Leaving Me, Loving You

Reviewed by: sunkissedtomatoes

October 09, 2004

Rating: two-point-five

Cast: Leon Lai, Faye Wong

Production: 2004


A romance story about a couple who fell in love, broke up and meet up again in the midst of their work.

The Review:

The movie is the usual romance storyline where the couple break up but in the process of their work, they meet up again. There is not much plot and the whole movie moves very slowly. I think the pace of the movie relates to the couple re-discovering one another and their relationship at a slower pace, compared to when they first met. The movie tries to create a contrast between Leon and Faye’s failed romance, a couple who celebrate their love for one another on their birthday and an elderly man who yearns for his first love. But it did not have much impact on me. I did not think those sub-plots had anything to do Leon and Faye’s relationship when I watched the movie.

There is no character development for the main leads. I do not think Faye or Leon‘s character changes at the end of the movie. Each just suddenly realizes the potential the other has. The viewers are given clues along the way and have to deduce what is going on. For instance, Faye’s character clashes with Leon’s probably because of her “wacky, creative, artistic” nature (seen in her decoration of her home – bright colours) as compared to Leon’s simple home.

I think the director or scriptwriter was trying to create a subtle meaning for this movie, but it is much too subtle, resulting in it being lost in translation, and we end up with an empty shell. It is almost like one is given a view into the middle of someone’s love life and is watching that play out, but no emotion is elicited from the viewer. One knows what is going on, but cannot really be bothered by it.

The only thing that interests me is the cinematography. The cinematography is pretty lovely with shots of Shanghai – during the day and night. Then there are shots of the tree-lined streets of Shanghai. But there tends to be an overload of the cinematography as well. The wacky ideas Faye’s character creates for her parties are interesting. Her decoration of her place is so full of colour and it is amazing to see those dramatic colours working together.

My mum once said that Leon has the perfect gentleman look. I agree. He is very good at playing the gentleman in romance stories, although his “stalking” of Faye in this movie scares me! Faye’s acting is okay.

Yes, No or Maybe... to watch or not?

Nope. Personally, this was a really, really, extremely slow and simple romance story that just does nothing.

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