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Kim Hyung Joon 김형준
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February 03, 1985
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Singer, Actor

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Kim Joon is a young model, actor and musical star with an international reputation. He was born in 1985 in South Korea and in 2007 first came to attention as a member of the Korean-pop musical group T-Max, as the rapper of the group of four. He also writes his own raps. More recently Kim Joon has become even more famous as one of the Flower Four gang of young and cruel tycoons in the 2009 South Korean television version of Boys Over Flowers -- he plays Soon Woo Bin. As a crossover, T-Max has several of their songs featured on the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack, including "Paradise", "Say Yes", "Wish You're My Love", and "Bang Bang Boom." Kim Joon has also recently appeared on the television show "Let Me Sleep Here for One Night," and has appeared on the legitimate stage in the musical "Youth March" to great success.

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Lupin the Third 2014 as Pierre (Movies)

Boys Over Flowers 2008 as Song Woo Bin (Akira Mimasaka) (Korean Dramas)

Kim Joon News:

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KDramaStars - Dec 19, 2014

Kim Joon kept on contemplating about this and decided to take in Jang Hee Tae's orders. He then went to the lumber factory with Jang Hee Tae and started to explain about the details of the types of trees. Afterwards, he told Jang Hee Tae to pick a ...

'A Valid Love' Lee Shi Young Nags Lee Soo Hyuk About His Times Table
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In "A Valid Love," Lee Soo Hyuk kissed Lee Shi Young out of the blue. On the 4th episode of tvN Monday/Tuesday drama "A Valid Love" (script Kim Do Woo, director Han Ji Seung) broadcast on December 9th, Kim Joon (played by Lee Soo Hyuk) surprised ...

Samsung's Cheil doubles upon debut after $1.4 billion listing
Reuters - Dec 18, 2014

Cheil's value is expected to increase going forward," said Kim Joon-sop, analyst at E-Trade Korea Co, a securities brokerage. The May heart attack and hospitalization of Lee Kun-hee is seen having added urgency to the process of transferring control to ...

UPDATE 1-Samsung's Cheil doubles upon debut after $1.4 bln listing
Reuters - Dec 18, 2014

Cheil's value is expected to increase going forward," said Kim Joon-sop, analyst at E-Trade Korea Co, a securities brokerage. The May heart attack and hospitalisation of Lee Kun-hee is seen having added urgency to the process of transferring control to ...

“Boys Over Flowers” Star Kim Joon Makes A Comeback
KpopStarz - Jun 13, 2014

Appearing in the classic k-drama "Boys Over Flowers" resulted in instant stardom for three members of F4, the squad of good-looking rich boys who ruled the school. Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and singer-turned actor Kim Hyun Joong went on to become stars but ...

Students recognized for multiculturalism
Korea Times - Dec 15, 2014

Academic achievement, leadership skill and volunteering were three important criteria for the awards. "Some have also proven their qualities in the fields of sports and arts as well," said Kim Joon-sik, the chairman of Asian Friends, who was chief of ...

Samsung's Cheil doubles upon debut after $1.4 billion listing in South Korea's ...
Customs Today Newspaper - Dec 18, 2014

Kim Joon sop said there are a lot of scenarios about the final picture, but the owner family's stakes in Cheil are one of the few cards they can play to strengthen control in units such as Samsung Electronics. Cheil's value is expected to increase ...

'Endless Love' Eun Jung Appears As Blind Date Of Kim Joon
KDramaStars - Aug 28, 2014

On the 19th episode of SBS weekend drama "Endless Love" (script Na Yeon Sook, director Lee Hyun Jik), Kim Tae Kyung (played by Kim Joon) couldn't bear his mother's nagging and met the daughter of the CEO of Taekwang group Tae Cho Ae (played by ...

'Endless Love' Kim Joon's Endless Transformations
KDramaStars - Aug 27, 2014

On the 18th episode of SBS weekend drama "Endless Love" (script Na Yeon Sook, director Lee Hyun Jik) broadcast on August 23rd, Kim Tae Kyung, the son of the prime minister was shown to have all three things - looks, family background, and personality.

Endless Love' Jung Woong In Points Gun At Kim Joon
KDramaStars - Oct 1, 2014

On the episode of SBS weekend drama "Endless Love" (script Na Yeon Sook, director Lee Hyun Jik) broadcast on September 28th, Park Young Tae (played by Jung Woong In) beat Kim Tae Kyung (played by Kim Joon) as if he were going to kill him and ...

'Endless Love' Kim Joon Shocked At Jun So Min's Birth
KDramaStars - Oct 14, 2014

On the SBS drama "Endless Love" (Script Na Yeon Sook, director Lee Hyun Jik, director Bae Sun Hae, Park Hee Sul) broadcast on October 11th, Kim Tae Kyung (played by Kim Joon) learned the secret of the birth of Kim Se Kyung (played by Jun So Min) and ...

'Endless Love' Kim Joon Likes Half Sister
KDramaStars - Jul 16, 2014

On the 7th episode of "Endless Love" broadcast on July 13th, Kim Tae Kyun (played by Kim Joon) showed affection towards Suh In Ae (played by Hwang Jung Eum). Like Us on Facebook. On this day, Kim Tae Kyung met Han Kwang Chul (played by Jung ...

Minister offers ideas for fair employment
Korea JoongAng Daily - Dec 10, 2014

“The Korean labor market has severely lacked flexibility [in wages] because it is mainly fixed around the seniority-based wage system,” said Kim Joon-kyung, president of the Korea Development Institute, at the Nov. 25 press conference with Finance ...

Remembering 'Boys Over Flowers': The Best K-Drama Cliché
KpopStarz - Nov 22, 2014

The main cast is completed with Yi Jeong (Kim Bum) and Woo Bin (Kim Joon) - the Casanova artist, who once refused a purchase offer from the Queen of England, and gangster's son, who produces a throng of bodyguards with a snap of two fingers, are the ...

Must See K-Pop Idol TV For December 2014
KpopStarz - Dec 2, 2014

Actor Lee Soo Hyuk will returns to television for the tvN drama “Valid Love.” Lee Soo Hyuk stars opposite Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Si Young as the antagonist in the melodrama. He portrays Kim Joon, a carpenter who engages in an extra-marital affair with ...

Korea Post to build investor relations, seek new business
Korea Times - Nov 30, 2014

Korea Post President Kim Joon-ho said that the postal agency plans to build investor relations (IR) next year to seek new business through its postal network. "Korea Post is facing difficulties, as the paper mail delivery business has been shrinking.

Stock repurchases rise to 6-year high this year
Yonhap News - Dec 4, 2014

"If companies do not get rid of their own shares, buybacks would not provide direct returns to shareholders," said Kim Joon-seok, a researcher at the Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI). "As South Korea is gradually becoming an aging society, people ...

Lee Soo Hyuk, Picture From Filming 'Charming Carpenter'
KpopStarz - Nov 30, 2014

Lee Soo Hyuk will be playing the role of carpenter Kim Joon in the tvN drama "Valid Love" airing its first episode on December 1. © 2014 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission. View All Valid Love Articles · View All Valid ...

Kim Jun Hee, "I'm Dating Someone 8 Years Younger Than Me... I Don't Feel The ...
KpopStarz - May 11, 2014

kim joon hee dating someone 8 years younger. Actress Kim Jun Hee talked about her relationship with someone 8 years younger than her. In KBS 2TV "Full House" aired today, Kim Jun Hee came out as a guest and said, "I'm personally supportive of ...

'Valid Love' kicks off with teacher-student romance
K-POP HERALD - Dec 2, 2014

The first episode starts with Jang, who burns with jealousy when he sees his wife and her ex-boyfriend Kim Joon (Kim Soo-hyuk) hanging out together at night. Jang is even more outraged to see his wife and Kim Joon enter Kim's house together. Then comes ...

Rapper Kim Joon Of T-Max Completes Military Duty, Signs With New Management
KpopStarz - Jun 21, 2013

"After his release [from the army], Kim Joon will be active as a Chang Company artist," a representative for talent agency told CJ E&M enewsWorld. All eligible males between the ages of 18 and 35 must enroll for between 21 and 24 months of army service ...

JYJ Kim Joon Soo Attends Musical "December"
KDramaStars - Nov 1, 2013

"December: Never ending Story" is a creative musical based on the college towns of the 1990s. It is the first musical in Korea that was made with songs of the deceased singer, Kim Guang Suk. Park Gun Hyung, Kim Seul Ki, JYJ Kim Joon Soo, and Oh So ...

JYJ Kim Joon Soo Unveils His Family With Superior Appearance
KpopStarz - Mar 1, 2012

Kim Joon Ho, Kim Joon Soo's twin brother, posted a photo on his twitter on March 1 with a comment "Just watched 'Elizabeth'! Of course Joon Soo was the best!". Currently Kim Joon Soo is appearing on the musical 'Elizabeth' as Juk Eum. In the photo, Kim ...

'Gag Concert' Tinkerbell Kim Joon Hyun almost Kissed by T-ARA? 'My Wife Is ...
KpopStarz - May 13, 2013

The Tinkerbell that came out at her calling was Kim Joon Hyun. He said, "If you want a wish, you need to kiss the tinkerbell," giving his cheeks to Hyomin and Jiyeon. But right when they were about to kiss him on his cheeks, Song Joong Geun said, "Joon ...

Kim Joon Hyun shows off his birthday suit in 'Qualifications of Life'
allkpop - Apr 14, 2013

Kim Joon Hyun and the other members decided to work part time in a parade at an amusement park. Just when fellow cast member Yang Sang Kook berated Kim Joon Hyun for taking his sweet time in the restroom, he walked out of the bathroom wearing just ...

Lee Soo Hyuk Might Go For “Sensible Love”
KDramaStars - Sep 8, 2014

If Kim Joon was a leading role, it could be Lee Soo Hyuk's first. The actor, who debuted as a runway model in 2006, has slowly been expanding his acting resume. After appearing in major magazines such as GQ, Bazaar and Elle, he appeared in a few music ...



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