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Kim Bum is the popular star of numerous Korean television series and dramas, as well as several feature-length films. His best known role is as So Yi Jung in Boys Over Flowers. Winner of the Netizen Popularity Award at the 2008 Korean Drama Festival, Kim Bum was born on July 7, 1989, and was educated at Jungang University. Having set his sights on an acting career while still a young school boy, Kim regularly attended auditions and took acting classes. However, it was not until he joined the “Survival Star Audition” that his hard work finally paid off. He placed 8th in a field of hundreds, but because he was only 17, in a program aimed at actors in their 20’s, he could not proceed in the competition. “Survival Star Audition” opened many opportunities for Kim, and he began receiving multiple television series roles and his popularity soared. Although continually the object of much internet and magazine gossip, Kim Bum continues to ascend as a South Korean star, while remaining firmly planted in his roots.

Kim Bum plays So Yi Jung (Sojiroh Nishikado), one of the Korean F4 members in "Boys Over Flowers", the Korean remake of Japanese manga "Hana Yori Dango". Kim Bum showed his acting chops playing the young Lee Dong Chul in "East of Eden" and is one of South Korea's rising male stars to be watched.

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That Winter, the Wind Blows 2013 as Park Jin Sung (Korean Dramas)

The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry 2010 (Korean Dramas)

Dream 2009 as Lee Jang Suk (Korean Dramas)

East of Eden 2008 as Lee Dong Chul (15 years old) (Korean Dramas)

Boys Over Flowers 2008 as So Yi Jung (Sojiroh Nishikado) (Korean Dramas)

Outrageous Women 2006 as Joon (Korean Dramas)

Kim Bum News:

Kim's bum cover photo sparks hilarious memes
Al-Arabiya - Nov 13, 2014

VARIETY. Kim's bum cover photo sparks hilarious memes. French photographer Jean-Paul Goude shot Kardashian West in a variety of poses. (Photo courtesy: Paper magazine). Text size A A A. By Staff writer | Al Arabiya News Thursday, 13 November 2014.

Kim Bum Soo treats fans to his sweet vocals in 'Home Meal' MV, feat. Yang Dong ...
allkpop - Nov 20, 2014

Kim Bum Soo's sweet vocals have returned with the full MV release of title track "Home Meal" off his eighth album, 'HIM'! The MV features Yang Dong Geun, Enes, Kaya, Kang Byul, and Iron as they eat different meals while yearning for a filling home ...

Actor Kim Bum meets with 1000 fans in Mongolia
allkpop - Nov 4, 2014

On October 30, Kim Bum held an autograph session at a shopping center in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. His agency King Kong Entertainment revealed the above photos from the event on November 4. Almost 1,000 fans came to see the actor despite the snowy ...

Kim Bum Soo parodies Kang Dong Won, Kim Soo Hyun, and Taeyang with the ...
allkpop - Nov 15, 2014

On the November 15 broadcast of tvN's 'SNL Korea', Kim Bum Soo made an appearance as a guest host. During the episode, Kim Bum Soo put on a hilarious skit with the help of AOA members, as he parodied top stars Kang Dong Won, Kim Soo Hyun, and ...

Kim's bum pic not au naturel
Independent Online - Nov 16, 2014

London - One image from Kim Kardashian West's shoot with Paper magazine was Photoshopped. Kim Hastreiter, the co-founder and editor of Paper, has acknowledged that the image which shows Kim, 34, resting a Champagne glass on her butt has been ...

BTOB Seo Eunkwang, Cover Video Of Kim Bum Soo's 'Last Love'
KpopStarz - Nov 18, 2014

In "I'll Be Your Melody 2", Seo Eunkwang sang the song "Last Love" by Kim Bum Soo, showing off his perfect singing skills. Seo Eunkwang had always chosen Kim Bum Soo as his vocal role model and received many compliments through the songs of Kim ...

Kim Kardashian naked: Kim's bum's good, but it was Jennifer Lopez who ...
Metro - Nov 15, 2014

Kim Kardashian undeniably has a great bum, but it's not hers Sir Mix-A-Lot is singing about. Kim Kardashian's behind may have 'broken the internet', but the original best booty inspired a track so iconic that twenty years later it's inspired Nicky ...

Dave Grohl think's Kim's bum looks like two space hoppers
ninemsn - Nov 13, 2014

Remember those inflatable bouncy balls you jumped around on as a kid? Well, Dave Grohl certainly does. The Foo Fighters lead singer says that's what comes to mind when he thinks of Kim Kardashian West's internet-breaking derriere. Naturally. ''I used ...

Kim's bum breaks the internet
Jacaranda FM - Nov 12, 2014

Kim's bum breaks the internet. 12 November 2014 at 08:15 by - It's official, Kim Kardashian has broken the internet with her latest photoshoot with Paper magazine. If you're sensitive to exposed bottoms, don't open this article! 0 comments. 0 Comments ...

Mike Golic: ESPN Radio Host Mocks Kim Kardashian's Butt Pic
Hollywood Life - Nov 22, 2014

His was much more light-hearted, but it seems like fans wanted to see Kim's bum again rather than his. Many fans called in to express their disgust and make jokes at the pic, with the most common phrase being “My eyes are burning”. Sports celebs also ...

Kris Jenner And Kris Humphries Respond To Kim Kardashian's Nude Photo Shoot (blog) - Nov 12, 2014

Which begs the question: is the popularity of Kim's bum is "just another symptom of postmodernist confusion and cultural decline or is there a deeper psychological explanation for her fame?" Or at least that's what brainy funnyman Russell Brand wonders ...

Kim Kardashian Channels Jessica Rabbit In Skintight Latex Dress
Hollywood Life - Nov 18, 2014

... surgery and butt injections like Kim Kardashian and then lie about it (because you don't want anyone to know you're not “natural” in your most marketable feature”) and then market market market. Kim Bum Injection Kardashian and her Tim Tams, is my ...

Kim Kardashian's Bum Picture Gets 'The Simpsons' Treatment
Huffington Post UK - Nov 13, 2014

Everything from a horse's backside to the Mitchell brother's heads have been stuck on Kim's famous derriere by people with a lot of time on their hands creative types. But now the reality star has had the ultimate compliment by being 'Simpsonised'.

Remembering 'Boys Over Flowers': The Best K-Drama Cliché
KpopStarz - Nov 22, 2014

The main cast is completed with Yi Jeong (Kim Bum) and Woo Bin (Kim Joon) - the Casanova artist, who once refused a purchase offer from the Queen of England, and gangster's son, who produces a throng of bodyguards with a snap of two fingers, are the ...

Kim Kardashian's bum: In the wake of her eye-opening Paper shoot, here are 6 ...
Metro - Nov 12, 2014

xx other things which look like Kim Kardashian's bum Is that Kim's bum? Or is it a Krispy Kreme selection box? (Picture: Jean-Paul Goude). Let's be honest. We can never unsee the sight of Kim Kardashian baring her impossibly shiny bum on the cover of ...

TOWIE's Bobby Norris recreates Kim Kardashian's Paper mag bum shoot, and ...
heatworld - Nov 18, 2014

So, Kim Kardashian didn't quite break the internet last week. But we think that heat, with a little help from TOWIE's Bobby Norris, might just give it that final shove. Even we couldn't believe the transformation when we took these photos of Bobby in ...

Five Fun Facts About Kim Bum
KDramaStars - Jun 25, 2014

Kim Bum was determined to become a star. He wanted to be an actor so badly that he joined "Survival Star Audition and placed sixth among hundreds of contestants. As he was only 17, he could not proceed, but it did land him acting roles. Not satisfied ...

Moon Geun Young And Kim Bum End Their Six-Month Relationship
KDramaStars - May 15, 2014

While the crew of "Goddess of Fire: Jeonji" noted how protective Kim Bum was of his co-star on set, there were no rumors circulating about them dating. Still, as soon as they did decide to date, Moon Geun Young wanted to be honest about their relationship.

Kim Kardashian Nude: Chelsea Handler Slams Instagram Over Star's NSFW ...
Huffington Post UK - Nov 13, 2014

Chelsea Handler has made her feelings known over Kim Kardashian's already-infamous 'bum' photo, and it seems like she is less than impressed. SEE MORE: Kim K Goes Fully Nude For Paper Magazine · These Memes Of Kim's Bum Are Better Than The ...

Asda Spoof Kim Kardashian Naked Bum Cover To Sell £10 Champagne
Huffington Post UK - Nov 18, 2014

Asda are the latest to jump on the 'Kim Kardashian naked bum' bandwagon, by spoofing the star's recent Paper magazine cover... to sell a cheap bottle of fizz. The campaign features a Kim K lookalike (complete with smaller derriere) and the tag line ...

Kim Kardashian's Butt Is A Cake Pop Now, Thanks To Lou Lou P's Delights ...
Bustle - Nov 14, 2014

Created from equal parts marzipan and Internet controversy, the Kim Bum Pop, as it's being called, has taken up residence at the Lou Lou P's Delights bakery. Why the need to turn the reality star's bare backside into an edible treat? ”I'm really very ...

christmas gift guide 2014
Irish Independent - Nov 23, 2014

n The Kardashian Kollection is almost as big as Kim's bum, but we think this Base Metal Chain and Ribbon Collar is much more attractive. E62.99 at Argos. n What self-respecting girl doesn't like having super-soft hands? This set of Morris & Co. Hand ...

Five Fun Facts About Kim So Eun
KDramaStars - Oct 28, 2014

Her role as Gu Hye Sun's loyal friend Chu Gae Ul in "Boys Over Flowers" paired her up romantically with the genius potter played by Kim Bum. This inspired plenty of shippers to hope their onscreen relationship extended to real life dating. It did not ...

Web dramas hook Korea's youth
Korea JoongAng Daily - Nov 2, 2014

The answer was web dramas. Since these short programs are streamed not only through the Internet but also inside subways and on buses in China, they are dubbed “the new generation of dramas.” Actor Kim Bum's “V Love” online drama series, which was ...

Kim Bum To Play Role In New Chinese Drama, 'The Micro Era Of Love' And ...
KpopStarz - Jun 25, 2014

Kim Bum visited China for a press conference to promote the drama. The actor looked clean and cut in a black suit for the promotion in Shanghai. Kim debuted back in 2006 and starred in "Boys Over Flowers" with actors Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho.

Kim Bum Soo Pays Tribute to LADIES' CODE RiSe and EunB in Concert
Yahoo Philippines News - Oct 6, 2014

Playing continuous string of his hit songs, Kim Bum Soo energetically performed, even showcasing collaboration stages with Show Me the Money 3's semifinalist Iron. He even transformed into Big Bang's Taeyang to perform his rendition of Eyes, Nose, Lips.

Kim Bum Soo to hold a solo concert in Seoul this October
allkpop - Aug 15, 2014

His agency rep stated, "[Kim Bum Soo] will show a good concert as a multi-entertainer with his singing and variety skills... Kim Bum Soo is working hard to prepare a concert that transforms the audience's hearts with his singing ability and overcome ...

Kim Bum Looks Toasty Warm In Winter Clothes For "Gentleman"
247 Asian Media - Sep 26, 2014

One of the handsomest men of South Korea shows you how to wear this year's most fashionable sweaters for the refreshing fall season! Posing for October 2014 issue of the magazine Gentleman, Kim Bum will have the hearts of fans beating quickly from just ...

Is Kim Bum's Romantic Style Similar To Kim Tan's?
KpopStarz - Jan 7, 2014

"Both Kim Bum and I were so busy with filming our dramas that we could not stay in touch but I have congratulated him," said Lee Min Ho. "Kim Bum is quite the man. His romance style is similar to Kim Tan's." To read the article, visit

Kim Bum Soo Reveals His Shocking Abs
KpopStarz - Sep 26, 2014

On September 25, Kim Bum Soo posted on her Twitter, "Coach Yang who allowed the ballad king of Korea to take off his shirt.. Thank you so much~ Even though I couldn't overcome my short proportions, this is great progress, right?" along with two pictures.

Blog: Bianca Todd: Eyes Wide Shut.
Northampton Herald and Post (blog) - Nov 17, 2014

I hasten to add, I have no interest in Kim's bum nor the Sainsbury's Christmas video. I am often complaining about McDonaldisation, the idea that corporations can come and enter a community, take away identity, reduce expectations and become necessity ...



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