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Koo Hye Sun


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Hye Sun
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November 09, 1984
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South Korea
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Koo Hye Sun is a South Korean actress. She has recently become more popular after her starring role in the popular movie "Pure in Heart." She also sang the title song for the popular movie. Her popularity began to rise after a cameo as a beggar in the movie "August Rush." She has been in a number of movies before the two above mentioned films, but these were the films that seemed to have jump-started her career. Koo Hye Sun has also appeared in a number of TV shows, including "Drama City," "The King and I," and "Boys Over Flowers." Along with acting, Koo Hye Sun has also dabbled in directing, writing and illustrating, and singing. She has appeared in a number of music videos and has released one singing album. In addition, she has written a book called "Tango" and has directed a short film called "A Cheerful Caretaker," both of which received lots of praise and a few awards. In addition, she illustrated the cover of an album put out by Gummy in 2008.

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Angel Eyes 2014 as Yoon Soo Wan (Korean Dramas)

Absolute Boyfriend 2012 as Guan Xiao Fei (Taiwanese Dramas)

The Musical 2011 as Go Eun Bi (Korean Dramas)

Boys Over Flowers 2008 as Geum Jan Di (Tsukushi Makino) (Korean Dramas)

The King and I 2007 as Yoon So Hwa (Korean Dramas)

Pure 19 2006 as Yang Gukhwa (Korean Dramas)

Koo Hye Sun News:

'Angel Eyes" Lee Sang Yoon And Koo Hye Sun's Behind The Scenes
KDramaStars - Jun 10, 2014

SBS "Angel Eyes" and its staff released the behind the scenes cut of Lee Sang Yoon and Koo Hye Sun. The staff of "Angel Eyes" released on an on set picture of Lee Sang Yoon and Koo Hae Sun in their tingling sensation of love in the sweet romance scenes ...

Angel Eyes" Lee Sang Yoon And Koo Hye Sun Fully Enjoy Happiness
KDramaStars - May 21, 2014

On the 11th episode of SBS weekend drama "Angel Eyes" broadcast on May 17th, Park Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang Yoon) and Yoon Soo Wan (played by Koo Hye Sun) were recognized by Yoon Jae Beom (played by Jung Jin Young) and were incredibly ...

'Angel Eyes' Koo Hye Sun Hugs Lee Sang Yoon
KDramaStars - Apr 2, 2014

The production team of the new SBS Saturday Sunday drama "Angel Eyes" which is to premiere on April 5, 2014, shared two posters of the drama featuring the two main actors, Koo Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon hugging each other. The story of the drama ...

Koo Hye-sun celebrates 30th birthday
K-POP HERALD - Nov 10, 2014

Filmmaker-actress Koo Hye-sun revealed a photo on Twitter Monday morning to celebrate her 30th birthday. image. (Koo Hye-sun's Twitter). In the photo, the actress is wearing an angelic smile, holding a basket of red roses. With the photo she wrote, ...

'Angel Eyes' Koo Hye Sun Rides A Merry-Go-Round
KDramaStars - Apr 7, 2014

Actress Koo Hye Sun, who is coming back to the drama scenes after two years of break, is playing the role of a main character in the new SBS Saturday Sunday drama "Angel Eyes." The behind cuts of actress Koo Hye Sun from her filming scenes were ...

Seo In Guk Gives Koo Hye Sun A Backhug! Comeback Teaser Released
KpopStarz - Apr 9, 2013

The teaser video is attracting much attention with the inclusion of actress-director Koo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers). Koo Hye Sun is seen in the teaser video looking as though she is Seo In Guk's love interest. A few days ago, online communities were ...

'Please, Captain' Lee Chun Hee Surprise Kiss at Koo Hye Sun
KpopStarz - Feb 2, 2012

Lee Chun Hee spiced up the love line with a surprise kiss to Koo Hye Sun. On SBS 'Please, Captian' on Feb 1, a story of Kang Dong Soo(Lee Chun Hee) expressing his feelings towards Han Da Jin(Koo Hye Sun) was drawn. Like Us on Facebook ...

Goo Hye Sun Helds Exhibition in Hong Kong
KDramaStars - Oct 18, 2013

Koo Hye Sun appeared in simple and casual outfit, wearing gray toned skinny jeans and a red knit sweater, instead of an actress's flamboyant outfit. Koo Hye Sun actively participated in the solicitation events of the opening ceremony, drawing a sketch ...

Angel Eyes" Lee Sang yoon Huge Ku Hye Sun From The Back
KDramaStars - May 20, 2014

... an unparalleled happiness in their love for each other. On the 11th episode of SBS weekend drama "Angel Eyes" broadcast on May 17th, Park Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang Yoon) started to confess his love for Yoon Soo Wan (played by Koo Hye Sun).

Koo Hye sun to hold her own exhibition in Shanghai, China
Yahoo! Philippines News - Aug 6, 2013

Previously in Korea, Koo Hye sun had her first exhibition 'Tango' in 2009 and drew 10,000 audiences in just one week. As she successfully finished her debut exhibition, Koo held another one at Seoul Arts Center with 120 pieces of her own works. At that ...

Angel Eyes" Lee Sang Hoon, Koo Hae Sun Reunite
KDramaStars - Jun 17, 2014

"Angel Eyes" Koo Hye Sun hid hear feelings for Lee Sang Yoon who she hadn't met for a year. On the 19th episode of SBS weekend drama "Angel Eyes" broadcast on June 14th, Park Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang Yoon) and Yoon Soo Wan (played by Koo ...

'Angel Eyes" Koo Hae Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Destined Meeting And Kiss
KDramaStars - Apr 29, 2014

The shaking still cut of Koo Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon captured the attention of many. Like Us on Facebook. On the episode of SBS weekend drama " Angel Eyes" (script Yoon Ji Ryun, director Park Shin Woo), Lee Sang Yoon and Koo Hye Sun met again ...

Actress Koo Hye-sun Reveals Artistic Side
Korea Times - Jul 5, 2009

Fans may still remember her as the feisty and cute Jan-di who captured the heart of F4 leader Jun-pyo in the hit drama ``Boys Over Flowers.'' But there's more to Koo Hye-sun than just acting. The 24-year-old Koo has not only released a novel ``Tango ...

Angel Eyes" Will Lee Sang Yoon And Koo Hae Sun Smile?
KDramaStars - Jun 18, 2014

Nonetheless, Soo Wan (played by Koo Hye Sun) couldn't rid herself of the guilt and sorrow for Jung Wha. In the end, she left Dong Joo and made viewers feel sad. Meanwhile, "Angel Eyes" released a picture of Soo Wan who is called "Smarty Yoon" the ...

'Angel Eyes" Koo Hae Sun And Lee Sang Yoon Drawn To Each Other
KDramaStars - Apr 29, 2014

"Angel Eyes" Koo Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon ended up watching a movie by coincidence. On the episode of SBS weekend drama " Angel Eyes" broadcast on April 26th, Yoon Soo Wan (played by Koo Hye Sun) and Park Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang ...

'Angel Eyes" Lee Sang Yoon Hugs Ku Hae Sun From The Back
KDramaStars - May 6, 2014

"Angel Eyes" Lee Sang Yoon confessed his feelings to Koo Hye Sun and hugged him from the back. On the 7th episode of SBS weekend drama "Angel Eyes" broadcast on May 3rd, Park Dong Joo (played by Lee Snag Yoon) talked about his real feelings to to ...

'Boys Over Flowers' Composer Writes 'The King's Face' OST
KDramaStars - Nov 21, 2014

Composer Oh Joon Sung, who wrote songs for the popular SBS drama 'Boys Over Flowers' starring actor Lee Min Ho and actress Koo Hye Sun, is going to write songs for the KBS 2 TV Wednesday Thursday drama "The King's Face." Composer Oh Joon Sung ...

Baek Ah Yeon, Three Things Left In "Angel Eyes"
KDramaStars - May 2, 2014

The OST that Baek Ah Yeon Sang in "Angel Eyes" "The Three Things Left For Me" is the theme song for the female protagonist Soo Wan (played by Koo Hye Sun) and shows the inner feelings of Soo Wan who loves but has to go through separation, as this is ...

Why Are Music Entertainment Companies Embracing Actors?
KpopStarz - Mar 4, 2014

YG always managed a few actresses on the side including Sean's wife, Jung Hye Young, Tablo's wife Kang Hye Jung(who has since signed with C-Jes Entertainment), Koo Hye Sun, and Yoo In Na. However, by expanding the roster considerably with various ...

Korean Fashion: 10 Style Stars To Watch (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post Canada - Aug 14, 2013

Actress, author, and MC Goo Haye-sun (also known as Ku Hye-sun or Koo Hye-sun) has also defined her style brand perfectly, refusing to confine herself to traditional red carpet norms. From her white satin power suit (that included shorts) last year to ...

Big Bang's Seungri Cast In Korean Drama 'Angel Eyes'
KpopStarz - Mar 1, 2014

One of the producers stated that Seungri showed up to the script reading and met up with the other actors Kang Ha Neul, Lee Sang Yoon, and Koo Hye Sun. The script reading was finished in a good mood. Seungri will play Teddy Suh, a 119 rescue worker.

YG - Unstoppable Moves In Acting And Fashion
KpopStarz - Feb 19, 2014

Besides Cha Seung Won, they have also nurtured popular figures such as Koo Hye Sun, Yoo In Na, and other actors and actresses, and are ever expanding their influence. It looks as if they will be expanding their company to attain more global recognition ...

Rumor on Seo-Koo relationship surprises online users, again
AsiaOne - Apr 28, 2011

The Seo Tai-ji rumor mill continued Wednesday afternoon as claims he had a relationship with TV actress Koo Hye-sun spread through online communities in South Korea. According to rumors circulating among stock investors, musician Seo is currently ...



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