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Reviewed by: sunkissedtomatoes

September 10, 2004

Rating: three


Two cops Eason and Aaron, who both have reputations – one as a ladies’ man, the other as a sharpshooter (with rumours that he might be gay) - have just joined Yumiko’s team. Their newest assignment together as a team is to stop a jewellery thief (Huang Ping Yuen) from stealing a diamond necklace. Naturally the necklace gets stolen and the team tries everything to get it back. In between there are loads of tongue twisting, mysterious letters, office romance, love triangle, betrayals and bonding.

The Review:

The storyline is the usual cop and robber story. The two cops naturally hate each other’s guts, but do end up as partners in the end after going through much chasing of the baddies, showing their testosterones with a mock gunfight in the office (in their quest to show who’s best) and getting shot (not by the baddies). There is the good cop/bad cop scene used in intimidating an accomplice. While the cops are bonding, the baddies are having trouble in their camp. When the cops fail to stop the necklace from falling into the hands of the baddies, there is mutiny in the baddies’ camp (each wants the loot for himself instead of sharing). Throw in a few shoot-outs between the cops and baddies, tracking the escaped accomplice, an office romance, a love triangle, and we get to the ending. The ending is one where the baddies hold one of the cops as hostage, so his partner shoots the hostage cop as the bullet will pierce his partner’s body and kill the baddie.

There is nothing new to this movie. I felt like I was taking a test when watching this, I could tell what was the next scene going to be or how it was going to end.

The action scenes were interestingly choreographed. The beginning scene of the movie and the mock shootout in the office were exciting. The scenes where the leads were introduced were something different.

The whole movie was mainly about Aaron and Eason. Yumiko hardly appeared in much of the show and seemed to be used only for eye candy (and the office romance). She did look gorgeous in that wedding gown and gave a good rendition of the damsel in distress (wide eyes, fluttering lashes and trembling-lips look). Other than that, she sure did not behave like a cop nor looked like she was in charge of the team.

Aaron was ... Aaron. He had that look that he has perfected - the wide eye gaze that he gives looking at a girl- and his strong man act – the “I am not a nice guy, but actually deep down I am very a soft-hearted guy”. Nothing fantastic, but an adequate effort.

Eason was perhaps the stand-out in the movie. He had the devil-may-care attitude perfected right at the beginning of the movie. It was very interesting how he could switch between the “I don’t give a damn” look to one of concern, or from an “I am a ladies’ man” to “I do not like seeing ladies hurt.” I actually did believe his 'crap' that he is not a ladies’ man but just hates seeing girls in distress!

Scenes to watch out for: (Spoilers)
1. Eason getting shot in his butt ... not once but twice!
2. Aaron, who is a sharpshooter, using one of those telescopes on his gun (with that, of course you can be a sharpshooter) and accidentally shooting Eason in the butt.
3. Eason doing the tongue twisting with Yumiko ... twice.
4. The appearance of Yumiko‘s fiancé at the office – totally shocking!
5. The night time roof-top scene of Aaron and Eason almost doing the tongue twisting!!

To watch or not?
Basically I felt it was not that interesting, engrossing or memorable. Watch if you have time and want some laughs.

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