Ha Ji Won 하지원

Ha Ji Won


Last Name:
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Ji Won
English Name:
Ethnic Name:
Date of Birth:
June 28, 1979
Place of Birth:
South Korea
168 cm
46 kg
Blood Type:
Actress, Singer

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4.95 stars

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Secret Garden 2010 as Gil Ra Im (Korean Dramas)

Hwang Jin Yi 2006 (Korean Dramas)

The Bali Story 2004 (Korean Dramas)

Daddy-Long-Legs 2004 (Movies)

Love So Divine 2004 (Movies)

Damo 2003 (Korean Dramas)

Days in the Sun 2002 as Park Tae-kyong (Korean Dramas)

Secret 2000 (Korean Dramas)

Ditto 2000 (Movies)

Ha Ji Won News:

'Empress Ki" Ji Chang Wook Moved By Ha Ji Won
KDramaStars - Apr 24, 2014

"Empress Ki" Ji Chang Wook appointed Ha Ji Won to be empress and the interest is centering on the story that followed afterwards. On the 49th episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Empress Ki" (script Jang Young Chul, Jung Kyung Soon, director Han ...

Empress Ki" Ha Ji Won Mourns At Maha Kim Jin Sun's Death
KDramaStars - Apr 23, 2014

"Empress Ki" Ha Ji Won was in agony at the death of Maha Kim Jin Sung. On the 48th episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Empress Ki" broadcast on April 21st, Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) was in agony at the death of Maha (played by Kim ...

South Korean Celebs Kim Yuna, Ha Ji Won, Cha Seung Won Donate $100000 ...
KpopStarz - Apr 22, 2014

Olympic champion figure skater Kim Yuna, actor Cha Seung Won and actress Ha Ji Won each contributed $100,000 to the cause. "I'm honestly praying for a miracle," Kim wrote in a Twitter post, earlier this week. On Monday, the Korean Committee for UNICEF ...

'Empress Ki' Ha Ji Won's Son Dies
KDramaStars - Apr 22, 2014

On the 46th episode of the MBC Monday Tuesday drama "Empress Ki," which aired on April 14, 2014, Ki Seung Nyang, played by Ha Ji Won, heard from Suh Sang Goong that her son Ma Ha is dead. Suh Sang Gook visited Ta Hwan and let him know that Ma ...

Song Seung Hoon, Jung Il Woo, Ha Ji Won And Other K-Drama Actors Donate ...
KDramaStars - Apr 21, 2014

According to her agency Sun and Moon Entertainment, Ha Ji won has always felt special affection for children and teenagers, having organized scholarships for teens and donated hospital fees for visually impaired children. "With this recent accident ...

Ha Ji Won Donates 100 Million Won to Ferry Victims
Yahoo Philippines News - Apr 21, 2014

On April 21, Ha Ji Won's agency said that Ha Ji Won, who is currently finishing up filming for her current drama MBC's Empress Ki, received much shock after hearing about the sunken ferry on April 16. “To help the families of the victims, she decided ...

Empress Ki" Ha Ji Won, Only Has Last Battle Left
KDramaStars - Apr 16, 2014

Ha Ji Won and Kim Young Ho and Kim Suh Hyung foreshadowed the worst battle of all. The 46th episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Empress Ki" broadcast on April 14th, Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) and Baek Ahn (played by Kim Young Ho) ...

Ha Ji-won Makes Big Pledge to Help Victims of Ferry Disaster
The Chosun Ilbo - Apr 22, 2014

Ha Ji-won. Actress Ha Ji-won has joined the list of celebrities who have donated W100 million (US$W1,039) each to help the victims of a ferry which capsized last week, according to the Community Chest of Korea on Monday. "Ha was especially saddened by ...

'Empress Ki" Ha Ji Won Cries At Maha's Identity
KDramaStars - Apr 9, 2014

"Empress Ki" Ha Ji Won learned that the crown emperor Maha was her true son. On the 45th episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Empress Ki" broadcast on April 8th, Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) realized that crown emperor Maha (played by ...

'Empress Ki" Jin Yi Han Helps Ha Ji Won Secretly
KDramaStars - Apr 9, 2014

"Empress Ki" Jin Yi Han secretly helped Ha Ji Won. On the 44th episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Empress" broadcast on April 7th, Tal Tal (played by Jin Yi Han) secretly helped Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won). On this day, Ki Seung Nyang ...

'Empress Ki" Ji Chang Wook And Ha Ji Won, Separated For Five Years
KDramaStars - Apr 3, 2014

(Photo : MBC). Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won was separated for five years because of Jung Woong In's strategy. On the 43rd episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Empress Ki" broadcast on April 1st, Ta Whan (played by Ha Ji Won) and Ki Seung Nyang) ...

Ha Ji Won, Self-Camera In Naked Face With A Stuffed Animal
KpopStarz - Apr 4, 2014

Actress Ha Ji Won revealed a self-camera photo taken with a stuffed animal. Yesterday, Ha Ji Won posted on her Instagram, "Playing with my horse~ I had so much fun" along with a picture. In the picture, Ha Ji Won is holding a white horse doll, making ...

'Empress Ki" Ha Ji Won Squanders Jun Gook Hwan
KDramaStars - Mar 27, 2014

On the 41st episode of "Empress Ki", Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) squandered Yeon Chul (played by Jun Gook Hwan). On this day, Ki Seung Nyang held hands with Wang Yu (played by Joo Jin Mo) and worked on a strategy to squander the secret ...

'Empress Ki" Joo Jin Mo, A Desperate Look In Front Of Ha Ji Won And Ji Chang ...
KDramaStars - Apr 2, 2014

'Empress Ki" Joo Jin Mo, A Desperate Look In Front Of Ha Ji Won And Ji Chang Wook. By Staff Writer | Apr 01, 2014 11:20 PM EDT. Tags Empress Ki, JTBC. 'Empress Ki" Joo Jin Mo, A Desperate Look In Front Of Ha Ji: (Photo : jtBC). "Secret Love Affair" Kim ...

Three Steps Of Angry Acting: Ji Chang Wook
KDramaStars - Apr 9, 2014

In the drama, the woman he loves Ha Ji Won (role of Ki Seung Nyang) starts to support Joo Jin Mo (played by Wang Yu) and he starts to be suspicious as the inferiority complex is beyond belief. In the end, he couldn't control his emotions In front of ...

What To Do When "Empress Ki" Ends
KDramaStars - Apr 16, 2014

Joo Jin Mo starred in a drama with Ha Ji Won before. He was in "Fashion 70s," but also "Flowers in Fog" and "Dream." His recent film roles include "Friend 2" and "Gabi" but his most controversial film role was in "Frozen Flower" with Jo In Sung and ...

Finecut adds three for Cannes
Screen International - Apr 24, 2014

Ha Ji-won from Sector 7 and Haeundae also stars. Published in 1996, the bestselling novel is from Yu Hua, the celebrated Chinese author of To Live, which was also adapted by Zhang Yimou into the Cannes-awarded film in 1994. Set in 1950s Korea, it tells ...

Cannes: Korea's Ha Jung-woo to Direct, Star in 'Blood Merchant'
Variety (blog) - Apr 24, 2014

It tells the story of a man who sells his blood over many years in an attempt to better himself and his family Ha (“The Berlin File,” “Yellow Sea,” “The Chaser”) will star opposite Ha Ji-won (“Haeundae”, “Sector 7”.) Finecut is preparing a Cannes sales ...

Oh Yeon Seo donates 10 million KRW to the Sewol relief efforts
allkpop - Apr 24, 2014

Oh Yeon Seo joins Ha Ji Won, Song Seung Hun, Cha Seung Won, Song Hye Kyo, Jung Il Woo, Joo Sang Wook, and more who have donated to the Sewol relief efforts. She is currently starring in the MBC weekend drama 'Jang Bo Ri is Here'.

[POLL] Which actress would you want as your older sister?
allkpop - Apr 23, 2014

Ha Ji Won is practically the epitome of confidence and charisma when it comes to actresses. She always plays a super tough role and has a boyish side to her that lets you kill two birds with one stone as she can be both the older sister and older ...

Celebs, sports stars mourn for ferry victims
Korea Times - Apr 24, 2014

Over the past week, many celebrities, including Cha Seung-won, Ha Ji-won, Song Seung-hun, Jung Il-woo; and sports stars, including figure skater Kim Yu-na, the Los Angeles Dodgers' Ryu Hyun-jin and golfer Choi Kyung-joo, have donated funds to ...

"God's Gift - 14 Days Ends, "Empress Ki" Rules
KDramaStars - Apr 23, 2014

On "Empress Ki," Ha Ji Won's character Seungnyang plotted to defeat the last of her enemies, the scheming Empress Dowager and the power-hungry Regent. And while she achieved the death of the regent Bayan and punished the deposed empress Bayan ...

"Empress Ki"" Ji Chang Wook Anger And Rage In Great Review "
KDramaStars - Apr 24, 2014

On the episode broadcast on April 21st, as the woman that Ji Chang Wook loved Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) and Baek Ahn (played by Kim Young Ho) went head to head, he cried saying, "You should both leave" and drew sympathy. This is showing ...

The Anxiety-Provoking Plot Twists Of "Empress Ki" Still Generate Top Ratings
KDramaStars - Apr 9, 2014

Wang Yoo, played by Joo Jin Mo, was brought to the Yuan capital on trumped up charges and would have been executed except for the intervention of Seungnyang, played by Ha Ji Won. Seungnyang found out that the prince who hates her is actually her ...

Figure Skating Superstar Kim Yuna Donates $100000
Fashion Times - Apr 24, 2014

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin also contributed money to the victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy and their families while actor Cha Seung Won and actress Ha Ji Won donated $100,000 each, Kpop Starz reported. FOLLOW: Kim Yuna, figure skating ...

Empress Ki" Golta Jo Je Yoon's True Colors Shown
KDramaStars - Apr 24, 2014

... Soon, director Han Hee, Lee Sung Joon) broadcast on April 21st, Empreror Ta Whan (played by Ji Chang Wook)'s eunuch Golta (played by Jo Jeh Yoon) showed his evil side and showed his intention to assassinate Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won).

Empress Ki" Sin To Not Look After The People
KDramaStars - Apr 23, 2014

On this day, Baek Ahn moved the troops and was caught by Ta Whan as they treid to kill crown prince Ayushidari and Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won). However, Ta Whan (played by Ji Chang Wook) thought that Baek Ahn was a person that could not ...

"Doctor Stranger" Delayed Due To The Unbeatable "Empress Ki"
KDramaStars - Apr 10, 2014

Since the MBC drama, starring Ha Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook and Joo Jin Mo, began, it has held first place in the ratings without any threat from the competing dramas. Even "God's Gift - 14 Days," starring Jo Seung Woo and Daesang winner Lee Bo Young, ...

Who Was "Empress Ki's" Tal Tal In History?
KDramaStars - Apr 15, 2014

Lady Ki, played by Ha Ji Won, became Empress Ki. "Empress Ki" has offered up a long run of political intrigue, greed, ambition run amok, plots and counter plots. But while the drama "Empress Ki" will probably end with a coronation the real-life ...



10-28-2011 10:27 AM

hi unni..i realy likes your movies...

Scott Keeton

07-19-2011 06:03 PM

Loved Secret Garden,and love Ha Ji Wan.Saw several of your other movies,and hope you make many more.Very talented and very beautiful.The long hair is okay,but you look much better with short hair.My favorite Korean actress<#1>all the way.


05-28-2011 03:12 AM

is simple but really nice, and have awesome talents some girls may not do it well yet you did it great, Ha Ji Won is good looking and many girls do admire her and i proudly say that i am one of them, i admire you Miss 하지원 hope you do great always, may you have healthy lifestyle, always be good and healthy, i wish you a blessful life and career, more and more projects to come, and do always remember that many people do loves you, sa rang hae Ji Won sshi, more power! God bless. ♥


01-08-2010 08:56 AM

hello ha ji won
ur so good looking
i hope thats better in person


11-16-2009 02:17 PM

You were really good in "Hwang Jin Yi" ;0)

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