Only You

Reviewed by: Los Angeles

January 26, 2006

Rating: four

SBS weekend drama (2005) - 16 episodes total
Aired in Korea: June 4, 2005 - July 24, 2005 on SBS Saturday & Sunday nights at 9:45.

(Since I?m a Filipina, I would use their English names instead.)
(Jillian Cha) Cha Eun-jae: Han Chae Young (Sassy Girl Choon-hyang)
(TJ Han) Han Yi-joon: Jo Hyun Jae (Love Letter/Forbidden Love)
(Jonathan Jung)Jung Hyun-sung: Lee Chun Hee
(Trixie Ji)Ji Soo-yeon: Hong Soo Hyun (My Precious Child/Sang-doo)
(Joshua Cha)Cha Jin-sol (Eun-jae and Yi-joon's son): Lee Byung Joon (Yellow Handkerchief/Rosemary)
Cha Sung-taek (Eun-jae's dad): Jung Won Joong (Winter Ballad)
Park Mi-jung (Eun-jae's mom): Song Ok Sook (Winter Ballad/Glass Slippers)
(Andrea) Cha Soo-jae (Eun-jae's younger sister): Jun Hye Bin
Han Seung-ryeol (Yi-joon's dad): Jung Wook (Her House)
(Erica) Yoon Hee-jin (Yi-joon's mom): Jung Ae Ri (Romance in Paris)
(Dinah) Han Yi-kyung (Yi-joon's older sister): Lee Ah Hyun (My Lovely Sam-soon/Her House)


Jillian Cha (Han Chae-Young) is a naughty girl and an ambitious cook (mostly on Pasta). She never listens to her mother's decisions that could make her life much better. Instead, she went to Italy (a prize for winning the instant noodle contest) to fulfill her dream of being a professional cook. What she doesn't know is that her life would be changed in her journey in the country of pasta.

TJ Han is arrogant and stubborn. He is the son and successor of the owner of the Dae Young Corporation, a prestigious company in Korea. He studied in Boston but his father dropped him out when he discovered that he sought his beloved mother. His life changed when he met Jillian...

Jillian had her friend Jonathan Jung (who secretly loved her) come with her adventure. There, they studied cooking where the met Trixie Ji, their group leader. When Jillian couldn't get the recipe of the special pepper paste pasta, which could give her the scholarship, she went to see Erica Han in Venice, where she met her son, TJ Han who also tried to locate his mother who abandoned him 7 years ago.

Their search was wasted when they found out that Erica moved to Vicenza. TJ sought help from his friend, Trixie while Jillian left her purse to Jonathan in the train station and was left penniless. Sad to say, TJ's sister Dinah had begged Trixie to never let the two meet. When TJ heard their conversation, he avoided Trixie.

When Jillian knew the place where Erica was living, TJ had been tailing on her. They thought going there would be easy, until the train station had a strike and was stuck in a certain city. They had gone through so many troubles, and at last they found Erica. But sad to say, it was the day before her wedding with her Italian fiance.

That broke TJ's heart, and Jillian finally got the secret recipe for the pepper paste pasta. Unknowingly by others, Erica knew that TJ is her son but she did not say it. She even requested Jillian to cook the pasta to TJ for her. And that night, they finally got to know each other's names.

After the wedding, TJ had been crying while Jillian comforted him. He tried to vanish when Jillian had a stomachache, and it was time for TJ to help her. After the stomachache incidents (Jillian just needed to go to the Comfort Room), they shared each other's likes when Jillian remembered her promise to Erica. So that night, she cooked the pasta for TJ. It was well acknowledged by TJ because it tasted just like his mother's. Their emotions for each other that night had resulted for them to have one night stand....

That morning, Jonathan visited Jillian but instead saw TJ half naked. He madly punched him and asked why he was there. He even lied that he was Jillian's lover, even though he was not. Because of that, he tried to escape Jillian but what he didn't not know is that she was just outside, thinking of whether she liked him or not. He left without even saying a word and that made Jillian cry.

3 months later, TJ was forced by his father to join the army because he disobeyed his father's orders. Meanwhile, Jillian was doing well in her study in Rome. That changed everything when she found out that she is pregnant. She had no choice but to go back to Seoul. Jonathan stayed there to finish his studies and have a better future than Jillian.

Six years later, Jillian was working in a small restaurant in a local market. There, her family had a financial problem and was forced to give every furniture they have, even their house. They also have Jillian's six years old son, Joshua. But then, Jonathan went to their place and let them live in his house for a while, provided that they would have to pay rent (so that it won't be embarrassing for Jillian). He also told Jillian his true feelings for her, but still was rejected.

TJ went finally was ready to work in their Corporation. As a challenge, his father gave him the position of being the shopkeeper first of branch one Italia restaurant (that was built by his mother) that was going to be demolished because of its bankruptcy. He was only given 6 months to do so.

He visited the restaurant and was very much disappointed for the worker?s' behavior. TJ sought help from Trixie, who worked in a branch of the restaurant, also where Jonathan was the head cook. She recommended TJ to visit different Italian restaurants and try their meals. Also Jonathan recognized TJ and began to feel worried.

Meanwhile, the place where Jillian worked was running low so the owner decided to close down the restaurant. Luckily, Jonathan had a contact with an Italian restaurant's manager and she had a job there, only as a dishwasher. On her first day there, TJ was a customer. An incident happened that made the head chef slip and faint. That left no one to cook for their food, so Jillian tried to make the ordered food. When TJ tasted the food, he recognized that it was Jillian's, but before he could react on it, she was fired.

TJ asked the supervisor to look for Jillian. On the other hand, Jillian got a job in a bar. One night, TJ and his acquaintances went to that bar. When Jillian found out that the food that would be served (to TJ's group) was spoiled, she tried to replace it by saying that they got the wrong order. When she saw TJ from the door (to their room), she was shocked and tried to run away when she was pushed by a man into the room. Later when she already went out in the room, he recognized her and followed her. What will happen next? Would she admit that they have a son? Would she reject him?


When I watched this from our DVD (16 hrs. nonstop!), I never even felt bored. Their connection to each other was very natural. SBS had made a very good production, indeed.

1. Han Chae-Young (Jillian Cha)

She played her role very well. It was enjoyable and entertaining to see her cook and to talk heart to heart with TJ. She was like no other. She was a loving mother to her child, and never even blamed herself for giving birth to a child even when she was still single. What I didn't like is that she does not look like a single mother to me. When I saw her in Sassy Girl (KBS), I thought her role was very suitable for her. I also did not like her hair stylist because she should not always braid and tie her hair like that (especially her hairstyle at the last part, it sucks!). It would just make her more dirty-looking. They should just make her hair curl and let it in that way, no more additional accessories. Look at her looks at the ending of Sassy Girl, she really would drive away any guy that would see her. Despite TJ's family's rejection on their relationship, she still fought for their love, and even made selfish things for their love (e.g. breaking Jonathan's heart).

But I really enjoyed her performance en masse.

2. Jo Hyun-Jae (TJ Han)

From seeing him in Love Letter (MBC) as a priest who loved a girl wholeheartedly into an arrogant but sophisticated hunk in Only You (and Forbidden Love), he could just carry any role given to him, even if he is the protagonist or the antagonist. He just made a stupid decision of leaving Jillian in Italy. But when he saw her again, he did not waste a second on loving her, especially when he discovered that they have a son. He even gave her the position of being the head cook of the restaurant. He just made Jillian's life miserable for a while. Their relationship was shaken when his father and sister rejected Jillian. Their relationship then was challenged. But because of his true love for Jillian, he ignored his family's choices for them.

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