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December 20, 1976
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South Korea
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Fated to Love You 2014 (Korean Dramas)

IRIS 2 2013 as Jung Yoo Gun (Korean Dramas)

Tree With Deep Roots 2011 as Kang Chae Yoon (Korean Dramas)

Chuno 2010 as Lee Dae Gil (Korean Dramas)

Robber 2008 (Korean Dramas)

Tazza 2008 as Kim Go Ni (Korean Dramas)

Thank You 2007 (Korean Dramas)

Windstruck 2004 (Movies)

My Fair Lady 2003 (Korean Dramas)

Please Teach Me English 2003 (Movies)

Joyful Girl's Success Story 2002 (Korean Dramas)

Into the Sunlight 1999 (Korean Dramas)

Model 1997 (Korean Dramas)

Jang Hyuk News:

Jang Hyuk On 'Fated To Love You,' “I Thought It Was A Psycho Drama”
KDramaStars - Jul 21, 2014

A sign of a fun drama is when the lead actor himself makes jokes about it. On July 20, "Fated To Love You" stars Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra sat down for an interview with MBC's "Section TV Entertainment Relay" to talk about their drama. The interviewer ...

Jang Na-ra tells of awkward past relationship with Jang Hyuk
The Korea Herald - Jul 6, 2014

Actress Jang Na-ra confessed that she didn't even talk to actor Jang Hyuk 12 years ago when they costarred in the hit rom-com drama “Successful Story of a Bright Girl” in 2002. “I did not (privately) chat with him, except when we talked during the ...

Jang Hyuk draws laughs in rom-com 'Fated to Love You'
The Korea Herald - Jul 3, 2014

Actor Jang Hyuk brought hilarious puns and comic twists to the television screen, kicking off the first episode of MBC's rom-com series “Fated to Love You” as a thick-skinned heartthrob with money.

Five Fun Facts About Jang Hyuk
KDramaStars - Jul 15, 2014

Jang Hyuk is earning laughs in his role as Lee Gun, the arrogant chaeol often bullied by the women in his life. But the star of the film "Thorn" takes acting very seriously and never feels he can relax and assume he will get the next part. Here are few ...

Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk Hug Each Other in Bed in ′Fated to Love You′ Stills
Yahoo Philippines News - Jul 23, 2014

The scene shows what happens after Geon (Jang Hyuk) tells Mi Young (Jang Nara) that she can stop sleeping on the sofa and start sleeping in the bed. It is said the two actors kept laughing out loud during the shoot when the producer told them to get ...

Will Jang Hyuk, Jang Na-ra survive the same old rom-com formula?
The Korea Herald - Jun 30, 2014

Jang Hyuk plays Lee Gun, a stuck-up aristocrat who has been indulged by his business tycoon family all his life. One day, the heir happens to impregnate a virtual nobody, Kim Mi-young, played by Jang Na-ra, plunging into a labyrinth of romantic plight.

Choi Jin Hyuk Denies Enlistment Rumors
KDramaStars - Jul 15, 2014

Meanwhile, Choi Jin Hyuk is currently starring alongside Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra in "Fated To Love You" every Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC. Copyright ⓒ 2014 KDramaStars.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara Meet Again in \'Fated To Love You\'
Yahoo Philippines News by Sunghee Park] - Jul 1, 2014

[ On June 30, new drama 'Fated to Love You' held a production conference at 63 Convention Center in Yeoeuido, Seoul. It has been 12 years since Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara made a great hit in drama 'Success Story of Bright Girl,' which ...

K-Pop Desinations: Macao's Romantic K-Drama Moments
KpopStarz - Jul 26, 2014

Macao is a location that's featured prominently in the opening episode of "Fated To Love You," starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. It's where Jang Hyuk goes to propose and Jang Nara brings her boyfriend. Fate intervenes when Jang Hyuk's girlfriend fails ...

'Real Men' reported to continue with 7 members after ZE:A Hyungsik's leave
allkpop - Jul 23, 2014

Even if they want to reduce their presence, i still find it very unfair to the cast who spent their precious time filming. I used to love Real Men but all the members i like have left. Jang hyuk, Ryu Soo-young and now Hyungsik. I think after Hyungsik ...

'You're All Surrounded' Holds Its Ground
KDramaStars by the fourth - Jul 11, 2014

episode Jang Nara had confessed her pregnancy to her family and Jang Hyuk. With pressure from her family and his grandmother, who desperately longs for an heir to the clan, the two decide to marry. It wasn't exactly a shotgun wedding but ...

Five Reasons To Watch “Fated To Love You”
KDramaStars - Jul 14, 2014

The Jang Hyuk-Jang Nara reunion. The actors reunite here 12 years after appearing in "Successful Story of a Bright Girl." Some of this year's k-drama actor-actress reunions have been very entertaining and a few are yet to come. But this one sparks with ...

K-Drama Contract Marriages: Learning To Love Each Other
KDramaStars - Jul 24, 2014

In a recent episode of "Fated To Love You," Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara find themselves in bed, as any married couple is likely to. Only they can't comfortably cuddle up because they are not truly married. Theirs is only a contract marriage, which forces ...

'The Joseon Gunman' Scores A Bulls Eye
KDramaStars - Jul 25, 2014

Jang Hyuk's comedy is practically slapstick, Jang Nara is so sweet, viewers can't help but cry for her predicament, and Choi Jin Hyk could turn out to be everyone's favorite "neighbor oppa." The competition is close, so it's anyone's guess which drama ...

What Boyfriends Can Learn From Watching K-Dramas
KDramaStars - Jul 21, 2014

1. The Band-Aid. In "Fated To Love You," Choi Jin Hyuk blows softly on Jang Nara's scrape and then puts a cute bandage on it. Of course, Jang Hyuk later takes it off when she is sleeping and replaces it with one of his, but that's beside the point. In ...

K-Drama Wedding Scenes: Tying The Knot With A Twist
KDramaStars - Jul 11, 2014

In a recent episode of "Fated To Love You," there's a wedding scene in which the groom, played by Jang Hyuk, is somewhat conflicted. When asked to confirm his wedding vows he is less than enthusiastic. He casually says yes until his grandmother insists ...

'You're All Surrounded' Ends Well And Holds First Place
KDramaStars - Jul 18, 2014

Once he was coerced into a marriage Jang Hyuk, who plays the CEO, can only think about divorcing Jang Nara's character. But despite those intentions her sweetness and meekness is winning over his heart. And if that was not enough to change his mind, ...

This Summer's Comedies Sparkle
KDramaStars - Jul 3, 2014

Just begun, "Fated To Love You" reunites Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk in a story about two mismatched people who wind up in bed together. After the chaebol and secretary wake up they realize what they did. They would like to forget all about it. But she ...

When K-Drama Actors Go Shirtless
KDramaStars - Jul 14, 2014

Waking up in bed next to someone you did not mean to spend the night with: This does not happen too often but when it does the characters are always embarrassed by their lack of clothing. Still Jang Hyuk in "Fated To Love You" and Lee Jang Woo" in "I ...

New Korean drama series sells for US$120000 per episode in China
Yonhap News - Jul 4, 2014

"Fated to Love You" is a romantic comedy about the things that happen to Lee Gun (played by actor Jang Hyuk), the only heir of a conglomerate-owner family, and Kim Mi-young (played by Jang Nara), an ordinary office girl who got pregnant from a one ...


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