Days of Being Wild

Reviewed by: Snow White

September 17, 2004

Rating: five

Leslie Cheung as Yuddi
Carina Lau as Mimi
Maggie Cheung as Su Li Chen
Andy Lau as A Chao
Jacky Cheung as A Fu
Tony Leung as A Chieh

Director : Wong Kar Wai
Art Director : William Chang
Photographer: Christopher Doyle

Hong Kong, 1960. The city is still calm and quiet, but the condition in Yuddi's heart is very different. If you were abandoned by your parents, what would you do? If your foster mother refused to tell you who your biological mother was, what would you do? If, after living in luxury for 18 years with the money sent by your mother who didn't want to meet you, you were not interested in working hard, what could you do? Maybe your days would be wild. Bitterness and darkness would always accompany you. You even don't know what to do when you realize that two good girls, girls who other guys dream about, love you with their entire heart. One of them, the meek Su Li Chen, would willingly to stay with you without marriage, even though marriage is something that very important for her. The other one, Mimi, wants to support you till the end, if you have financial problems. But what you can do if you are so hurt, because your foster mother wants to leave you? Then you would just be alive without a direction. Death may not be an important issue for you. Then you will be "A Bird With No Legs". I heard that there exists a kind of bird on earth that has no legs. Once born, they can only fly on and on. If it feels tired, it will sleep on the wind. The bird will only drop to the ground once, that is the day when it dies.

The bird has never been to anywhere. It was early morning in a sound studio. Leslie had been there since midnight recording his monologues. Yes, he was Leslie Cheung, a legend in music industry. And he was also a legend in film industry. Not many actors have a unique acting style like his. His acting always made his co-stars outstanding. I know what pushed Carina Lau to show one of her best performances in "Days of Being Wild". It was Leslie's inner acting, which drove her to produce her best. The bird without legs is also a legend in Hong Kong films industry. So it is the connection between Leslie Cheung and his character Yuddi: legend creates legend.

There are many new things in "Days of Being Wild" which Wong Kar Wai included. There are so many interesting conversations and issues. The "One Minute Friendship" between Yuddi and Su Li Chen is one example. The conversation between Yuddi and his foster mother about their relationship is very interesting too.

The conversation between Yuddi and A Chao, a policeman who turns out to be a sailor, in a train before Yuddi's death is hard to forget.

"I hope you will be killed", said A Chao. He couldn't understand a self-destructive person like Yuddi.

"I remember what I should remember," said Yuddi, several minutes before his last breath.

It's true for us, we should remember what we should remember. "Days of being Wild" talks about life of youngsters and its problems... It make us aware about our lives.

"Days of Being Wild" is not a film that is easy to forget. William Chang has done a fabulous artistic job. An ancient beautiful black car. An acient train in the Philippines. The palms tree in the Philippines. The 60s stylish furniture which looks great. The 60s costumes. And we will find an unforgettable job by Christopher Doyle, especially when the camera followed the actor Leslie Cheung when he danced cha-cha. They all made "Days of Being Wild" one of the best Hong Kong films in industry forever.

But for me, "Days of Being Wild" totally reminded me of Leslie. No one can forget his tremendeous performance in this film. Yuddi was very careless about his life. He was so self-destructive that audience hardly can imagine. Finally he lost his life at a very young age. He was totally different from Leslie, who was very careful with his life. But last year he lost his life too. In his last note he wrote: I didn't do any wrong thing, why it should be like this?

I can only sigh after seeing "Days of Being Wild". Why should it be like this? Perhaps... because this is life, we cannot avoid problems.

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