Reviewed by: sunkissedtomatoes

October 09, 2004

Rating: four-point-five

Cast: Jeon Ji Hyun (Kyungjin), Jang Hyuk (Myungwoo)

Production: 2004


Kyungjin is a kick-ass female cop who has two separate very comical run-ins with Myungwoo, a teacher, which result in them falling in love. Kyungjin rescues Myungwoo’s butt twice, but Myungwoo has this habit of meddling when he knows Kyungjin is chasing after criminals.….

The Review:

On the surface, this movie is another boring romance story where girl meets guy, they fall in love and their relationship meets with a tragic fate. But delve deeper... and it is different...

The opening scene of a beautiful girl (Ji-Hyun) leaping to her death is enough to capture your attention, followed by “Oh heck! It’s a sad show because of the guy’s voice over which sounds sad!” Then you get thrown into the cop-chasing scene, which is so funny. In short, this movie has you glued to your seat because of the roller–coaster ride of emotions right from the beginning.

The characters are interesting too. No one is who he or she seems in this movie... Kyungjin portrays herself as a feisty, kick-ass cop, but that isn’t the real her. She is behaving like her twin sister and fulfilling her dream of being a cop. Myungwoo, who is a soft-hearted guy, goes “crazy” when a gangster hits Kyungjin and is willing to assist her when she’s chasing after criminals. The real killer of Myungwoo keeps mum and tries to kill the ultimate baddie himself. The characters get complex, which is what happens in real life (where nothing is straightforward and in black or white), which makes them all the more real.

Bits and pieces of the movie seem to string together and make this a memorable movie. The scriptwriter’s choice in explaining Kyungjin’s past makes me understand why she chooses to jump. Using the wind to explain Myungwoo’s presence makes this movie all the more poignant. Who doesn’t associate a certain smell or music in some time of your life with a certain event? Using the wind is so poignant and painful because one always feels the wind constantly. Knowing that Myungwoo is always at her side but that he is not touchable must be sheer hell for Kyungjin. Then there is the scene where Kyungjin goes after the ultimate baddie... you hear her past conversations with Myungwoo playing in the background as she chases after the baddie. There is a certain flow to the movie that keeps you informed of what is going to happen next but still manages to surprise when it actually happens. For instance, the scenes where the paper airplane that appears at the start of their relationship and follows right to the end of the movie, and when Myungwoo tells Kyunjin that she will meet someone else with his soul, are very nicely done.

I first saw Ji-hyun in Il Mare and was amazed by her beauty. In My Sassy Girl, I was amazed that that sweet, soft spoken beauty in Il Mare could be so bossy. This movie showcases both of those characteristics and Ji-Hyun does a excellent job. Just look out for the scene where the camera focuses on her calling for Myungwoo... she is excellent at crying. Jang Hyuk has so many different expressions here... crazy, goofy, sad (his eyes going all red and filling up with tears!), embarrassed, comical, fear... he was just wonderful in his expressions. It is wonderful that he portrays such a timid person who does not want to mess with high school students, yet is willing to yell at a gangster and chase after criminals for Kyungjin... I want my very own Myungwoo too!

People have been referring to this as a sequel to The Sassy Girl. Aside from the similar characteristics of the lead actress' roles and the same leading actress, I do not think that this could be a sequel. I think this is much better than My Sassy Girl; there is more development in Windstruck. Perhaps it is more of a complete version of My Sassy Girl? Or maybe a pre-sequel? The other criticism is the many endings in the film. Well, if Kyungjin had died or not met another guy, I would have been disappointed.

Scenes to watch out for: (Spoilers)

1. Kyungjin bringing down a guy of Myungwoo’s size!
2. Myungwoo acting all crazy when the gangster hits Kyungjin.
3. Myungwoo getting his lips burnt when he tries to kiss Kyungjin.
4. Kyungjin & Myungwoo in the western-style Middle Ages romance fantasy.
5. Myungwoo getting stuck between two walls.
6. The scene where Kyungjin fills her room with paper wind mills and they all blow in the wind.
7. Kyungjin in the car chase scene – she looks so cool when she shoots at the car & does not flinch when the car explodes behind her.
8. Kyungjin doing her “Robocop” when she walks into a hostage scene with an empty pistol cartridge and the hostage taker firing at her.
9. When Kyungjin chases after the ultimate baddie and in the background we hear of her conversations with Myungwoo! (I absolutely love that part – re-watched that scene so many times!)
10. Whenever the paper airplane appears.
11. The ending scene – especially beginning with the book. Watch the photo closely.

Yes, No or Maybe... To watch or not?

Yes! Well, that is if you like romance and do not mind crying... because that’s what happened. I bawled my eyes out. Do watch for Ji-Hyun too. She looks so cool in her “Robocop” mode... and those close-ups of her! She’s so pretty! Jang Hyuk is so cute with his goofy expression too!

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