Prince's First Love


Section:Korean Dramas

Number of Episodes:18

Language: Korean

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04-22-2012 12:57 AM


I watched this drama mainly for Sung Yu Ri. Don't make the same mistake. Waste of 18 hours of your life
It starts off with so much potential, but quickly falls apart.
Gun-Hee character is extremely obnoxious in this drama. He bangs hookers, stalks Yu-bin, and punches his brother in the face for no reason. Is this how Korean men act? Cha Tae Hyun looks like a pig. How he became a movie star is beyond me. It’s not fun looking at him for 18 hours.
Yu-Bin was so cute and lively in the beginning but she became dull and boring in the last 5 chapters. I still don't understand her love for Gun-Hee
This show should be popular among obnoxious stalkers.


06-28-2009 06:56 AM


I don't like Cha Ta Hyun. Anyway, I don't like this movie

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