Jung Il Woo 정일우

Jung Il Woo


Last Name:
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Il Woo
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Date of Birth:
September 09, 1987
Place of Birth:
South Korea
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Model, Actor

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The Night Watchman 2014 as Lee Rin (Korean Dramas)

The Moon That Embraces the Sun 2012 as Prince Yang Myung (Korean Dramas)

49 days 2011 as Scheduler / Song Yi Soo (Korean Dramas)

Flower Boy Ramen Shop 2011 as Cha Chi Soo (Korean Dramas)

The Return of Iljimae 2009 as Il Ji Mae (Korean Dramas)

My Fair Lady 2009 (Korean Dramas)

Unstoppable High Kick 2006 as Lee Yoon Ho (Korean Dramas)

Jung Il Woo News:

Yunho saves Jung Il-woo's life in 'The Night Watchman'
The Korea Herald - Aug 19, 2014

Yunho, an actor and member of TVXQ, saved Jung Il-woo's life in the MBC drama “The Night Watchman” on Monday. In the fifth episode of the drama, Kim Heung-soo, who plays Prince Kisan, tries to attack Jung after realizing his ability to see ghosts ...

Jung Il Woo Is Terrible At Dancing
KDramaStars - Jul 29, 2014

When actor Jung Il Woo was interviewed for "Harper's Bazaar," he talked about his future and the limits on his career as an entertainer. In his upcoming historical fusion drama, "The Night Watchman," he plays Yi Lin. His character is a prince with the ...

'The Night Watchmen' Heads Directly For First Place
KDramaStars - Aug 5, 2014

Jung Il Woo, last seen in "The Golden Rainbow," plays Prince Lee Rin in this fantasy fusion drama. The prince sees ghosts and uses that power to join the watchmen who protect the palace from prowling spirits. Playing his swordsman sidekick is TVXQ's ...

“The Night Watchmen” Casts Its Spell On The Ratings
KDramaStars - Aug 20, 2014

This week the drama, starring Jung Il Woo, Ko Sung Hee, Seo Ye Ji, and U-Know Yunho, climbed from 12.1 to 12.7 percent in the ratings. Jung Il Woo plays a prince in this drama. He is the true heir to the throne but has happily hidden away from court ...

Lee Joon and Dohee to act in a mini-drama together
allkpop - Aug 21, 2014

In addition, Yunho and Jung Il Woo of current MBC hit drama, 'The Night Watchman,' expressed their sadness at not being able to attend the congratulatory event due to their busy schedules, so will relay their congratulations when 'Infinite Dream MBC ...

Hello Venus' Alice joins the cast of 'The Night Watchman' as a concubine
allkpop - Aug 11, 2014

She'll be playing Mae Hyang, Joseon's most famous concubine. She's one of the ghosts that hangs around Jung Il Woo's character. Even though she seems innocent at first, she's going to play a character who's clumsy at times. SEE ALSO: [MV Review] ...

K-Pop stars gear up for Pope Francis' visit
KRDO - Aug 15, 2014

Pop singers including Lee Chang-min of 2AM, Taemin of SHINee and YeSung of Super Junior have been open about being Catholic, as have popular actors Jung Il-woo, Lee Joon-gi and Kim Rae-won. "Korean celebrities convey their religiosity much more ...

'The Night Watchman' enjoys smooth kick-off
The Korea Herald - Aug 5, 2014

Actor Jung Il-woo and three lead characters played by actors Jung Yun-ho of boy band TVXQ, Go Sung-hee and Seo Yea-ji. The first episode portrays the childhood of Prince Yi Lin, played by Jung, who is cursed by an evil ghost. His father, King Haejong, ...

A Tragic Finale For 'Triangle' Earns First Place In The Ratings
KDramaStars - Jul 30, 2014

The drama will be followed next week by "The Night Watchmen," starring Jung Il Woo, U-Know Yunho and Ko Sung Hee. "Temptation," the story of a tempting offer that threatens to tear apart a marriage, reached second place with 8.9 percent of the ratings.

Wizardry Meets Fusion Saeguk In 'The Night Watchmen'
KDramaStars - Aug 14, 2014

Lee Rin, played as a boy by Kim Hwi Soo and as a man by Jung Il Woo, can see ghosts. He just doesn't like to acknowledge his power. But that's the first step in defeating supernatural creatures. And the ghosts in this drama are more like demonic ...

Son Ye Jin Reveals Her Prankster Personality
KDramaStars - Jul 28, 2014

She continued, "Jung Il Woo is kind, innocent, and passionate, which is why he doesn't have the eye for pranking people. You need this kind of mindset for you to be able to manipulate the minds of other. On the other hand, I am very mischievous. I love ...

′The Night Watchman′s Journal′ Releases Teaser Posters of Lead Characters
Yahoo Philippines News - Jul 24, 2014

Seo Ye Ji, who plays Soo Ryeon, the daughter of an influential figure in the Royal Court, stands with a calm expression, while Jung Il Woo, the ghost-seeing prince Lee Rin, shows a serious side to himself that goes against his infamous playfulness. Go ...

TVXQ′s Yunho Wields a Sword in New ′The Night Watchman′s Journal ...
Yahoo Philippines News - Jul 25, 2014

The Night Watchman′s Journal also stars Jung Il Woo, Go Seong Hee and Seo Ye Ji. It will air its first episode on August 4. Photo credit: Raemong Raein Reporter : Erika Kim ([email protected]) [Any copying, republication or redistribution of ...



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