Say You Love Me


Section:Korean Dramas

Number of Episodes:15


Language: Korean

Korean Title: 사랑한다 말해줘

Average Rating:       (out of 1 rating)

Also Known As: Tell Me You Love Me


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Say You Love Me

Reviewed by: il_mare July 24, 2004

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Saranghanda Malhaejwo a.k.a. Say you love me MBC Wed/Thurs miniseries (2004)- 15 episodes For MBC homepage for this drama (in Korean), go to: Aired on MBC in Korea: February 25, 2004 - April 14, 2004 on Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:55 Cast: Kim Byung-soo: Kim Rae Won (Attic Cat) Jo Yi-na: Yeom Jung Ah (Red Azalea) Suh Young-chae: Yoon So Yi Park Hee-soo: Kim Sung Soo Suh Pil-sang (50): ...

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02-18-2009 05:09 PM


luv yah kim!!!!!!i love watching all your movies and dramas 100x love yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


02-18-2009 05:07 PM


excellent Kim Rae Won. Saranghae, Oppa!more movies and dramas to come....go go go kim

Roxy V

12-13-2007 04:57 PM


I was dreading seeing this drama when I read the synopsis because Byung Soo was going to be seduced. I'm glad I did. This is about 2 people who grew up together in the same house and loved each other since childhood. This drama made me feel the pain and happiness that the two leads;Kim Rae-Won and Yoon So Yi were feeling especially when they both ended up marrying other people. I love Kim Rae Won's acting especially when he was sick and was unconsciously crying out for Yoon So Yi in front of his so called wife and when he found out that it was Yoon So Yi who took care of him while he was sick. In his words,” no wonder it seemed was was you.” The two leads ended up going back in each others arms. OOhhh another excellent performance by Rae Won. No wonder he's my number one favorite Korean actor. Overall, it's worth watching. All the actors were excellent in their performances. Very good story, very good drama. And again...excellent Kim Rae Won. Saranghae, Oppa!Kamsa-hamnida.

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