Park Shi Hoo 박시후

Park Shi Hoo


Last Name:
First Name:
Shi Hoo
English Name:
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Real Name:
Park Pyung Ho 박평호
Date of Birth:
April 03, 1978
Place of Birth:
South Korea
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Cheongdamdong Alice 2012 as Cha Seung Jo / Jean Thierry Cha (Korean Dramas)

The Princess' Man 2011 as Kim Seung Yoo (Korean Dramas)

Prosecutor Princess 2010 (Korean Dramas)

Iljimae 2008 (Korean Dramas)

Family's Honor 2008 as Lee Kang Suk (Korean Dramas)

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor 2007 (Korean Dramas)

Which Star Are You From 2006 (Korean Dramas)

Sassy Girl Chun Hyang 2005 (Korean Dramas)

Park Shi Hoo News:

Park Shi Hoo Returns To Dramaland As A Crime-Fighting Hero
KDramaStars - Aug 24, 2015

Park Shi Hoo is best known for his roles in the dramas "Iljimae," "The Princess' Man," and "Princess Prosecutor." He also appeared in the 2012 film "Confession of a Murder." The film was released after his scandal and earned critical praise, especially ...

Park Shi Hoo Confirms His Comeback With A Modeling Contract
KDramaStars - Sep 4, 2015

The contract is significant, as Park Shi Hoo did not work in Korea for almost two years. In 2013 he had just finished a starring role in "Cheongdamdong Alice" when a rookie actress accused him of date rape. He denied the allegations, saying that their ...

Eight K-Drama Actors Who Survived A Scandal
KDramaStars - Nov 18, 2015

Park Shi Hoo's scandal almost landed him in jail. In 2013 he was accused of raping an aspiring actress but he claimed the sex was consensual. The accusation resulted in a string of lawsuits that were all eventually dropped. He did not work in Korea for ...

Park Shi Hoo Confirms His Post-Scandal Comeback
KDramaStars - Nov 5, 2014

Park Shi Hoo has not worked in Korea since early 2013. Shortly following the success of his drama "Cheomdamdong Alice," he was involved in a scandal when a rookie actress claimed that he sexually assaulted her. He denied the charges saying their ...

Has Park Shi Hoo's Scandal Hurt Yoon Eun Hye?
KDramaStars - Oct 31, 2014

While the charges against Park Shi Hoo were eventually dropped, the scandal has affected his career. Although he enjoyed success with his pre-scandal role in the 2012 drama "Cheomdamdong Alice" he has not worked in the Korean entertainment industry ...

Park Shi Hoo's Legal Problems May Continue Even As His New Film Opens
KDramaStars - Jul 25, 2014

Park Shi Hoo spent much of last year involved in legal problems as a result of an allegation of sexual assault against him by a rookie actress. The charges were eventually dropped and all the associated lawsuits were ended, but not before the actor's ...

Yoon Eun Hye Cast in Park Shi Hoo's Comeback Film
KDramaStars - Oct 27, 2014

Park Shi Hoo has not worked a lot in the last year due to a scandal in which a young actress accused him of sexual assault. He claimed their relations were consensual and the accusations led to a string of lawsuits. The charges against the actor were ...

Park Shi Hoo Mobbed In China
KDramaStars - Mar 27, 2014

In his Chinese film, "Scent," Park Shi Hoo plays Kang In Joon, a Korean interior designer. He co-stars in the film with Chen Ran, a popular Chinese actress and fashionista. Jessey Tsang Tsui-Shan, who won a Best Rookie Award at the Hong Kong Film ...

Korean Entertainment Management Association Frowns On Park Shi Hoo's Comeback
KDramaStars - Mar 6, 2014

While many fans were eager to welcome actor Park Shi Hoo back to dramaland a year after his career-tarnishing scandal, the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) has no kind words for his comeback. Like Us on Facebook ...

Is It Too Soon For Park Shi Hoo's Comeback?
KDramaStars - Feb 27, 2014

It has barely been a year since Park Shi Hoo's scandal sparked a long string of lawsuits and threatened to end his career. It looked as if the scandal might permanently damage the actor's career but that may not be the case. He is now reviewing the ...

Romantisnya Yoon Eun Hye Main Gitar di 'After Love'
Wow Keren - Jun 23, 2015

Mulanya, bergabungnya Yoon Eun Hye bersama Park Shi Hoo di "After Love" ini ditentang banyak kalangan. Sebabnya tak lain karena skandal yang menimpa Park Shi Hoo terkait dugaan pelecehan seksual terhadap seorang gadis. Namun, kini penggemar ...

The Last Case Facing Korean Actor Park Shi Hoo Is Settled
KpopStarz - Jul 24, 2013

The case began in February when a trainee actress known as "A" filed charges against Park Shi Hoo. She claimed that the actor sexually assaulted her. The actor, who starred in "Cheomdamdung Alice" and the "Princess' Man," said the couple dined with ...

Park Shi Hoo Apologizes For The Rape Controversy
KDramaStars - Oct 5, 2013

Park Wu Ho, CEO of Hoo Factory, said in the written statement that "Park Shi Hoo, after starring in the movie 'I am The Killer,' and the drama 'Alice in Cheongdam-dong,' had received the expectations of many Koreans, and was rising as a new Hallyu star.

Park Shi Hoo Suit Suddenly Dropped
KpopStarz - May 10, 2013

And then suddenly it was over. The case everyone was talking about, in which a trainee actress accused actor Park Shi Hoo of sexual assault, looked like it would go on indefinitely. But without any explanation, the trainee, known as "A," has dropped ...

Park Shi Hoo's Rookie Award May Be First Step To A Comeback
KDramaStars - Oct 18, 2013

An award nomination is making a positive statement about Park Shi Hoo's acting career, which was damaged by a scandal earlier this year. The actor was nominated for a Rookie Award for his role in the film "I Am A Murderer" at a recent press conference ...

Park Shi Who Rejects Appearance in KBS Miniseries "Golden Cross"
KDramaStars - Mar 1, 2014

A Who Factory staff member of Park Shi Hoo's management company said, "Even in the movie "Scent" there were many pieces both domestically and internationally asking him to appear in the movie. "Golden Cross" is one of the pieces that was proposed to ...

Case Not Closed? Korean Actor Park Shi Hoo's Former Agent Demands Apology
KpopStarz - May 15, 2013

It seemed last week that the ongoing Park Shi Hoo real-life drama had finally come to an amicable if somewhat confusing conclusion. Without any explanation or warning, the trainee actress known as "A" dropped all charges of sexual assault against him ...

Park Si Hoo Not Banned Following Rape Scandal, KBS Execs Say: Star's Return To ...
KpopStarz - May 16, 2013

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) executives have not banned actor Park Shi Hoo from the network in the wake of sexual assault charges, but they are not sure he will ever appear on the air again. Like Us on Facebook ...

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A K-Drama Scandal?
KDramaStars - Nov 18, 2014

Park Shi Hoo was accused of sexual assault for relations he said were consensual. The charges were dropped but his career was put on hold for over a year. He was cast in a Chinese film. When he first considered returning to the small screen, the ...

Networks Will Not Ban Park Shi Hoo—Yet
KpopStarz - Apr 12, 2013

The prosecution of this case has not cancelled the Japanese distribution of Park Shi Hoo's film, "Confession of Murder." The movie will be shown in June in Tokyo. The film's production company said that the release was decided because it has not been ...



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