Park Shin Hye 박신혜

Park Shin Hye


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Shin Hye
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February 18, 1990
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South Korea
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Actress, Model, Singer

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The Heirs 2013 as Cha Eun-sang (Korean Dramas)

Fabulous Boys 2013 as cameo (Taiwanese Dramas)

Flower Boy Next Door 2013 as Go Dok Mi (Korean Dramas)

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox 2010 as Go Mi Nyeo (cameo) (Korean Dramas)

You're Beautiful 2009 as Go Mi Nam / Go Mi Nyu (Korean Dramas)

Prince Hours (Goong S) 2007 as Shin Sae Ryung (Korean Dramas)

Trees in Heaven 2006 as Hana (Korean Dramas)

Stairway to Heaven 2003 (Korean Dramas)

Park Shin Hye News:

What Park Shin Hye Brings To Table On New Drama 'Pinocchio'
KDramaStars - Oct 29, 2014

Actress Park Shin Hye in the upcoming SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" is to play an entry level reporter. Since the popular SBS drama "The Heirs" actress Park Shin Hye has been remembered as a girl with a Cinderella syndrome, who got ...

Park Shin Hye Shares Her Trip to San Francisco in InStyle
KDramaStars - Oct 27, 2014

Actress Park Shin Hye shared her trip to San Francisco, California, for a fashion photo shoot with the star and fashion magazine In Style. Actress Park Shin Hye said in the interview following the photo shoot, "I was planning to go on a vacation in the ...

Park Shin Hye And Lee Jong Suk Look Good Together
KDramaStars - Oct 24, 2014

Script readings have started for the upcoming drama "Pinocchio" and already one thing is certain. Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk look great together. These two stars look good next to just about any co-star but they really suit each other and they have ...

Lee Pil Mo Plays Passionate Reporter In "Pinoccho"
KDramaStars - Oct 31, 2014

Lee Pil Mo has confirmed that he will join the cast of the upcoming drama "Pinocchio" along with stars Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. The actor recently played the second lead in "Emergency Couple" with co-stars Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo.

Park Shin Hye Talks About Jang Geun Suk And Lee Min Ho
KpopStarz - Oct 14, 2014

When asked which of her co-stars she most enjoyed working with, Park Shin Hye mentioned the two stars fans most liked seeing her act with. She talked about her "You're Beautiful" co-star Jang Geun Suk and her "The Heirs" co-star Lee Min Ho. The actress ...

Park Shin Hye's K-Pop Friends
KDramaStars - Oct 21, 2014

... who also co-starred with her in "Heartstrings," has said he makes it a point not to spend too much time with Park Shin Hye. He is fond of her but if they spend time together people inevitably start rumors that they are dating. He did not feel it ...

Park Shin Hye Blooms Like a Flower in @Star1
KpopStarz - Oct 16, 2014

In this shoot, Park Shin Hye projects very warm emotions without much theatrics and gimmicks. Her makeup is very toned down and natural, giving rise to her natural charm and beauty. Park Shin Hye is simply flawless! And even when she poses just as ...

Affordable Fashion: Park Shin Hye & Jung So Min “Miu Miu” Coats [Blog]
KpopStarz - Oct 25, 2014

The first is a blue, structured coat worn by Park Shin Hye for her Elle February 2014 issue pictorial. The second is a pink-patch coat worn by Jung So Min in the May issue of Allure. The vintage coats are extremely expensive (as in the thousands) and ...

Teaser video revealed for new Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk drama
K-POP HERALD - Oct 27, 2014

The first teaser video was revealed on Saturday for the upcoming drama “Pinocchio,” starring actor Lee Jong-suk and actress Park Shin-hye. image. Lee Jong-suk (SBS). The broadcaster posted the teaser video on the drama's official homepage. In the video ...

K-Drama Actresses Who Almost Passed As Boys
KDramaStars - Oct 15, 2014

Then there was Park Shin Hye pretending to be her twin brother in "You're Beautiful." It was only supposed to be temporary, with her filling in while her brother recovered from a botched surgery, but before she knew it she was a regular member of the ...

Park Shin-hye seeks image change through 'Pinocchio'
K-POP HERALD - Oct 23, 2014

Rising hallyu star Park Shin-hye is seeking change in her image as an actress through the upcoming drama “Pinocchio.” Park was selected to play the female lead role of the drama on September with actor Lee Jong-suk. The two actors being popular in many ...

Park Shin-hye looks forward to seeing Chinese fans again
K-POP HERALD - Oct 30, 2014

Hallyu star Park Shin-hye is looking forward to seeing Chinese fans again, the actress posted on Weibo Wednesday, along with her selfie. “It was nice meeting you all in Chengdu, China!” said Park. “I'm very busy these days with a new drama “Pinocchio.

K-Drama Feature: 11 Dramatic Wrist Grabs
allkpop - Oct 6, 2014

In popular drama 'Heirs', Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho play a game of tug-of-war, as Kim Woo Bin pulls Park Shin Hye to his side, Lee Min Ho wrist-grabs her away, and Kim Woo Bin counter-wrist grabs him to stop. Of course, when Park Shin Hye pulls away ...

Park Shin Hye Attends BRUNOMAGLI\'s Fan Signing
Yahoo Philippines News by Sora Ghim, - Oct 6, 2014

[ photo by Kim Chi Yoon] Actress Park Shin Hye held a fan signing event for BRUNOMAGLI\'s 2014 F/W collection. This new arrival is the \'Disney Edition\' and the event celebrates the selling of 500 of these bags. The fan sign was held on ...

Mamonde's flower-like woman, Park Shin-hye
K-POP HERALD - Oct 14, 2014

Hallyu star Park Shin-hye flaunts her beauty with flowers for cosmetic brand Mamonde on Tuesday. The photos were taken with a “red flower” concept to symbolize the brand's Age Control line, chiefly made with camellia flowers. In one photo, Park gazes ...

Three Attractive Actors To Play One Character
KDramaStars - Oct 6, 2014

Yoo Yeon Sook, who was last seen in the drama "Reply 1994" and just finished playing Park Shin Hye's kingly husband in the film "The Tailors," will also take a leading role in the film. And so will Park Seo Joon, who played the younger man in love with ...

'Modern Farmer' Is The Latest K-Drama About The Boys In The Band
KDramaStars - Oct 16, 2014

"You're Beautiful": Lee Hongki's first role as an idol was in this story about a nun, played by Park Shin Hye, pretending to be the member of a band that featured Jang Geun Suk and Jung Yong Hwa. They all play music and created such a likeable group in ...

Celebrities shine at Seoul Fashion Week
K-POP HERALD - Oct 22, 2014

Hallyu actress Park Shin-hye, the heroine of megahit “The Heirs,” graced the occasion with her presence. She dressed in a star-patterned mini denim dress, and burgundy high heels. image. K-pop hip-hop singer Park Jae-bum, also known as Jay Park, ...



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