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Nie Yuan


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March 17, 1978
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China (Mainland)
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Journey to the West 2011 as Tang Sanzang (Chinese TV Series)

Three Kingdoms 2010 as Zhao Yun (Chinese TV Series)

Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain 2007 as Hu Fei (Chinese TV Series)

A Chinese Ghost Story 2003 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Four Marshals 2003 as Wu Qing (Chinese TV Series)

The Smart Kid (Ji Lin Xiao Bu Dong) 2000 (Chinese TV Series)

Nie Yuan News:

'Kill The Evils Off' Stars Nie Yuan, Wu Gang Criticize Exaggerated TV War Series
Yibada (English Edition) - Nov 8, 2014

Playing the troop's leader named Zhao Jingzhou is Nie Yuan, who also played the noble swordsman Li Yuanba in the kung fu drama "Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties." "I can't imagine a Chinese soldier throwing a grenade and blowing up a helicopter.

Actor Nie Yuan divorces - Apr 16, 2012

Mainland actor Nie Yuan has divorced his actress wife Wang Hui, also known as Yang Guang. Nie's agent confirmed the news with Sina Entertainment. Nie's agent, Miss Chen told the media that the former couple completed the divorce procedures earlier this ...

Retired Beijing soccer star detained over hotel brawl and testing positive for ...
South China Morning Post (subscription) - Mar 11, 2015

Former Beijing soccer striker Gao Feng was detained in Shanghai for brawling with a taxi driver – then ran afoul of police again while in custody after he was found to be on drugs. He was detained along with actor Nie Yuan and former CCTV presenter Qiu ...

Movie Review: Brotherhood Of Blades (Xiu Chun Dao) from The New York Asian ...
The Good Men Project (blog) - Jun 10, 2015

... swaggering blackmailer, hired killer and former fellow student of the rookie Jin's Kung Fu Master. Nie Yuan is the hardnosed plotting New Secret Police Chief with a few secrets of his own. Actress Cecilla Liu scenes with Chang were my highlights of ...

'Poldark' Season 1 Episode 7 (April 19) Spoilers: George Starts His Revenge ...
Yibada (English Edition) - Apr 18, 2015

... Star Alfie Allen: Arya, Daenerys Deserve The Iron Throne · 'Doctor Who Season 9' Update: Peter Capaldi Returns With Jenna Coleman; Capaldi: No Christmas Tech Gifts · 'Kill The Evils Off' Stars Nie Yuan, Wu Gang Criticize Exaggerated TV War Series.

Former National Footballer Gao Feng Officially Arrested - Mar 9, 2015

According to the Shanghai police authority, former Chinese national football player Gao Feng has been officially arrested along with actor Nie Yuan for injuring a taxi driver. Gao was also confirmed to have taken methamphetamine, as his urine test's ...

Brotherhood of Blades
Film Business Asia - Sep 22, 2014

The new head of the Eastern Depot, Zhao Jingzhong (Nie Yuan), orders Shen Lian, Jianxing and Yichuan to pursue Zhongxian, who left the capital two days earlier, and kill him, on the emperor's orders. They catch up with Zhongxian at an inn in Fucheng ...

Brotherhood of Blades Blu-ray - Dec 15, 2014

Brotherhood of Blades also stars Ye Qing (Man of Tai Chi), Chin Shih-chieh (Reign of Assassins, My Spectacular Theatre), Wang Qianyuan (The Golden Era), Li Dongxue, Nie Yuan (The Lost Bladesman), Zhao Lixin (Silent Witness), Qiao Lei, Yang Yi, Gu ...

Cannes: IM Global Inks Output Deal With China's Huayi Brothers (EXCLUSIVE)
Variety - May 15, 2014

... Match”) and on director Lu Yang's Chinese-language “Brotherhood of Blades,” starring Chang Chen, Liu Shishi, Nie Yuan, Wang Qianyuan and Li Dongxue, and produced by action producer Terence Chang (“Face/Off,” “Red Cliff,” “Mission: Impossible II”).

Film Review: 'The Last Supper'
Variety - Jul 27, 2013

... Haozhong; art director, Lu Tianhang; sound designer (Dolby Ditital),Wang Gang; supervising sound editor, Wen Bo. With. Liu Ye, Daniel Wu, Chang Chen, Qin Lan, Sha Yu, Nie Yuan, Huo Sian, Li Qi, Cuckoo He, Yu Yulai. (Mandarin dialogue). Filed Under:.

The Last Supper (Wang De Sheng Yan): Toronto Review
Hollywood Reporter - Sep 14, 2012

Venue: Toronto Film Festival Production companies: Beijing Chuanfilms Co., Stellar Megamedia Group, China Film Group Cast: Liu Ye, Daniel Wu Chang Chen, Qin Lan, Sha Yi, Nie Yuan, Huo Siyan, Cuckoo He, Tao Zeru, Li Qi, Qi Dao, Lu Yulai, Hao Bojie

The Last Supper
Film Business Asia - Jan 7, 2013

Visual effects: Yao Qi. Choreography: Zhang Jinghua, Allen Lan. Cast: Liu Ye (Liu Bang, Duke of Pei), Daniel Wu (Xiang Yu, Duke of Lu), Chang Chen (General Han Xin), Qin Lan (Lü Zhi, Liu Bang's wife), Sha Yi (Senior Minister Xiao He), Nie Yuan (General ...

Book in memory of the making of 'The Flowers of War' - Dec 13, 2011

All of the film's cast members, as well as Yan Geling, Liu Heng, Christian Bale, Chinese actors Tong Dawei, Huang Haibo and Nie Yuan, Japanese actor Atsuro Watabe, and the film's propmen and costume supervisors have all contributed to the book. Ni Ni ...

The Lost Bladesman
Film Business Asia - Apr 21, 2011

1 wife), Shao Bing (General Zhang Liao), Andy On (General Kong Xiu), Wang Xuebing (Wang Zhi), Edison Wang (Han emperor), Dong Yong (Xun You, advisor to Cao Cao), Calvin Li (General Qin Qi), Nie Yuan (Han Fu, Guan's former disciple), Chin Siu-ho ...

The Flowers of War
Film Business Asia - Jan 17, 2012

... Li Ruiqi, Jin Zixin, Gu Yixuan, Xu Jiali, Zhang Zhaoyi, Tan Yimin, Zhao Yicong, Que Liwen, Wu Yuyuan (Winchester Cathedral students), Huang Haibo (Xu Dapeng), Zhu Liangqi (Pu Sheng), Shawn Dou, Nie Yuan, Qi Dao, Gao Hu, Qin Hao, Wang Jingchun, ...

Choose your fit lover
CCTV - Sep 20, 2008

... the romantic comedy of the year “Fit Lover” has finally found its 12 leading male actors. The cast includes Chinese stars such as Deng Chao, Fan Wei, Huang Lei, Huang Xiaoming, Lu Yi, Lin Shen, Nie Yuan, Ren Quan, Tong Dawei and Zhang Junning.



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