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Hyun Bin


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Kim Tae Pyung 김태평
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September 25, 1982
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South Korea
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Actor, Model

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Hyun Bin, the sensational TV star of South Korea has acting since 2003. His big break came with the drama named 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon" with the actress Kim Seon Ah. Hyun Bin played a rich but arrogant restaurant owner with a personal tragedy who hires the pastry chef Kim Sam Soon (Kim Seon Ah) and fall in love with her. The drama was the most-watched drama in Korea, reaching 50% at its peak. Hyun Bin was not very successful with his movies. A Millionaire's First Love, re-enacting his role as a rich heir received poor remarks from the critics, as Hyun Bin did not attempt to take upon a more challenging role. He has not since had any success in other dramas.

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Secret Garden 2010 as Kim Joo Won (Korean Dramas)

Friend, Our Legend 2009 as Han Dong Soo (Korean Dramas)

Worlds Within 2008 (Korean Dramas)

A Millionaire's First Love 2006 (Movies)

The Snow Queen 2006 as Han Tae Woong/ Deuk Gu (Korean Dramas)

My Name is Kim Sam Soon 2005 (Korean Dramas)

Ireland 2004 (Korean Dramas)

Hyun Bin News:

Ji Sung Took The "Kill Me, Heal Me" Role After Hyun Bin Rejected It
KDramaStars - Mar 10, 2015

Before both dramas aired, it was assumed that the drama Hyun Bin chose would do better since it was his first drama after leaving his two-year-mandatory military service. And he had a loyal fan following based on his roles in "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon ...

'Hyde, Jekyll, and Me" Han Ji Min Chooses Hyun Bin
KDramaStars - Mar 13, 2015

In "Hyde, Jekyll, and Me" Han Ji Min chose Hyun Bin who had the personality of Robin. On the 16th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Hyde, Jekyll, and Me" (Script Kim Ji Woon, director Jo Young Kwang) broadcast on Mar. 12th, Koo Suh Jin ...

'Hyde, Jekyll, and Me' Hyun Bin Asks Sung Joon To Release Han Ji Min
KDramaStars - Mar 12, 2015

In "Hyde, Jekyll, and Me" Yoon Tae Joo (played by Sung Joon) threatened Koo Suh Jin (played by Hyun Bin) and Jang Hana (played by Han Ji Min). On the 15th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Hyde, Jekyll, and Me" (script Kim Ji Woon, director ...

'Hyde, Jekyll, and I" Hyun Bin Had A Third Personality
KDramaStars - Mar 2, 2015

On the 12th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Hyde, Jekyll, and I" (script Kim Ji Woon, director Jo Young Kwang) broadcast Feb. 26th, Yoon Tae Joo (played by Sung Joon) warned Suh Jin (played by Hyun Bin) about Robin. Suh Jin revealed to ...

Korean drama 'Hyde Jekyll, Me' has a case of identity crisis
The Star Online - Mar 3, 2015

Hyde Jekyll, Me – SBS's latest dramedy series – boasts Hyun Bin and Han Ji-min as the leads, but that's about all the stars it's going to get. The premise of the show isn't all that bad. Gu Seo-jin (Hyun) is cold and calculating, and the director of a ...

Ha Ji Won Will Love Lee Jin Wook In 'The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days'
KDramaStars - Apr 1, 2015

She was nominated for "Best Couple" awards with Joo Jin Mo, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Seung Gi and Hyun Bin, winning one for her body-swapping role with the latter. This time she will play a couple with Lee Jin Wook, who was last seen playing a prince in "The ...

Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min To Reunite
KDramaStars - Dec 22, 2014

While some of 2014's reuniting couples had not worked together in a while, Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min just finished working on the same project. The stars appeared in the 2014 film "The Fatal Encounter," also known as "The King's Wrath." He played the ...

Jun Ji Hyun And Hyun Bin Work Casual Jean Looks As Spokesmodels For ...
KpopStarz - Feb 20, 2015

Global clothing brand UNIQLO enlisted the help of two of Korea's biggest acting stars to promote the brand's latest jean collection. You Who Came From the Stars actress Jun Ji Hyun and Secret Garden actor Hyun Bin are the faces of UNIQLO's 2015 ...

K-Drama's Angry Moms Stand Up For What's Right
KDramaStars - Mar 30, 2015

And what about Hyun Bin's mom in "Secret Garden?" She barges into Ha Ji Won's house to shrilly berate her for liking her son. And Km Jaejoong's mom in "Protect The Boss" is pretty horrible too. She cannot stop making trouble and scheming no matter who ...

'Hyde, Jekyll, and Me' Sung Joon Thinks Of Past
KDramaStars - Mar 12, 2015

... drama "Hyde, Jekyll, and Me" (script Kim Ji Woon, director Jo Young Kwang) broadcast on Mar. 11th, Koo Suh Jin (played by Hyun Bin) and Lee Soo Hyun (played by Sung Joon) went to look for the truth behind the kidnapping that occurred 22 years ago.

Would You Still Love That K-Drama Character if Another Actor Played Him?
KDramaStars - Mar 20, 2015

Tags Ji Sung, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Chun Jung Myung, Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Suk, Jung Il Woo, Joo Won. Kill Me Heal Me. The most lovable k-drama characters may look good when written but it takes the right actor to make them real and memorable.

Hyun Bin Plays Two Sides Of A Love Triangle In The Same Drama
KpopStarz - Oct 7, 2014

If a character falls in love with another character's two distinctive personalities, does that constitute a love triangle? Hyun Bin is about to find out when he returns to the small screen in a romantic comedy tentatively titled "Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde ...

Hyun Bin holds Han Ji Min in his arms in bts cuts from 'Hyde Jekyll, Me'
allkpop - Jan 27, 2015

The behind-the-scenes cuts show Hyun Bin waiting to catch Han Ji Min in his arms at the botanical garden in his character Goo Seo Jin's residence. Hyun Bin has a smile on his face, making viewers guess that he is acting out his other alter ego Robin in ...

Our top story this afternoon
Arirang News - Mar 27, 2015

For more, we now go to Arirang's Kim Hyun-bin who's standing by at the defense ministry. Hyun-bin, what's the latest? Hey Hyun-kyung Just little over an hour ago there was a briefing here at the defense ministry about what the two military chiefs ...

Ha Ji Won May Soon Be Looking For Mr. Right
KDramaStars - Mar 9, 2015

The drama was popular in Korea but also very popular in Taiwan, where it was the highest-rated foreign drama in five years. Ha Ji Won's previous dramas have also been successful. She appeared with Hyun Bin in the classic body-swapping k-drama "Secret ...

'Hyde, Jekyll, And Me' Hyun Bin Rescues Han Ji Min
KDramaStars - Feb 20, 2015

On the 10th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Hyde, Jekyll, and Me" (script Kim Ji Woon, director Jo Young Kwang) broadcast on Feb. 19th, Jang Hana (played by Han Ji Min) saw Koo Suh Jin (played by Hyun Bin) in a storage closet. With that, he ...

Will Han Ji Min Reunite With Hyun Bin?
KDramaStars - Oct 15, 2014

It has been a year of k-drama reunions with some k-drama stars such as Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara reuniting after more than a decade. Hyun Bin and actress Han Ji Min are considering an acting reunion, but their reunion may take place only months after the ...



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