyiwei, the security force sworn to protect and serve the emperor. When the Jinyiwei's leader colludes with the emperor's uncle to try to stage a ...



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