Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

Kang Ji Hwan


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Ji Hwan
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March 20, 1979
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South Korea
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Lie to Me 2011 as Hyun Ki Joon (Korean Dramas)

My Girlfriend is an Agent 2009 as Lee Jae Jun (Movies)

Hong Gil Dong 2008 (Korean Dramas)

Capital Scandal 2007 (Korean Dramas)

90 Days, Falling in Love Days 2006 (Korean Dramas)

Be Strong, Geum Soon 2005 (Korean Dramas)

Save the Last Dance For Me 2004 (Korean Dramas)

Summer Scent 2003 (Korean Dramas)

Firework 2000 (Korean Dramas)

Kang Ji Hwan News:

Sung Yuri to make her drama comeback in 'Monster' with former co-star Kang Ji Hwan
allkpop - Feb 2, 2016

'Monster' also marks the actress' first project since joining her current agency SL Entertainment. On top of that, the leading man was reported to be Kang Ji Hwan, marking their reunion since their popular drama, 'Hong Gil Dong.' 'Monster' is set to ...

Moon Geun Young and Kang Ji Hwan May Bond Over A Dog
KDramaStars - Jul 21, 2015

What do you think about Kang Ji Hwan and actress Moon Geun Young co-starring as romantic leads? That may soon be a possibility. On July 20, the Korean media outlet Munhwa Ilbo said that both actors have been offered roles in the upcoming KBS series ...

Yoon Eun Hye Chooses Her Favorite Kiss Scenes
KDramaStars - Apr 20, 2015

Yoon Eun Hye said her third favorite kiss scene involved coca cola. She shared that kiss scene with Kang Ji Hwan in the comedy "Lie To Me." The soda kiss scene, which drenches them in coca cola, looked very sticky but was sweet. And what was her all ...

Kang Ji Hwan's Photo Scandal
KDramaStars - Jul 11, 2014

Kang Ji Hwan recently appeared in the KBS drama "Big Man." He played Kim Ji Hyuk, a man who gets conned into believing he is the heir to a wealthy family. He has been set up so the family can use him in various ways but in the end he triumphs over them.

Kang Ji Hwan reveals how he prepares for his kiss scenes + his affection for ...
allkpop - May 4, 2014

On the May 3rd broadcast of KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay', when the reporter asked, "If there's a kiss scene, how do you really prepare for it? Please tell me honestly." Kang Ji Hwan revealed he makes sure to have good breath beforehand, "First off ...

Kang Ji Hwan Faces Plagiarism Charges
KDramaStars - Oct 10, 2013

According to Kang Ji Hwan's representatives, "Director Jung Se Hyuk believes we plagiarized his work and we have discussed the issue with him over the phone. We planned to meet in person and are embarrassed over the investigation. Naturally, we will ...

With His Legal Troubles Behind Him, Kang Ji Hwan Is Up For "Romancing Games"
KDramaStars - Nov 6, 2013

As an actor Kang Ji Hwan is also known for playing the man who inspired Yoon Eun Hye to tell lies in the drama "Lie To Me." He played Lee Cha Don, the leading character in the weekend series "The Incarnation of Money." Kang's first drama was "Summer ...

Kang Ji Hwan V. Kim Jaejoong V. Lee Jong Suk
KDramaStars - Apr 24, 2014

The first to start is "Big Man," starring Kang Ji Hwan, Daniel Choi, Lee Da Hee and Jung So Min. All of these stars have been in first-rate dramas. Kang Ji Hwan played Yoon Eun Hye's love interest in "Lie To Me." Daniel Choi was last seen in "School 2013.

Ratings For “Big Man” Remain Strong As Kang Ji Hwan Enacts Revenge
KDramaStars - Jun 10, 2014

Kang Ji Hwan's character Kim Ji Hyuk did not hold a grudge against his pretend family when they discarded him. He was so eager to have a family he was prepared to go to jail for him. But they pushed him too far and now he wants revenge. Lee Da Hee's ...

BIg Man" Ending Kang Ji Hwan Gets Group And Love
KDramaStars - Jun 24, 2014

On the last episode of KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama "Big Man" (script Choi Jin Won, director Ji Young Soo) broadcast on June 17th, Kim Ji Hyuk (played by Kang Ji Hwan), Kang Dong Suk (played by Daniel Choi) and Kang Sung Wook (played by Um ...

'Big Man' Kang Ji Hwan Kisses Jung So Min To Avoid DUI
KDramaStars - Apr 30, 2014

On the first episode of the new KBS Monday Tuesday drama "Big Man" which aired on April 28, 2014, Kim Ji Hyuk, played by Kang Ji Hwan, was wrongfully accused of murdering somebody. He drank a little bit of alcohol and after drinking was working as a ...

Big Man" Lee Da Hee, Kang Ji Hwan Encourages Others
KDramaStars - Jun 4, 2014

On the episode of KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama "Big Man" broadcast on June 2nd, Koo Duk Kyu (played by Kwon Hae Jyo) made a suggestion to Kim Ji Hyuk (played by Kang Ji Hwan). He suggested to him that he needed to be the legal advisor for Hyun ...

Kang Ji Hwan goes back to his character's roots in a tracksuit for 'Big Man'
allkpop - Apr 22, 2014

The 'before' cuts of his transformation from a poor man to chaebol show Kang Ji Hwan looking like a 'fashion terrorist' in a mix-and-match vest and tracksuit, which the actor suggested himself for his character's style. Kang Ji Hwan shared, "I tried to ...

Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Da Hee go on a sweet bicycle date in still cuts for 'Big Man'
allkpop - May 6, 2014

The bicycle date will be aired on today's episode (May 6), and the preview cuts show So Mi Ra (Lee Da Hee) teaching Kim Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan) how to ride a bike. Kim Ji Hyuk falls in love with So Mi Ra watching her sing, and it's been revealed that ...

Kang Ji Hwan And Daniel Choi Play Sibling Enemies In "Big Man"
KDramaStars - Feb 23, 2014

Kang Ji Hwan, who appeared in "Incarnation of Money" and played the man pretending to be Yoon Eun Hye's husband in "Lie To Me," will portray the orphan Kim Ji Hyeok in "Big Man." His character endures a tough childhood until he meets a woman who ...

Lee Da Hee In A Love Triangle With Kang Ji Hwan And Daniel Choi?
KDramaStars - Feb 26, 2014

Kang Ji Hwan plays Kim Ji Hyeok in "Big Man." After enduring a tough childhood, he discovers that he is really the secret son of the man who runs one of Korea's top companies. Unhappy with the way he was discarded, he decides to take revenge against ...

Lee Da Hee Involved In Love Triangle With Kang Ji Hwan & Daniel Choi
KpopStarz - Mar 1, 2014

Lee Da Hee Involved In Love Triangle With Kang Ji Hwan & Daniel Choi. By Staff Writer | March 01, 2014 05:38 AM EST. 0 comments. Lee Da Hee Involved In Love Triangle With Kang Ji Hwan & Daniel Choi. (Photo : ESQUIRE). Actress Lee Da Hee will be ...

Kang Ji Hwan shows his rough manliness in still cuts of 'Big Man'
allkpop - Apr 18, 2014

Actor Kang Ji Hwan (previously of 'Incarnation of Money' and 'Lie To Me') exuded a rough and manly charm in still cuts for upcoming KBS 2TV drama 'Big Man.' On April 18, he revealed through the production crew why he chose this drama: "Every time I ...

Lee Da Hee reveals Choi Daniel got jealous over her kiss scene with Kang Ji Hwan
allkpop - May 18, 2014

Lee Da Hee also shared the love triangle that went on behind the scenes of 'Big Man' as well, "Choi Daniel was watching while I was filming my kiss scene with Kang Ji Hwan. He joked that he got angry... He would always ask me why I'm kissing another ...

Kang Ji Hwan Selected as Lotte Hotel Model
KpopStarz - Oct 10, 2012

Kang Ji Hwan that is gaining popularity in different place recently was selected to be a Lotte Hotel model. He will be the representative of the hotel for next year and participate in various events for promotions. Lotte Hotel has been using the best ...

Who Would Yoon Eun Hye Choose Among Her Leading Men?
KDramaStars - Dec 1, 2013

The impressive list is a veritable romantic candy store of kdrama actors. The list of love interests has included Park Yoochun, Yoo Seung Ho, Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Min Ho, Gong Yoo, Lee Sun Kyun, Ju Ji Hoon, Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Il Woo and Kim Jung Hoon.

Jung Ryeo Won in talks to join Kang Ji Hwan and Choi Daniel in new KBS drama ...
allkpop - Feb 18, 2014

Choi Daniel will play the role of two-faced chaebol Kang Dong Suk who looks like a friendly and witty gentleman on the surface but gets involved in corrupt dealings and also gets into a love triangle with Kim Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan). 'Big Man' will ...

Kang Ji Young Stars In A Japanese Film And Dreams Of Hollywood
KDramaStars - Aug 19, 2015

Park Ki Woong Joins Kang Ji Hwan in 'Monster - 2016' · Seo Kang Joon; Korea's 'Entourage' Lines Up Its Stars. Latest Photo Slide Shows. Super Junior, SHINee and EXO Join Forces for the February 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Korea [PHOTOS].

Esprit Owner And North Face Outdoor Company Co-Founder Douglas Tompkins Dies ...
KDramaStars - Dec 12, 2015

Park Ki Woong Joins Kang Ji Hwan in 'Monster - 2016' · Seo Kang Joon; Korea's 'Entourage' Lines Up Its Stars. Latest Photo Slide Shows. Super Junior, SHINee and EXO Join Forces for the February 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Korea [PHOTOS].

Kang takes turn in new film
Korea JoongAng Daily - Jul 17, 2015

Actor Kang Ji-hwan was cast for the Korean-Chinese film “Cheongangdaega,” multiple reports stated Thursday. The upcoming romantic comedy, scheduled for release this winter, has been filming in Dalian, China, since November. The actor is reported to be ...

Lee Da Hee confirmed to act alongside Choi Daniel and Kang Ji Hwan in drama ...
allkpop - Feb 28, 2014

To help him, she decides to plot with him against Kim Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan), whom she ends up pitying and loving as well, ending up in a love triangle. SEE ALSO: Lee Da Hee in talks to join Choi Daniel and Kang Ji Hwan in 'Big Man'. This will ...

Manny Pacquiao Still Looking For Opponent For Next Fight? Amir Khan Definitely ...
KDramaStars - Dec 16, 2015

Park Ki Woong Joins Kang Ji Hwan in 'Monster - 2016' · Seo Kang Joon; Korea's 'Entourage' Lines Up Its Stars. Latest Photo Slide Shows. Super Junior, SHINee and EXO Join Forces for the February 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Korea [PHOTOS].



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