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Hyun Joong
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June 06, 1986
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Singer, Actor
Singing, Dancing, Piano, Guitar, Acting

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Kim Hyun Joong is the leader of Korean boyband SS501, often doing vocals and rap. In 2006, he was cohost for MBC's music show "Show! Music Core", later leaving for SS501's Japan debut in 2007. Kim was also int he hit TV series Boys Over Flowers that garnered him huge popularity. Recently, Kim was diagnosed with H1N1 and is recovering from it.

In 2008, he was casted in MBC's variety reality show "We Got Married" alongside Hwang Bo. This gained Kim Hyun Joong a lot of attention and popularity and helped land him a role as Yoon Ji Hoo (Hanazawa Rui) in the highly anticipated drama "Boys Over Flowers", Korea's remake of Japanese manga "Hana Yori Dango".

"Boys Over Flowers" turned out to be a teen idol hit and also featured 2 solos by Kim Hyun Joong - "Because I'm Stupid (Acoustic version)" and "Thing Called Happiness".

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Mischievous Kiss 2010 as Baek Seung Jo (Korean Dramas)

Spotlight 2008 as cameo (Korean Dramas)

Boys Over Flowers 2008 as Yoon Ji Hoo (Rui Hanazawa) (Korean Dramas)

Kim Hyun Joong News:

Kim Hyun Joong Faces Repeated Delay In Court Hearing
Movie News Guide - Feb 10, 2016

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong filed a lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Choi last year but the hearing date is continuously postponed by the court. KDrama Stars reports that the hearing was originally scheduled on Dec.23, 2015 but it was postponed to Feb. 3 ...

Kim Hyun Joong's Court Date For Lawsuit Against Ex-Girlfriend Postponed For ...
Korea Portal (English Edition) - Feb 8, 2016

Court date for Kim Hyun Joong's lawsuit against ex-girlfriend has been re-scheduled to March. (Photo by KpopStarz). Initially scheduled on Dec. 23, the court date for Kim Hyung Joong's lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, identified as Choi, was moved to ...

SS501 regroups as Double S 301
Manila Bulletin - Jan 18, 2016

SS501 has been on hiatus since 2010 upon the expiration of the contracts of the members, who opted to leave DSP Entertainment and joined other agencies, including Kim Hyun Joong, who joined KeyEast Entertainment. “Destination” was the five-member ...

Court Date Set In Kim Hyun Joong Baby Case To Determine Custody And Child Support
KpopStarz - Jan 10, 2016

I am hoping kim hyun joong gets the baby. She has blackmailed and slandered. He was wrong too but she did this to ruin his career. I think the odds are good he will get the baby because Korean law usually awards men babies even if they are not good men.

Kim Hyun Joong And His Ex Report For DNA Tests
KDramaStars - Dec 14, 2015

Both Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend, known only as Choi, reported for court-ordered DNA tests today. The tests were ordered by the Seoul Family Court and conducted at Seoul National University Hospital in Jongno. Choi brought her three-month old ...

Kim Hyun Joong Baby Scandal Continues On With Latest Court Plea
KpopStarz - Sep 27, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend is determined to push through with her legal battle against the Hallyu star, whom she says continues to refute her claims of a previous pregnancy and miscarriage as well as denying that he is the father of her recently ...

Paternity Test Result Shows Korean Singer-Actor Kim Hyun Joong Is The Father ...
Korea Portal (English Edition) - Dec 28, 2015

A paternity test result confirmed Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong as the father of a three-month-old baby. Korea Joongang Daily reported Tuesday that Hyun Joong's former girlfriend, surnamed Choi, reportedly gave birth to a baby boy in September and ...

Kim Hyun Joong May Not Meet The December 14 Deadline For Court-Ordered DNA Test
KDramaStars - Dec 10, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong may not meet with his former lover to take a paternity test before the court-ordered date. According to a December 10 report published by the Korean outlet Newsen, the K-pop vocalist and actor may not meet the December 14 cut-off date ...

Court Orders Kim Hyun Joong, Ex-Girlfriend To Take Simultaneous Paternity Tests
KpopStarz - Dec 9, 2015

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong might be enlisted in the army, but he certainly isn't out of the spotlight. The star will reportedly meet his ex-girlfriend for the first time in nine months in order to take a paternity test. The former couple ...

Representatives For Kim Hyun Joong And HIs Ex-Girlfriend Returned To Court
KDramaStars - Oct 30, 2015

Legal representatives for Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend returned to court for a fourth hearing on October 30. During the session, which was closed to the public, the legal team for his ex-lover presented further evidence to support their claims ...

Kim Hyun Joong Scheduled His Army Leave
KDramaStars - Oct 15, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong is expected to take his first leave from the army, later this month. According to an October 14 report published by Korea Joongang Daily, the pop star and actor scheduled his first leave since enlisting for mandatory military service in ...

Actor Kim Hyun-joong's ex says she has his child
Korea Times - Dec 21, 2015

Actor Kim Hyun-joong's ex-girlfriend said Monday she is "99.9 percent sure" her child is his, introducing a new twist to an ongoing legal battle between the two. The woman, identified only as a 31-year-old surnamed Choi, said via her attorney that a ...

Reports Differ About Kim Hyun Joong Paternity Test
KDramaStars - Sep 11, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong, who previously appeared in "Boys Over Flowers," "Playful Kiss" and "Inspiring Generation," is currently enrolled in mandatory military service. He enlisted on June 12 and recently declined to take the leave that was due to him after 100 ...

Kim Hyun Joong's Lawyer Holds Press Conference, Paternity Of Star's Alleged ...
KpopStarz - Sep 17, 2015

The latest development in the on-going legal battle between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend resulted in a September 17 press conference. While insiders speculated that the results of the paternity test involving the K-pop star and his ex-lover ...

Kim Hyun Joong's Ex Has Her Baby
KDramaStars - Sep 10, 2015

The ex-girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong, identified only as Choi, had her baby on September 10, two days before her due date. According to the Korean media outlet Chosun Ilbo, the baby was born at a hospital in Seoul. Like Us on Facebook ...

Kim Hyun Joong Won't Meet Ex And Her Legal Team Anticipates Custody Battle
KDramaStars - Sep 21, 2015

Recent statements by Kim Hyun Joong's lawyer confirm that the actor-singer will not meet with his ex-girlfriend, named only as Ms. Choi. But statements by her legal team suggest they are ready for a custody battle. Like Us on Facebook ...

Kim Hyun Joong's Legal Team Says His Ex's Texts Are Lies
KDramaStars - Aug 4, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong's legal team has responded to the thousands of texts released to the media on July 31 by his ex-girlfriend, identified only as Choi. The texts were exchanged between Choi and the "Inspiring Generation" star. But the singer-actor's lawyer ...

Kim Hyun-joong's legal dispute with ex-girlfriend
AsiaOne - Dec 24, 2015

The dragging legal controversy between singer-turned-actor Kim Hyun-joong and his former girlfriend entered a new phase Monday as her baby turned out to be Kim's biological son. Following is a chronological roundup of the long-running dispute between ...

Kim Hyun Joong Calls Emergency Press Conference Thursday To Reveal Results Of ...
KpopStarz - Sep 16, 2015

Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong will hold a press conference on Thursday regarding the newborn child of his estranged ex-girlfriend, known to the media only by her surname Choi. On Sept. 17, Kim will meet with the press for the first time since ...

Kim Hyun Joong takes paternity test
Manila Bulletin - Dec 17, 2015

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong took a leave from his military duties and underwent a DNA test a few days ago to determine if he is the father of his former girlfriend's baby. A Seoul court ordered the star and his former girlfriend to take DNA tests ...

'Boys Over Flower' Actor Kim Hyun Joong Paternity Test To Be Revealed Soon?
Movie News Guide - Dec 15, 2015

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong had his paternity test this week and the result is said to be revealed soon. Read on! “Boys Over Flower” actor Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend have a court-ordered DNA test to clear any speculation regarding the ...

Kim Hyun Joong's Ex-Girlfriend May Pursue A Paternity Suit
KDramaStars - Sep 23, 2015

On September 23, representatives for both sides convened at Seoul Central District Court for the third plea hearing regarding alleged damage suit of his ex-lover, a woman who is referred to by Korean media as Choi or Ms. A, Kim Hyun Joong. Lee Jae Man ...

1 Year Into Kim Hyun Joong's Ongoing Legal Battle With Ex-Girlfriend: A ...
KpopStarz - Aug 12, 2015

For nearly a year, singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong has been embroiled in a very public legal battle with his ex-girlfriend, known only to the media as Ms. Choi. The constant back and forth from the two sides can be a lot to keep up with, so we've ...

Kim Hyun Joong's Ex Withdraws Defamation Suit And Will Focus On Original Case
KDramaStars - Aug 11, 2015

Choi then additionally sued Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Jae Man for defamation of character, saying that throughout her lawsuit they had gone out of their way to portray her in a negative light. Her legal team, Sun & Partners, said that Kim Hyun Joong's ...

Kim Hyun Joong-Ms Choi court case: Ex-girlfriend submits new evidence against ...
International Business Times, India Edition - Nov 2, 2015

South Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend Ms Choi once again failed to settle their dispute after the fourth round of court hearing, which was held at the Seoul Central District Court recently. Before entering the court, the legal ...

Kim Hyun Joong Court Case: Ex-Girlfriend Has Her Baby But Reports For ...
The Inquisitr - Sep 13, 2015

For more than a year, Kim Hyun Joong has been in the midst of an intense court case with his ex-girlfriend, identified only as “Choi.” Beginning last year with allegations that the famous Korean celebrity domestically abused Choi, the legal situation ...

Kim Hyun Joong Recieves A Dangerous Assignment
KDramaStars - Jun 18, 2015

While all Korean males, age 18 to 35, must serve two years of mandatory military duty, some assignments are more dangerous than others. Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong has received one of the most dangerous assignments, patrolling the Korean ...

Kim Hyun Joong's Fan Club Provided His Military Unit With Gifts
KDramaStars - Oct 16, 2015

Fans of Kim Hyun Joong delivered an outpouring of support for the embattled star, by generously gifting his unit with modern conveniences like washing machines, an air conditioner, and audio-visual equipment. Like Us on Facebook ...

Kim Hyun Joong's Ex Releases Thousands Of Texts To The Media
KDramaStars - Jul 31, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend, referred to only as Choi, released thousands of text messages between them to the media. The messages do not display Kim Hyun Joong in a favorable light and his legal team questioned her motives in releasing them to the ...

Kim Hyun Joong-Ms Choi feud: Is South Korean actor the real father of new born?
International Business Times, India Edition - Sep 19, 2015

After several months of silence, South Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong recently opened up about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Ms Choi and her new born baby during a press conference. Although the Korean entertainer was not physically present at the ...

복사 URL 줄이기 레이어 닫기
Korea JoongAng Daily - Dec 21, 2015

Singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong is a father, according to paternity test results that came out on Monday. According to Seoul National University's Department of Medicine, which conducted the test, the child born to the entertainer's ex-girlfriend in ...



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