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Fala Chen


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February 24, 1982
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China (Mainland)
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Fala Chen was born in Chengdu in the Peoples Republic of China in 1982. She spent the early part of her childhood in China, before coming to the America when she was 15. Initially after arrival she attended University in Georgia, eventually graduating with a BA degree in Marketing and International Business. While still at university she began to successfully enter beauty pageants, being crowned Miss Asian America in 2002. She followed this up by entering a number of competitions, culminating in 2005 when she traveled to Hong Kong to enter the Miss Chinese International Pageant. Many considered her the favorite, but she ended the competition as First Runner Up.

Following her time in America, Fala left to return to Asia. She joined the commercial television station TVB in Hong Kong and has starred in a number of TV series for them. In the past three years she has acted in shows including Forensic Heroes and the critically acclaimed Moonlight Resonance. She currently continues her career with TVB.

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Will Power 2013 (TVB Series)

Ballad of the Desert 2013 as Li Yan (Chinese TV Series)

Triumph in the Skies II 2013 (TVB Series)

Queens of Diamonds and Hearts 2012 (TVB Series)

Grace Under Fire 2011 (TVB Series)

Lives of Omission 2011 as Jodie "Madam Jo" Chau 周望晴 (TVB Series)

No Regrets 2010 as Lau Ching 劉晴 (TVB Series)

Ghost Writer 2010 (TVB Series)

Can't Buy Me Love 2010 (TVB Series)

In the Eye of the Beholder 2009 (TVB Series)

Turning Point 2009 (Movies)

The Stew of Life 2009 (TVB Series)

Catch Me Now 2008 (TVB Series)

Moonlight Resonance 2008 (TVB Series)

A Journey Called Life 2008 (TVB Series)

The Ultimate Crime Fighter 2007 (TVB Series)

Heart of Greed 2007 (TVB Series)

The Family Link 2007 (TVB Series)

Steps 2007 (TVB Series)

Forensic Heroes 2006 (TVB Series)

Fala Chen News:

Ex-TVB star Fala Chen did not move to US to avoid ex-boyfriend
AsiaOne - Jan 28, 2016

Former TVB actress Fala Chen who left showbiz in 2014 has been revealed to be undertaking a Masters degree at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City, reported Chinese media. The singer-actress previously told the press in 2014 that she was ...

Fala Chen Went to the US to Escape Daniel Sit?
Chinatopix - Sep 26, 2014

Hong Kong actress Fala Chen is rumored to have gone to the US to escape her former husband, Daniel Sit, who was trying to rekindle their relationship recently. According to an insider report, Chen has stayed in New York in order to take up an acting ...

Cecilia Liu & Nicky Wu's $ 20 MILLION wedding in Bali
Malaysia Chronicle - Mar 25, 2016

Over 300 guests were invited to the wedding banquet, which included Wallace Huo (霍建華),Tong Dawei (佟大為), Zhang Xiaoyan (張小燕), and Matilda Tao(陶晶瑩). Although Fala Chen (陳法拉) was invited, she could not attend due to other commitments.

Zhang Ziyi, Fala Chen and other Asian stars take on the Ice Bucket Challenge
AsiaOne - Aug 23, 2014

He joins a host of other Asian celebs to raise awareness about the paralysing disease. Other celebs who have taken the challenge include the likes of Zhang Ziyi and Fala Chen. Videos of the stars pouring ice water over their heads have circulated online.

Fala Chen on Ex Daniel Sit's rumored New Found Love
Chinatopix - Nov 19, 2014

Former TVB star Fala Chen made a public appearance in Hong Kong. She attended the Christmas event for Mikki and Grumpy Cat. Rumors say that Fala permanently moved to United States to avoid her ex-husband Daniel Sit, the heir of Neway ...

Fala Chen's Former Husband Daniel Sit Dating Bernice Liu?
Chinatopix - Sep 12, 2014

Hong Kong actress Fala Chen's former husband, Daniel Sit, who is the heir to Neway Entertainment, is said to be dating former beauty queen Bernice Liu. Word from the grapevine has it that after his divorce with Chen last year, Sit may have finally ...

Fala Chen Fa-la turns into a wigged lawyer
South China Morning Post - Dec 13, 2012

Those familiar with TVB actress Fala Chen Fa-la's girlie image were surprised to see her with shorn locks at a preview of American accessories brand Coach's spring collection. It turned out that she was wearing a wig she will don as a lawyer in a new ...

HK actress Fala Chen allegedly receives mansion as wedding gift
What's on Xiamen - May 7, 2013

Hong Kong TVB actress and former beauty queen Fala Chen's sprawling mansion in the US was revealed to be a rumoured wedding gift from boyfriend, Sit Sai Hang. The house is in Atlanta, Georgia. Photos: From a property website. Hong Kong TVB actress ...

Daniel Sit Purchases Multi-Million Dollar Property In Hopes to Get Back with ...
Chinatopix - Dec 29, 2014

Neway heir Daniel Sit reportedly tries to win back former flame, Hong Kong actress Fala Chen's affection by purchasing a multi-million dollar luxury apartment for her. Previously, Hong Kong media outlets have reported that Sit had been trying to get ...

Nude photo of Fala Chen spread over the internet
What's on Xiamen - Feb 15, 2011

Hailed by Hong Kong netizens as the "new generation sexy goddess", a nude photo of TVB actress Fala Chen was allegedly uploaded onto an online forum recently. The photo showed Fala in nothing but underwear, while her chest was digitally masked to ...

Bosco Wong Claims He is "not a good man"
Chinatopix - Nov 23, 2015

Bosco Wong with Fala Chen(Photo : Getty Images). Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong says he may have a hard time looking for another girlfriend because he is "not a good man". Wong voiced out his self-critique in an interview with QQ while promoting his latest ...

Francis Ng: Not a Tough Dad
Chinatopix - Aug 11, 2014

Hong Kong actor Fala Chen, actresses Charmaine Sheh, Kate Tsui, and Chinese actress Fala Chen have attended the grand opening of a fashion line Shenzhen. On the press interview for the event, Francis Ng and Charmaine Sheh have revealed that they ...

Julian Cheung keeps his cool
AsiaOne - Feb 19, 2015

While it must be flattering for Cheung that he keeps getting paired up on the screen with considerably younger actresses - his romantic interest in the TV show was Fala Chen, now 32 - he actually would like his fictional partner to be Elena Kong.

Tales From the Dark 2: Film Review
Hollywood Reporter - Aug 7, 2013

At the center of things is Ching-yi (Fala Chen), a nurse who struggles to get any sleep after the disappearance of her boyfriend (Lam Ka-tung) following a row between the pair; it was only with the purchase of a medical pillow that she could finally ...

'Triumph in the Skies' Cast and Crew Hold Blessing Ceremony
Chinatopix - Aug 5, 2014

During the press conference, the Canto-pop diva denied that she was revealing the nature of her character in the movie. At first, it was rumored that she will be playing Fala Chen's previous character Holiday Ho, but Sammi Cheng will be playing a whole ...

Triumph In The Skies' Captain Cool is cool about being displaced by Louis Koo
The Straits Times - Feb 17, 2015

While it must be flattering for Cheung that he keeps getting paired up on the screen with considerably younger actresses - his romantic interest in the TV show was Fala Chen, now 32 - he actually would like his fictional partner to be Elena Kong.

Parents give their support for budding actress
AsiaOne - Jan 27, 2015

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Maggie Cheung spotted looking like "a bag of bones", but happy: Report
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Capital Restaurant: More than Hairy Crabs
Yahoo Singapore News - Dec 11, 2014

See the most hilarious cheerleader fails. From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo Newsroom. Dayo Wong releases teaser for new stage play. The actor-comedian surprises fans by revealing his new project alongside HK actress Fala Chen. The Hive Asia ...

Society by James Whittle
South China Morning Post - Nov 21, 2013

Society with James Whittle. 7 Nov 2013 - 3:19am. From left: Yang Zheng, Lisa S and Fala Chen. Photos: James Whittle · SOCIETY. 24 Oct 2013 - 4:28am. Most Popular. Viewed; Shared; Commented. 1. Two-year-old Pang Ya (the Chinese term for fat girl), ...

Bernice Liu Prioritizes Career Over Dating
Chinatopix - Sep 25, 2014

Furthermore, Liu has been rumored to be involved with a French sommelier named Jean-Charles Cazes, and later, with Fala Chen's former husband, Style International heir Daniel Sit. Despite the claims that she dated both men, she insisted that she's ...

Society with James Whittle
South China Morning Post - Nov 7, 2013

James Whittle. More articles by. James Whittle · From left: Sotheby's Asia CEO Kevin Ching, banker Monica Wong, Nature Conservancy co · Society by James Whittle. 21 Nov 2013 - 2:39am. From left: Yang Zheng, Lisa S and Fala Chen. Photos: James Whittle ...



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