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Genre:Action, Martial Arts

Language: English

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Kill Bill Vol.1

Reviewed by: Dagger Lee June 01, 2004

Rating: 1.0 out of 5

After hearing all the hype about this movie, I decided to go check it out for myself. The results were totally unexpected! Instead of liking it, I ended up despising it a lot. Even my cousins agreed with me on this review. The story is plotless and makes no logic sense. The Bride (Uma Thurman) is attacked by Bill and goes in a coma for 4 years. The she wakes up and finds that her...

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09-29-2006 12:00 AM


I actually quite enjoyed the film. True it's not a meaningful one or any of that sort, but it was nevertheless intriguing to watch. When I watched it, I never even thought of the whole 'white people killing Asian' theme. It's just a film. I mean I've watched a lot of Asian and even western films where the white fighters always get defected by the Asian martial artist. It's only for entertainment. If you think too much into it, you will never enjoy anything. Tarantino made a few postmodern films so I guess this is one of them too, which is why it has so much intertexuality. I liked Uma's character, merciless but compassionate to a degree. That's what I think fighters should be. If you enjoy an action film then definitely watch it, but if you desire one with more meaning then I suggest you look for another one.


09-30-2005 12:00 AM


Yes the killer is white (Uma), but look who her main targets are - Bill, Budd, Elle (all 3 are white), Vernita Green (black), and O Ren (Asian). Don't know whether Tarrantino did this on purpose or not, but it's quite an even distribution. I think the plot is ridiculous. It's all about thrill and martial arts (although the latter wasn't done well in my opinion). Sword fighting is truly an Asian thing, so it makes sense that O Ren's part of the story is lengthy and involves a lot of fighting/killing. Wouldn't it be weired if you see a group of blond/red haired white people or a group of black people fighting in swords?

Long Dang

02-08-2005 12:00 AM


I have to agree with this review. I was sickened when I watched the senseless killings in this movie. Switch it around and have an asian female like say, Zhang Ziyi or Michelle Yeoh killing a tone of white dudes and white chicks with the same level of brutality and then kill Uma Thurman (instead of Lucy Liu) at the end of the film and see if the USA would like this film as much as they did... I would bet that they throw there hands up in arms and complain all night long. Since watching this film I have an urge to smash Quentin Tarantino for ripping off Bruce Lee's yellow tracksuit. It was an idea invented by Bruce and I bet he'll be turning in his grave knowing that a white chick is using it on screen to kill black haired dudes...


01-23-2005 12:00 AM


This is not the worst movie. First of all, the movie sequence is out of order, which is the second time Quentin Tarantino has used. Second of all, Quentin Tarantino made direct homage to other films to HONOR them. You should research on the background of this film. You learn more about the Bride in Vol. 2 and he gave O-Ren a backstory so you can truly understand that O-Ren is a survivor not a fighter. Quentin Tarantino has his own style of making movies, which is why he is quite respected. If you make movies according to the book, there will be no essence of your own uniqueness.

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