Miss Ripley

Reviewed by: stars13

October 29, 2012

Rating: four

Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 16

Lee Da-hae as Jang Mi-ri
Micky Yoochun as Yutaka / Song Yoo -hyun
Kim Seung-woo as Jang Myung-hoon
Kang Hye-jung as Moon Hee-joo

I decided to watch this series because of Lee Da Hae. This series isn't the typical korean series I have watched before where the couple loves each other and deception was conveyed as a comedy. This drama is like a dark version of My Girl. In My Girl, Lee Da Hae lied about her identity but that was not taken so seriously (until the very end). This series has a more realistic approach to deceiving in which it can cause people to worry and get into trouble.

Story-line Summary (May contain spoilers)
Jang Mi Ri (Lee Da Hae) is a prostitute in Japan. One day she escapes from her work place and decides to move to Korea to get a better life for herself. She tries to find a job but was unsuccessful due to her lack of experience and qualification. Myung Hoon required someone who could speak Japanese to assist one of their customers in their hotel and he found MiRi. MiRi was afraid she might not get the job so she lied that she was from Tokyo University. Miri however does not have the certificate to prove she went there but fortunately she met Hee Joo who use to be her friend in the orphanage. She took her University certificate and made a fake one so she can keep her job in the hotel.

Miri is a cunning woman who tries to be with people with the most power. She seduced Myung Hoon, thinking he will be the CEO of the hotel but it was in fact Yutaka, the guy pursuing her, that was the owner of the hotel. She changes her plan and seduces Yutaka instead.

Lee Da Hae as MiRi - I actually really like her character even though she was a selfish, cunning person. I guess it might be because I am a fan of Lee Da Hae and she looks so pretty in this series but beside that I kind of understand her character. She didn't have a family and she couldn't attend University. She tried to find a job but none of them would give her a chance to. It was kind of like she had no chose but to lie. In the end, she wanted to get herself out of being a prostitute. Lee Da Hae, herself, was outstanding in this series. This character is completely different from her cute characters she convey. She is a very versatile actress.

Micky Yoo Chun as Yutaka - He was a really nice guy at the start but to be honest I think as the series go on, you can tell he is really smart and cunning as well as he finds out more stuff about MiRi. I think he really does love MiRi and he wants her to change for the better. This is my first time watching his series so I'm not sure if he improved or not but in this series he kind of conveys a nice and then a really cold character towards MiRi.

Seung Woo as Myung Hoon - I felt sorry for him when he got tricked by MiRi and she started to distance herself from him but then he tries to ruin MiRi in the end by taking everything away from her. I don't really think he loves her that much but maybe it was MiRi kindness to his mother that made him fall in love with her at the start.

Kang Hye Jung as Hee Joo - this is kind of my less favourite character out of the four main characters. She plays a really nice character that is kind of clumsy and she tries to act cute but I don't really buy into it. I guess it's because this kind of character is conveyed quite a lot before in Korean series.

MiRi and Yutaka - There were some cute parts between this couple but I felt Yutaka liked MiRi more then she does. I can see some chemistry in some scenes but in the end I kind of see it as a Brother-Sister coupling instead. There are no kiss scene or affection and the hugs seems more like a friends hug. I kind of think Miri had more chemistry with Myung Hoon.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a change in the typical Korean series, I definitely recommend watching this one. This series has a cliff hanger at the end of every episode. I always want to know "What happens next?" I watched it when it first came out online. If you are a fan of Lee Da Hae, you should definitely watch this. This isn't a light hearted series though but a dark sad drama.

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