Summer Scent

Reviewed by: softee

January 27, 2004

Rating: five

The heart never lies...

... and your heart will definitely go thumpity-thump for this drama. It's the story of Minwoo who lost his first love, Un-Hae, in a tragic accident while still studying in the university. He's been heartbroken ever since and finds it difficult to love again. He moves to Italy as a way to start over. Unknown to him, his first love's heart was donated to a young woman named Hae-Won. She has been suffering from a heart disease since she was little.

After the transplant, Hae-Won feels a change in her personality and experiences a renewed vigor as she gets another chance at life. Five years after Un-Hae's death and Hae-Won's transplant, Min-Woo returns to Korea and accidentally meets Hae-Won. Strangely, this young woman reminds him of his first love and he starts to develop an attraction to her. Hae-Won, for her part, feels that her heart recognizes Minwoo, and also feels a strong urge to be with him. But getting together won't be easy as Hae-Won is already in a nice relationship with her faithful childhood friend, Jung-Jae.

Filled with memorable moments of heartfelt emotion and beautiful scenery, Summer Scent will surely seduce any viewer with a taste for romance. Song Seung Hun and Son Ye Jin exhibit sweet chemistry as the two lovers who are constrained by memories and loved ones from fulfilling their romantic destiny. Ryu Jin also does well as the faithful Jung-Jae who is seemingly the perfect man, but exhibits his own humanity once faced with the possibility that the woman he loves might not be The One.

But it is Song Seung Hun who is the real show-stopper (or show-stealer). He is the ideal leading man. Handsome, sexy, charismatic, he possesses acting talent that makes Minwoo one of the most sympathetic characters you'll ever meet. He carries off both the sadness and integrity of Minwoo with equal aplomb. Song Seung Hun perfectly portrayed the grieving and tragic side of Minwoo, as well as his funny and passionate nature. It is touching to watch him deal with the confusing emotions which come from an unexpected new love and the fact that he is still haunted by his first love.

The music for this drama is also excellent. Some are catchy and funky, while others are haunting but sweet. There's always the perfect song to go with the scene. The only criticism I can offer is that the pace dragged a little in Episodes 17 and 18. But I have to say, Episodes 19 and 20 more than made up for that. The final scenes of this drama definitely moved me to tears (both happy and sad). Congratulations to the cast and crew of this drama. You definitely got my heart with this one.

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