Liar Game

Reviewed by: stars13

October 29, 2012

Rating: five

Genre: Game, Psychological thriller

Toda Erika as Kanzaki Nao
Matsuda Shota as Akiyama Shinichi

I recently watched this series (and the movie).I watched it cause of Toda Erika. I finished it
all in 3 days. I love this series! This is one of the best Japanese series I have watched or it
could even be one of the best SERIES I have watched. Even though there is Season 1 and 2
and a movie I still can't get enough of Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota. This is the first time
in a series where I think "Why can't there be more romantic scenes?"

Storyline Summary (May contain spoilers)
Nao, an honest girl, receives 100 million from the post. The Liar Games begins when she
opened the package and she must deceive others to win. In Game 1, her component was
her teacher. Being the honest and trusting girl, she went to her teacher and he told her to
give him all her money so he would keep it safe in a bank. However, the next day, she
receives a letter saying she is in debt of 100 million and she realise she has been tricked.
She decides to get some help from Akiyama, the swindler.

With Akiyama's help, Nao is able to proceed to the next stage of Liar Game. In the different
stages of Liar Game, Akiyama and Nao learns from each others strengths and weaknesses.

Toda Erika as Kanzaki Nao - I actually really like her character. Yes she is naive and stupid
and all her components keep shouting at her and telling her how stupid she is but if there
wasn't a character like her then Akiyama would not have helped her. Her character doesn't
seem to have grown at the start of each game since she always seems to get tricked by
Fujisawa (the mushroom hair guy) but through season 2 and the movie final stage, you can
see that she is learning to deceive people but also staying true to her character which was
to help others and bring harmony. Her kind trait has rubbed on to Akiyama. I think Toda
Erika is a very good actress. I first saw her in BOSS and she played a cool and smart
character (kind of Akiyama). I also saw her in Death Note as well. I think she made this
character quite likeable.

Matsuda Shota as Akiyama Shinichi - When i first saw him, I wasn't a huge fan of him
especially his hair but then he grew on me. I guess it was because of his protective gesture
towards Nao that made me really like his character and he is also very smart as well. When
Nao makes a mistake, he will always come up with a solution for it. You can tell he really
protects her because she reminds him of his mother. I haven't watched his series before,
he portrayed the character really well. I feel like he is a combination of Light and L. Light
good looks and L's smartness but he is much nicer then either of them.

Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota - I wish there was more romance between them. There is
always a split second of romance and then it turns into nothing. Even though there was no
romance, they had a lot of chemistry together. I root for this couple to work in another
series again or Liar Game 3. I will like to believe that they ended up together in Liar Game:
Final Stage when Akiyama said "Can you live with my lies?" and she said as long as they are
gentle. Does that mean she will have to be with him? Unfortunately, Toda Erika is not in
Liar Game: Reborn. I have no intention of watching it either. Toda Erika is kind of made Liar
Game (like 55%) and Shota is (45%)

Favourite Games/Scenes:
- The second game, yes or no. I like the part where Nao ask Akiyama, "What does S&M
mean?" and he got embarrassed in how to answer the question.
- the restructuring game, when she played the card game with fujisawa and Akiyama
found a solution to it.
- In Season 2, when they were playing 3 against 3 and Nao imagined Akiyama cute
- In Season 2, angels and demon
- Final Stage Movie - I love this movie, more exciting and a bit more romance.

Final Thoughts
I definitely recommend watching this series. It makes you think a lot. There is a lot of good
games in it. That is the good thing about Japanese series is that they are really focused on
one genre and there is no draggy parts. Once you watch the first episode you will want to
watch them all and finish it in no time. I still want more Liar Game (with Toda Erika and
Matsuda Shota).

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