Kim Seung Woo 김승우

Kim Seung Woo


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Seung Woo
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February 24, 1969
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My Husband Got a Family 2012 as cameo (Korean Dramas)

Miss Ripley 2011 as Jang Myung Hoon (Korean Dramas)

Queen of Housewives 2009 as cameo (Korean Dramas)

IRIS 2009 as Park Chul Young (Korean Dramas)

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor 2007 as Baek Soo Chan (Korean Dramas)

Woman on the Beach 2006 (Movies)

Hotelier 2001 as Head Mgr. Han Tae Jun (Korean Dramas)

Mr Duke 2000 as Kim Yong-nam (Korean Dramas)

Kim Seung Woo News:

Shale boom redraws oil routes as Alaskans ship to South Korea
The Daily Star - Oct 31, 2014

“Companies need to get qualified products,” Kim Seung Woo, a senior analyst at Samsung Securities Co., said by phone on Oct. 28. “But as long as the prices are right and there's a guarantee that companies are getting the products they need, they will ...

Alaskan oil exports to South Korea are sign of US shale revolution
BDlive - Nov 3, 2014

"Companies need to get qualified products," Kim Seung Woo, a senior analyst at Samsung Securities says. "But as long as the prices are right and there's a guarantee that companies are getting the products they need, they will want to diversify supplies ...

Kdrama Couple: Kim Seung Woo and Kim Nam Joo
KDramaStars - Oct 5, 2013

Her husband Kim Seung Woo has an impressive list of acting credentials. The 44-year-old actor has been in almost 30 films and 20 dramas. His recent drama appearances include "Iris" and "Iris II," "Miss Ripley" and "Athena: Goddess of War." So, he has ...

Kim Seung Woo bids farewell to '1 Night 2 Days'
allkpop (blog) - Mar 31, 2013

Today marked the final episode for actor Kim Seung Woo on the KBS variety program '1 Night 2 Days', as the actor makes good on his earlier word to focus on his acting career after ending 'Win Win' earlier this year. As a going-away present, the members ...

'The 3rd Hospital' Will Kim Min Jung and Kim Seung Woo Get Together?
KpopStarz - Nov 9, 2012

On the Thursday episode of tvN's "The 3rd Hospital," Doo Hyun (Kim Seung Woo) and Hye In (Kim Min Jung) may or may not get together, with only one more episode left. He appears in front of Hye In, who must be held responsible for giving Eui Jin (Girls' ...

'The 3rd Hospital' Kim Seung Woo Becomes the Star of 'That XX'
KpopStarz - Oct 20, 2012

Kim Seung Woo is the victim of this love triangle. Despite his steely exterior, he is a very dedicated man, who can only express these feelings awkwardly for the one woman he sets his eyes on. More and more viewers are expressing their disappointment ...

'The 3rd Hospital' Kim Min Jung, Kim Seung Woo, And Oh Ji Ho Start Their Love ...
KpopStarz - Sep 29, 2012

The two male characters Kim Doo Hyun (Kim Seung Woo) and Kim Doo Hyun (Oh Ji Ho), are brothers who are very different and they are both making their way into the heart of Jin Hye In (Kim Min Jung). Hye In goes to Seung Hyun, to thank him for treating ...

'The 3rd Hospital' Kim MIn Jung Will Go To Kim Seung Woo?
KpopStarz - Nov 1, 2012

tvN's Weds/Thurs drama, "The 3rd Hospital," is finally perhaps reaching a conclusion. On the Wednesday episode, Kim Min Jung ends up spending the night at Kim Seung Woo's place unexpectedly and seems that her mind will change afterwards.

'The Third Hospital' Kim Seung Woo To Seduce Kim Min Jung?
KpopStarz - Oct 18, 2012

Kim Seung Woo's attempt to do so will be aired on the Wednesday episode of "The 3rd Hospital." In this episode, Kim Seung Woo gently hugs Kim Min Jung. He will also be seen getting her into his car and taking her to eat sushi. "The 3rd Hospital" is the ...

'The 3rd Hospital' Kim Seung Woo Aims for Kim Min Jung
KpopStarz - Nov 3, 2012

The Thursday episode showed Kim Seung Woo as he set off to rescue Kim Min Jung from possibly having her medical license revoked. Kim Min Jung had, without permission, administered an experimental drug on Sooyoung, whose life was at risk from her ...

tvN Releases Posters for 'The 3rd Hospital' with Kim Seung Woo, Oh Ji Ho, Kim ...
KpopStarz - Aug 14, 2012

There are four posters: Kim Seung Woo who plays a genius neurosurgeon, Oh Ji Ho in the role of a genius eastern medicine doctor, Kim Min Jung who is putting on the white coat 4 years after "New Heart" and Girls Generation's Sooyoung, who is a lovely ...

Kim Seung Woo Departs '1 Night, 2 Days'
Yahoo! Philippines News - Mar 7, 2013

With major changes being made for the program, Kim Seung Woo will be leaving KBS' 1 Night, 2 Days. On March 7, KBS announced that Kim Seung Woo will be leaving 1 Night, 2 Days along with Choi Jae Hyung PD. Kim Seung Woo will film his last episode ...

[Weekender] Celebrities flock to Jejudo in search of peace, inspiration
The Korea Herald - Sep 26, 2014

Two famous actor and actress couples ― Choi Soo-jong and Ha Hee-ra; and Kim Seung-woo and Kim Nam-joo ― have bought a luxurious house in a European-style residential complex located along a white sand beach. The house, equipped with an indoor ...

Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Kim Seung Woo and More Confirmed to Play Lead ...
Yahoo! Philippines News - Sep 20, 2012

Tae Won Entertainment, which is in charge of producing Iris 2, told enews on September 19, “Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Oh Yeon Su, Im Su Hyang, Kim Yeong Cheol, Kim Seung Woo, and Kim Min Jong will star in the drama.” Jang Hyuk will play the ...

What Variety Means to Oh Ji Ho and Kim Seung Woo
Yahoo! Philippines News - Aug 1, 2012

Kim Seung Woo and Oh Ji Ho had very different things to say about variety shows after their experiences with them. The answers came at the public shoot for tvN's upcoming drama The Third Hospital, held on July 31 in Hwaseong. Kim Seung Woo was fairly ...

Lead Up To The Seoul International Drama Awards 2014 Jam-Packed With ...
KpopStarz - Aug 22, 2014

Performers include K-Pop group Ulala Session, Kim Seung Woo, and Park Wan Kyu, who will perform original drama soundtracks. Tickets for the concert are available by visiting the CBS website. Before the main event hits the stage on September 4, a Global ...

Solar Power Companies Turning Losses into Profits
BusinessKorea - May 19, 2014

“The Chinese government has shown its strong will for the restructuring since the first half of 2013, posing a restriction on facility expansion and production increase,” Samsung Securities analyst Kim Seung-woo explained, continuing, “69 percent of ...

Why is Joo Won Leaving '1 Night 2 Days'?
KpopStarz - Oct 3, 2013

As the show went through a makeover and changed its members, he joined the crew along with Kim Seung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, and Sung Shi Kyung. Since then, it's been 1 year and 8 months since he's become part of the "1N2D" family. His fellow agency ...

Ju Won Passes Out and Sleeps like a Baby on '1 Night 2 Days'
Yahoo! Philippines News - Jun 25, 2012

Awhile later, the other members took notice of Ju Won, sleeping adorably with his mouth slightly ajar, firmly hugging Kim Seung Woo. Afraid that he′d wake Ju Won up, Kim Seung Woo didn′t move, and the two appeared like father and son on the screen.

Lee Ki Kwang Leaves 'Win, Win' "I Was Happy To Get Life Lessons"
KpopStarz - Oct 10, 2012

Kim Seung Woo said, "Lee Ki Kwang is leaving us with today's episode as the last one." Lee Ki Kwang then said, "I was happy to be able to get life lessons with the elders the past 2 years. I'm only 24, but I thank all the staff members and the cast for ...

'The 3rd Hospital' A Love Hexagon To Be Revealed?
KpopStarz - Oct 10, 2012

Kim Seung Woo and Oh Ji Ho are brothers who are rivals. Kim Min Jung, while receiving the attention from Kim Seung Woo, finds herself drawn to Oh Ji Ho and also finds out that the two are brothers. On the other hand, Girls' Generation's Sooyoung is in ...

'The 3rd Hospital' Kim Min Jung Behind the Camera Love Triangle
KpopStarz - Sep 26, 2012

In the pictures, Kim Min Jung was seen happily talking to Kim Seung Woo and making some light physical contact while practicing blocking for the scene that they would film together. With Oh Ji Ho, they were seen shoulder-to-shoulder as they monitored ...

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sooyoung Transforms for 'The 3rd Hospital'
KpopStarz - Sep 10, 2012

A patient afflicted by a brain tumor will arrive in the emergency room but the Western medicine doctors will take him away from Kim Seung Woo's character, who is a well-known neurosurgeon. "The 3rd Hospital" cast includes Kim Seung Woo, Oh Ji Ho, and ...

Kim Nam-joo Still in Shape After 8-Year Hiatus
조선일보(영문판) - Apr 17, 2009

Kim's decision to choose this soap opera was aided by her husband, actor Kim Seung-woo. "Seung-woo read the script first and recommended it to me. It suits me well in many ways, and I think he liked it more because it is a light and funny drama that ...

K-Pop Destinations: Checking In For Drama
KpopStarz - Oct 6, 2013

It's where the NSS Deputy Director met with North Korean liaison Park Chul Young, played by Kim Seung Woo, to discuss the meeting. Also, the Pyongyang penthouse belonging to Hong Soo Jin, played by Myung Ji Yun, was filmed at the Lotte Hotel. A must ...



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