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Byung Hun
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July 12, 1970
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South Korea
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Lee Byung-hun was born July 12, 1970. He is an actor from Seoul, South Korea. The first time he was on TV was in 1991, on Asphalt My Hometown. Lee started getting recognition after his role in Bungee Jumping of Their Own. In addition to his movies he also is featured as the main character in the videogame Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. He is also a Buddhist and he is able to speak English, French, Mandarin, and Korean. Lee was featured in a lot of movies these include: Who Drives Me Mad?, Runaway, Kill the Love, Elegy of the Earth, The Harmonium in My Memory, Joint Security Area, Bungee Jumping of Their Own, Addicted, Everybody Has Secrets, Three Extremes, A Bittersweet Life, Once in a Summer, HERO, The Good, the Bad, the Weird, I Come with the Rain, and his latest movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

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Masquerade 2012 as King Gwanghaen & Beggar Ha-Sun (Movies)

IRIS 2009 as Kim Hyun Joon (Korean Dramas)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009 as Storm Shadow (Movies)

A Bittersweet Life 2005 (Movies)

Everybody Has Secrets 2004 (Movies)

All In 2003 as Kim In Ha (Korean Dramas)

Beautiful Days 2001 (Korean Dramas)

Addicted 2001 (Movies)

JSA-Joint Security Area 2000 as Sgt. Lee Soo-hyeok (Movies)

Happy Together 1999 (Korean Dramas)

Lee Byung Hun News:

Lotte Grabs Korean Rights on Lee Byung-hun's 'Terminator: Genisys'
Variety - Jan 28, 2015

South Korea is a key territory for the movie as top Korean star Lee Byung-hun plays a major role as a shape-shifting T-1000 android. “'T5′ is set to open in Korea in July, 2015,” said Lotte in a statement on Wednesday. “We confirm that Lotte ...

Lee Byung-hun to become a father
Channel News Asia - Jan 20, 2015

SEOUL: Korean actor Lee Byung-hun's wife, actress Lee Min-jung's management agency on Monday (Jan 19) revealed that she is “27 weeks pregnant” with their first child, and is due in April, reported Korean media. “Thank you to the people who care about ...

Paramount Switches Korean Distributor for Lee Byung-hun's 'Terminator: Genisys'
Variety - Jan 16, 2015

SEOUL — Paramount Pictures has dropped CJ Entertainment as its South Korean distributor for “Terminator: Genisys,” the fifth installment in the “Terminator” series. The sci-fi action film prominently features top Korean star Lee Byung-hun as a T-1000 ...

The Lee Byung Hun Blackmail Case Ends With Prison Sentences And The ...
KDramaStars - Jan 16, 2015

Whether the publicity surrounding the attempted blackmail of Lee Byung Hun will damage his career or harm his marriage remains to be seen. But the blackmail attempt has already resulted in prison sentences for both the convicted blackmailers and the ...

Dispatch Releases Texts Allegedly Exchanged Between Lee Byung Hun And ...
KDramaStars - Jan 5, 2015

The Korean media outlet Dispatch has revealed text messages that were allegedly exchanged between Lee Byung Hun and model Lee Ji Yeon, one of the two women recently convicted of blackmailing him. The text messages imply more than a casual ...

Lee Ji Yeon's Family Denies Poverty Was A Factor In Lee Byung Hun's ...
KDramaStars - Dec 31, 2014

Lee Ji Yeon and Da Hee were convicted of asking Lee Byung Hun for $5 million with the threat that they would release a video of him engaged in an explicit sexual conversation. The women claimed that the blackmail was done in retaliation for his ...

Lee Byung Hun Testifies In Court
KDramaStars - Nov 25, 2014

Lee Byung Hun showed up for the trial shortly after 1:30 p.m., accompanied by an entourage of six people that included his manager and his bodyguard. The actor did not speak to the press as he entered the Central District Courthouse through a bookstore ...

Lee Byung Hun Blackmail Case Ends With Three-Year Conviction And Apologies
KDramaStars - Dec 17, 2014

Guilty. That's the verdict in the Lee Byung Hun blackmail case, according to nate.com. The defendants, model Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM's Da Hee, were sentenced to three years in prison after their third appearance in court. Lee Byung Hun, who filed the ...

Lee Byung Hun And Lee Min Jung Look Close In LA
KDramaStars - Dec 19, 2014

Some said that Lee Byung Hun's blackmail scandal would end his new marriage with actress Lee Min Jung, but the couple appeared close in recent photos of them taken in California. It was their second trip to California in the last month and reports say ...

Lee Min Jung And Lee Byung Hun Living In The U.S.
KDramaStars - Dec 12, 2014

Lee Byung Hun left for Hollywood on Oct. 20, where he worked on a promotional project for the state of California and also met with Hollywood producers. The actor, who appeared in "G.I. Joe: Reconciliation" and "Red 2," will next appear in the ...

Lee Byung Hun Apologizes To Lee Min Jung
KDramaStars - Oct 20, 2014

Lee Byung Hun has publicly apologized to his wife Lee Min Jung. He left Korea on Oct. 20 to attend a meeting in Hollywood. It was the first time he appeared before reporters since the news broke early in September about his reported blackmail attempt.

Seven K-Dramas That Feature Tempting Spies
KDramaStars - Jan 26, 2015

The National Security Service agent played by Lee Byung Hun is used and then abandoned by his superiors after fulfilling his mission. This action-packed drama has several really appealing spies, both good and bad ones. Kim Tae Hee plays the woman Lee ...

Lee Byung Hun And Lee Min Jung Seen Together In Los Angeles
KpopStarz - Nov 5, 2014

Lee Byung Hun and his wife actress Lee Min Jung have been spotted together in Los Angeles. After the actor's blackmail scandal, there was some question whether his marriage to Lee Min Jung would survive. Since the scandal first broke, the actress has ...

Lee Min Jung Will Return To Her Home With Lee Byung Hun, Say Media Sources
KDramaStars - Oct 21, 2014

However, sources told Sports Seoul that the actress plans to return to the home she shares with Lee Byung Hun. According to the unnamed sources, the reason for her absence was that she did not want to deal with the reporters that waited outside her ...

GLAM's Dahee Submits Second Letter Of Apology In Lee Byung Hun Blackmail ...
KDramaStars - Oct 22, 2014

It has been a good week for apologies in the Lee Byung Hun blackmail case. First the actor made a public apology to all those his actions may have harmed, including his wife, his friends, his family and his fans. Then GLAM's Kim Dahee, one of the two ...

Actress Accused Of Blackmailing Lee Byung Hun. It's Not His First Blackmail Case.
KDramaStars - Sep 2, 2014

On Aug. 28, actor Lee Byung Hun reported a blackmail attempt to the Gangnam District Station Police. The police investigated the case and on Sept. 1 began to process arrest warrants for the two women alleged to have threatened him. One of those women ...

At Trial Model Lee Ji Yeon Said Lee Byung Hun Wanted An Intimate Relationship
KDramaStars - Oct 16, 2014

Lee Ji Yeon, the model accused of blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun, spoke up about her motivations in court. Lee Byung Hun has denied her claims with his legal team saying such claims could be considered defamation. Like Us on Facebook ...

A House And Another Woman May Factor In The Lee Byung Hun Blackmail Case
KDramaStars - Sep 30, 2014

According to the Korea Herald, prosecutors said that the women met Lee Byung Hun at a July 1 dinner gathering and subsequently met him several times later for drinks. The women thought that he was interested in an intimate relationship with Lee Ji Yeon.

Rumors About Lee Byung Hun's Alleged Relationship Spark More Speculation
KDramaStars - Sep 15, 2014

Rumors based on Instagram postings have spread during the last few days concerning the alleged attempt to blackmail actor Lee Byung Hun. The rumors focus on an alleged relationship between the actor and one of the two women blackmailers. There is ...

Lee Byung Hun Back In Korea But Without Lee Min Jung
KDramaStars - Nov 21, 2014

Lee Byung Hun publicly apologized to his fans, friends and family for having made himself vulnerable to blackmail before he left for the U.S. on Oct. 20. His wife joined him in Los Angeles shortly thereafter. The couple was seen together in Los Angeles ...

Agencies Consider Suspending Ads With Lee Byung Hun and Han Hyo Joo
KDramaStars - Sep 19, 2014

Although actor Lee Byung Hun was the victim in a blackmail attempt that he reported to police, the surrounding publicity resulting from the scandal has prompted a petition to remove him from TV ads. The petition also cites his BH Entertainment ...

Lee Byung-hun co-stars in new “Terminator: Genisys” film
The Korea Times US - Dec 4, 2014

Lee Byung-hun will play the role of T-1000, one of the main villains, in the latest installment of the “Terminator” film series titled “Terminator Genisys.” The 44-year-old South Korean actor is probably best known in America for his roles in “The Good ...



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