Kim Ah Joong 김아중

Kim Ah Joong


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Ah Joong
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October 16, 1982
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South Korea
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The Accidental Couple 2009 as Han Ji Soo (Korean Dramas)

200 Pounds Beauty 2006 (Movies)

Kim Ah Joong News:

'Punch' Kim Ah Joong's Choice Was Correct
KDramaStars - Feb 5, 2015

In the past, Kim Ah Joong has shown a great sense in selecting pieces such as "Sign" as she knows how to balance between comical pieces and pieces that appeal to the general public. Her sense was right on for this piece as well. As "Punch" progresses ...

'Punch' Kim Rae Won And Kim Ah Joong Start Revenge
KDramaStars - Feb 5, 2015

In "Punch" Kim Rae Won and Kim Ah Joong started revenge against Jo Jae Hyun. On the 14th episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "Punch" broadcast on Feb. 2nd, Park Jung Hwan (played by Kim Rae Won) had a mental conflict with Lee Tae Joon ...

Joo Won And Kim Ah Joong Admit To Having Feelings For Each Other
KDramaStars - Nov 19, 2013

Actor Joo Won previously admitted to falling for his co-stars during filming, and it seems that he felt the same for his "Catch Me" partner Kim Ah Joong. On November 18, the cast and crew of the movie gathered together for a press conference at Seoul ...

'Catch Me' Kim Ah Joong: “Joo Won Is Mature And Considerate”
KDramaStars - Dec 2, 2013

On this day, Kim Ah Joong said, "In the movie, my character is always running away. There is a time in the movie when I have to clean up the mess with Joo Won that I have made while running away, and I (my character) emotionally depend on him." Kim Ah ...

Kim Ah Joong and Bae Yumi - Friends?
KDramaStars - Oct 18, 2013

The two met in 2006 when filming "200 Pounds Beauty" when Yumi trained Kim Ah Joong's voice. Yumi then visited Kim Ah Joong in the filming scene and gifted food, and Kim Ah Joong cheered Yumi as well whenever she published a new album.

Ji Sung and Kim Ah Joong Have Physical Contact
KpopStarz - Oct 1, 2012

Ji Sung and Kim Ah Joong appeared on the KBS 2TV program "Entertainment Weekly," that aired on Saturday. The movie poster photo shoot was revealed. Ji Sung was seen putting his hand around Kim Ah Joong's waist. Kim Ah Joong was seen wearing a ...

Actress Kim Ah Joong Looks Like Model While Simply Holding a Pair of Slippers
KpopStarz - Jul 11, 2012

In the revealed photo is Kim Ah Joong holding a pair of slippers. Her saddened face expression looks as if she is asking the viewer to buy a pair for her. As always, she had turned an everyday photo into a luxury brand photo shoot with her beautiful face.

Kim Ah Joong Flaunts a Sexy Dress in China
KpopStarz - Oct 1, 2013

Yesterday, Kim Ah Joong posted on her Twitter, "I came to China to promote the movie 'Amazing.' First day is in Shanghai. I'll enjoy my time here and go back" along with a picture. In the picture, Kim Ah Joong has her long wavy hair down, wearing a ...

Which K-Drama Stars Attended The Top Universities?
KDramaStars - Nov 2, 2015

Kim Ah Joong, who appeared in the k-drama Punch, graduated from Dongduk Women's University and attended Korea University and the International Hotel Management Institute in Switzerland. She is best known for her role in the film "200 Pounds Beauty.".

Sexy Polaroid Pictures of Kim Ah Joong Revealed
KpopStarz - Oct 13, 2012

In the revealed picture, Kim Ah Joong is laying on a bed, smiling brightly. In the second photo, she is revealing a bit of skin; mainly her back, which says 'P.S'; advertising her movie 'My PS Partner' releasing in December. In another picture that she ...

K-Drama Actresses Who Added Pounds For A Role
KDramaStars - Jan 7, 2014

When movie roles call for a huge weight gain, actresses will occasionally put on a silicon body suit. Kim Ah Joong relied on makeup for her transformation in the film "200 Pounds Beauty" but declined the offer of doing a sequel when it was suggested ...

Kim Ah-joong displays neat, trendy style
K-POP HERALD - Jan 12, 2015

Kim Ah-joong has drawn attention from many female viewers with her professional outfits, playing a humane prosecutor Shin Ha-kyung in SBS drama “Punch.” In the last episode, her character was cleared of a false charge and regained her position as a ...

Five Fun Facts About Joo Jin Mo
KDramaStars - Dec 19, 2013

Although rumors linked him romantically with actresses such as Kim Ah Joong, Go Joon Hee, Lee Bo Young and Park Si Yeon, he says he never called them. "If women ask for my cell phone number, I give it to them," he said. "But I would never ask first.

Five Fun Facts About Joo Won
KDramaStars - Aug 17, 2015

He called Kim Ah Joong, his co-star in the film "Catch Me" a "phenomenal improviser." He called Kim Tae Hee a "goddess." He called Uee "bright and pretty" and said he wanted to date Choi Kang Hee. She turned him down. 4. He wants to age gracefully as ...

Joo Won Needs More Onscreen Kisses
KDramaStars - Dec 8, 2013

No matter how hard he tries, actor Joo Won continues to have a problem with kissing scenes. He may just need more practice. On a recent episode of the show "Witch Hunt," Joo Won and his co-star Kim Ah Joong talked about their kissing scenes in the film ...

'Punch' To Detail One Man's Dangerous Pursuit Of Justice
KDramaStars - Nov 19, 2014

Actress Kim Ah Joong plays Sin Ha Kyung, a Seoul District Investigator who chose the pursuit of justice over a lucrative law career. She was once married to Park Jung Hwan and never stopped loving him. But given their unhappy history she also hates him.

'Punch' Choi Myung Kil Shows Two Faces Of Evil
KDramaStars - Feb 18, 2015

In "Punch" Choi Myung Gil did abhorrent acts against Kim Ah Joong after running her over with a car. Afterwards, she took the chip from her hand. On the 18th episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "Punch" (script Park Kyung Soo, director Lee Myung Woo) ...

'Healer' Ends Well But In Third Place
KDramaStars - Feb 11, 2015

This week, the melodrama "Punch," starring Kim Rae Won, Cho Jae Hyun and Kim Ah Joong, held first place, even though its ratings dropped from 12.7 to 11.9 percent. As the drama only has a week to go until it completes all 19 episodes, it will likely ...

South Korean High Schoolers Get Plastic Surgery for Graduation
The Atlantic - Jun 27, 2013

A new body is revealed, and actress Kim Ah-Joong then needs to re-adjust her expectations of what being beautiful means. Ironically , Ah-Joong was later "outed" as having had double jaw surgery. "The place of plastic surgery narrative in Korean popular ...

Jang Geun Suk Settles His Tax Problems
KDramaStars - Jan 14, 2015

Other Korean celebrities that have been investigated include actors Bae Yong Joon and Kim Ah Joong and comedian Kang Ho Dong. Celebrities can occasionally be paid in cash so it is not difficult to omit some income. They can also exaggerate deductions.



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