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Raymond Lam Fung


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December 08, 1979
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China (Mainland)
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Raymond Lam is a Chinese actor and singer who lives in Hong kong. He works for TVB and is signed to the Emperor Group Label. He's quite popular with chinese populations throughout Asia, Canada, and the U.S.A. He has also won several awards for his acting and singing. Since 1999 , the beginning of his acting career the bulk of his work with TVB doing several different series which he has received critical acclaim. His breakthrough role was in "La Femme Desparado" which he won "The most favorite character award. He is considered one of TVB's most popular actors. He's only done three motion pictures. In his singing career he has release four albums and singles. Many of them have gone platinum. He received the best male newcomer award from Jade Solid Gold in 2007. Most of his albums also contain a dvd of his music videos. He has also sang many theme songs for TVB series.

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Line Walker 2014 as Sit Ka Keung 薛家強 (TVB Series)

Highs and Lows 2012 as Wai Sai Lok (Happy Sir) 韋世樂 (TVB Series)

Three Kingdoms RPG 2012 as Chukot Leung (TVB Series)

My Sister of Eternal Flower 2011 as Zhang Yik, Hugo 蔣奕 (TVB Series)

Men With No Shadows 2011 as Fok Ka Hei 霍家希 (TVB Series)

The Mysteries of Love 2010 as Ging Bok (TVB Series)

Growing Through Life 2010 (TVB Series)

Ad Mania 2010 as Long Tianjue 龍天爵 (Chinese TV Series)

Moonlight Resonance 2008 (TVB Series)

The Four 2008 as Mou Qing (TVB Series)

The Master of Tai Chi 2008 (TVB Series)

Heart of Greed 2007 (TVB Series)

Love Multiplication 2007 (Chinese TV Series)

The Drive of Life 2007 (TVB Series)

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion 2006 (TVB Series)

Face to Fate 2006 as Lai Yeuk Yi (TVB Series)

La Femme Desperado 2006 (TVB Series)

Food For Life (Yummy Yummy) 2005 (TVB Series)

Blade Heart 2004 (TVB Series)

The Last Breakthrough 2004 (TVB Series)

Twin of Brothers 2004 (TVB Series)

Lofty Water Verdant Bow 2003 (TVB Series)

Survivor's Law 2003 (TVB Series)

Eternal Happiness 2002 (TVB Series)

Golden Faith 2002 (TVB Series)

A Step into the Past 2001 (TVB Series)

A Taste of Love 2001 (TVB Series)

Raymond Lam Fung News:

I won't quit just because I lost to Wayne Lai: Raymond Lam
South China Morning Post - Jan 2, 2013

Rumours have been making their rounds recently that TVB actor Raymond Lam Fung was considering quitting show business after he lost the TVB Awards best actor accolade to veteran Wayne Lai Yiu-cheung. Son of property tycoon Lam Kwok-wah, the ...

Kate Tsui apologises for kissing Raymond Lam in front of girlfriend
Malaysia Chronicle - Oct 25, 2013

Kate Tsui played a music diva who had a swimming pool kiss scene with her song writer Raymond Lam Fung in the film Baby Blues. According to an article in hktopten, she said that it was not awkward because they were both very familiar with each other.

Lukfook Jewellery x Raymond Lam x Miss Hong Kong Unveil Lukfook ...
irasia.com (press release) - Aug 19, 2013

As the spokesperson of "Love Forever" Collection for Lukfook Jewellery, the presence of Celebrity Raymond Lam-fung as the special guest of the new "Love is Beauty" TVC launch also added a touch of sparkle in the event. 20 shortlisted candidates of ...

PCCW reveals plans for new station as license row rolls on
Hong Kong Standard - Oct 24, 2013

The HK$60 million production is a joint effort by Now TV, PCCW's paid channel, and a mainland production firm and stars local artist Raymond Lam Fung and mainland actress Wang Luodan. Two other dramas are in the works, it said. Local and overseas ...

DCHL sets sights on graduates
South China Morning Post - Dec 4, 2013

"It was an amazing party, and I saw Hong Kong celebrities like Raymond Lam-fung, Moses Chan Ho and pop star Mag Lam Yan-tung, who were invited guests." Huang said the party was the deciding factor for many of the students to sign up with DCHL.

Society by James Whittle: Whisky on the docks in Wan Chai
South China Morning Post - Aug 16, 2013

But when you're the company providing the "bling" for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, a grand event at Central Pier's Watermark restaurant with 20 contestants and local heartthrob Raymond Lam Fung is only natural. The contestants wore figure-hugging black ...

Is TVB's Jade Solid Gold Top Ten awards the blueprint for universal suffrage?
South China Morning Post (blog) - Jan 21, 2014

The remaining contracted male singers who fulfilled TVB's requirements were either too inexperienced irrelevant – seriously I cannot name one single song by Raymond Lam Fung (but he won the most popular singer award with 30 per cent votes). Joey Yung ...

TVB executive says no room for new players
South China Morning Post - Nov 25, 2012

Actor Raymond Lam Fung appears invincible to bullets or explosives in his role as a police narcotics officer in the action drama Highs and Lows. A bottle of oolong tea appears on Qing dynasty emperor Daoguang's desk in Curse of the Royal Harem.

More stars are coming
The Star Online - Aug 18, 2013

Hong Kong heartthrob Raymond Lam Fung (pic), Taiwanese Golden Melody Awards winner Wei Li An and up-and-coming group IO Band are all set to grace the awards, alongside Malaysian stars Penny Tai, Michael Wong and Gary Chaw. Hosted by 988 ...



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