Liu Jing 刘竞

Liu Jing


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November 30, 1983
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China (Mainland)
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Three Kingdoms 2010 as Da Qiao (Chinese TV Series)

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2009 as Zhou Zhi Ruo (Chinese TV Series)

Liu Jing News:

Real Estate in China: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
CKGSB Knowledge - Jul 8, 2014

What ails real estate in China? Are we heading for a property market crash? Does the government need to step in and save the day? In this wide-ranging interview, CKGSB professor Liu Jing, an expert on the real estate market, analyzes the situation in ...

Of Risks and a Global Economic Recovery
Forbes India - Jul 2, 2014

During a recent visit to Beijing, Legrain sat down for a lively exchange with Liu Jing, Associate Dean and Professor of Accounting and Finance at CKGSB, who is an acclaimed expert on the Chinese economy. Read on further to understand better the big ...

US polysilicon evades anti-dumping duties in China
WantChinaTimes - Jul 2, 2014

... 2.3%-48.7% on imports of the product from South Korea, according to a ruling made by the Ministry of Commerce in early 2014," said Liu Jing, a silicon-industry analyst at the China Nonferrous Metals Association, according to Beijing-based ...

“Fallen Tigers” Crimes Worse than CCP Admitted
New Tang Dynasty Television - Jul 5, 2014

When former head of 610 Office Liu Jing retired, nobody was willing to take his position at that time. Li Dongsheng was then promoted to ministerial level to take over the 610 Office. Afterwards, Li was unnaturally moved to the public security ...



03-29-2014 06:00 PM

She deserved the leading role for more TV series. Come on producers!


03-29-2014 05:59 PM

Very beautiful, the best ZZR ever, honestly I felt very sad when Zhao Min ruined her marriage with Wu Ji. I felt even more sad when Wu Ji chose Zhao Min in the end. Honestly ZZR character (after she repents) is dreamlike for any guys.


01-10-2012 11:41 PM

Very very beautifful actress, Her acting in HSDS 2009 as Zhou Zhiruo very awesome...

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