Swordsman II



Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

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Swordsman II

Reviewed by: PJ August 21, 2004

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Produced by Tsui Hark. Action choreographed by Chin Siu Tung, Yuen Bun, Cheung Yiu Sing. Cast: Brigitte Lin as Dong Fang Bu Bai Jet Li as Ling Hui Chong Rosemund Kwan as Reng Ying Ying Michelle Reis as Ngok Leng Saan Waise Lee as a Japanese samurai Yen Shi Kwan as Ren Wo Xing Fennie Yuen as Blue Phoenix (Lan Feng Huang) One of the most lavish Hong Kong (HK) productions ever, Swordsman 2 is a movie full of flaws but more than makes...

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Swordsman II

Reviewed by: Dagger Lee August 09, 2004

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Alternate Title: The Legend of The Swordsman Chinese Title: Xiao Ao Jiang Hu zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai Cast Jet Li as Ling Michelle Reis as Kiddo Rosamund Kwan as Ying Brigitte Lin as Asia The Invincible Despite having the same title and characters from Jin Yong's novel, "The Smiling Proud Wanderer", this movie deviates a lot from the novel. While it is a terrible adaptation, it is still a good movie on its own. "Swordsman II" is about Linghu and his...

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