Elanne Kwong 江若琳

Elanne Kwong


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Kwong Ling 江玲
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September 30, 1987
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Hong Kong
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Relic of an Emissary 2011 as Chu Ying, Princess Wing-yeung (永暘公主朱櫻) (TVB Series)

E.U. 2009 as Kong Yau-Yau 江悠悠 (TVB Series)

Invisible Target 2007 (Movies)

Elanne Kwong News:

Universal International is suing Elanne Kwong
Yahoo Singapore News - May 5, 2014

Comedy Central reveals an all-star roster of Roasters who will join Roast Master Kevin Hart for the #BieberRoast. The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber will tape on Saturday, 14 March at Sony Studios and will premiere in Asia on Saturday, 18 April ...

Baidu Daily Hit List on January 20
Global Times - Jan 20, 2014

No.2: HK star Elanne Kwong gets panties in a bunch over underwear photos 江若琳走光照 49582. Hong Kong star Elanne Kwong recently expressed her disapproval of revealing photos taken at a fashion event on January 13 that showed her underwear in ...

Review: LOVE LIFTING lacks both weight and strength
Twitch - Mar 17, 2012

Pang Brothers regular Elanne Kwong takes on the demanding yet rather unglamourous role of Li Li, a championship weightlifter who is forced to retire when diagnosed with diabetes. Taking odd jobs to make ends meet she soon falls in with new neighbour ...

Nieves Alvarez, Beyoncé, Margot Robbie and more This Week in Fashion...
Forward Times - Dec 31, 2013

Elanne Kwong was spotted in a gorgeous Stéphane Rolland piece while she attended the Huading Global Music Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremony in Shanghai. The sandy colored dress featured an asymmetrical draped sleeve and a long-sleeved train.

The White Storm
Film Business Asia - Jan 28, 2014

(Elanne KWONG 江若琳, whose role as the girlfriend of Cheung's character was cut, gets a "special thanks" in the end credits.) The Chinese title could be roughly translated as Drug Busting. The "white" in the English title refers to narcotics, not snow.

Hot wake up call for cooling gel
Cream - Jul 13, 2010

Neutrogena wanted to speak to men in a way they would remember. Enter Elanne Kwong, Hong Kong's hottest celebrity. A dedicated mini-site set up by Neutrogena encouraged men to enter their phone number and receive a wake-up call from Elanne herself ...

Golden Wau nominations favour Aniu, Chiu, Teh
Film Business Asia - Aug 8, 2013

Irene Ang (Phua Chu Kang: The Movie); Chen Keat Yoke (Woohoo); Jojo Goh (The Loan Shark); Elanne Kwong (The Wedding Diary); Angelica Lee (Ice Kacang Puppy Love); Yeo Yann Yann (The Collector); Yeo Yann Yann (Petaling Street Warriors); Mimi ...

Star Chinese Movies boards Wedding Diary sequel
Screen International - Jun 21, 2012

The Wedding Diary II will reunite the original cast including Malaysian singer-actor-director Aniu, Hong Kong actresses Elanne Kwong and Kara Hui and Singapore veterans Jack Choo and Marcus Chin. Also joining the cast is popular Taiwanese actress ...

Unknown baby upstages Aniu in 'Wedding Diary II'
AsiaOne - Aug 15, 2012

A 10-month-old baby is threatening to upstage Mandarin pop singer Aniu and Hong Kong starlet Elanne Kwong in the upcoming sequel to the hit comedy The Wedding Diary. The boy plays their son, following the two main characters getting together at the ...

72 Martyrs
Film Business Asia - Dec 3, 2011

Among the guests is Luo Zhonghuo (Zhao Bingrui), just arrived from Penang, Malaysia, who gets to know Fang's daughter, Huiru (Elanne Kwong), also a revolutionary. Afterwards she takes him to the house of painter Gao Jianfu (Liu Kai-chi), head of the ...

Fairy Tale Killer
Film Business Asia - Jul 30, 2012

The police find that a patient at the psychiatric hospital has gone missing - an autistic woman called Wong Yue-yee (Elanne Kwong) who never talks and covers the walls with paintings of horrific fairytales. She is actually now with Zaijun, who kills again.

Malaysia's very first Chinese-language film awards
The Star Online - Oct 8, 2013

Celebrity guests who have confirmed their attendance include Hong Kong's Eric Tsang, Oxide Pang, Kara Hui, and Elanne Kwong; Singapore's Mark Lee and Henry Thia; and Taiwan's Tu Duu Chih and Yeh Ju Feng. Admission to the event is by invitation only ...

13 New Singapore Films Next Year, New Converged TV Formats on Show, and ...
PR Newswire (press release) - Nov 26, 2012

It has a strong Asian cast, including veteran Singapore actors Jack Choo and Marcus Chin, as well as Malaysia's Aniu (Homecoming, Ice Kacang Puppy Love), Hong Kong's Elanne Kwong (Love Lifting, The Wedding Diary) and Taiwanese singer-actress ...

Review: FAIRY TALE KILLER is another Pang nightmare
Twitch - May 10, 2012

His character is presented as a mentally disturbed orphan who finds shelter in the service of the mysterious Yue Yee (Elanne Kwong), another formal mental patient who now scrawls feverishly on the walls of her dank apartment (much the way Wong's son ...

High-five for Ice Kacang Puppy Love at Malaysia's first Chinese movie awards
The Star Online - Oct 16, 2013

Apart from the award-winning Hui, international celebrity guests who graced the event included Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang, film producer Shi Nan Sun, director Oxide Pang and actress Elanne Kwong; Singapore's Mark Lee and Henry Thia; and Taiwan's Tu ...

Masters of Universe: Benny Chan's new project + Pang brothers' INFERNO 3D ...
Twitch - Apr 17, 2012

MS: It's a solo project from Danny Pang; a suspense thriller which will be released this May in Hong Kong. It stars Lau Ching-wan and Wang Bao Qiang again. And also our own actress Elanne Kwong, who is one of the female leads in CHILD'S EYE. This one ...

The Child's Eye 3D (Tungngaan 3D)
Screen International - Sep 6, 2010

Screenplay: Danny Pang, Oxide Pang, Pak Sing Pang. Cinematography: Decha Srimantra. Editor: Curan Pang. Music: Origin Kampanee. Main cast: Rainie Yang, Elanne Kwong, Lam Ka Tung, Jo Koo, Ciwi Lam, Izz Xu, Rex Ho, Shawn Yue ...

Sex to launch Celestial 3-D TV service
Film Business Asia - Oct 13, 2011

... by siblings Oxide PANG 彭順 and Danny PANG 彭發, working together as the Pang Brothers 彭氏兄弟. It features Rainie YANG 楊丞琳, and Elanne KWONG 江若琳 as friends vacationing in Thailand who check in to a seedy hotel with a mysterious past.

Ericia Lee's found Mr Right
AsiaOne - Aug 26, 2012

In the Singapore-Malaysia co-production The Wedding Diary 2 - the sequel to this year's The Wedding Diary, which stars Malaysian Ah Niu and Hong Kong actress Elanne Kwong - Lee plays an efficient assistant to local actor Zhu Houren's businessman ...

It was a difficult time: Shaun Chen
AsiaOne - Feb 8, 2012

Following Chinese wedding tradition, Chen's character, who leads the "brothers" contingent to claim the bride on A-Niu's wedding day, has to be teased and bullied by the bride's (Hong Kong actress Elanne Kwong) aggressive, domineering "sisters". With ...

Not enough soul in music today, says Maggie Teng
AsiaOne - Jul 21, 2011

"The entertainment industry is fast-changing - something popular today may just be out of fashion tomorrow," said Teng, who will appear in a movie, The Wedding Diary, alongside Malaysian singer Ah Niu and Hong Kong actress Elanne Kwong, next year.

Singer Ah-niu confirms marital breakdown
AsiaOne - Feb 5, 2012

"It's just too personal and too hurtful for his daughter." The Wedding Diary, a Singapore-Malaysia joint production, is directed by Adrian Teh. Ah-niu aside, the feel good romantic comedy stars Elanne Kwong, Kara Hui, Jack Choo, Marcus Chin, Maggie ...



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