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Ruby Lin


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January 27, 1976
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167 cm
46 kg
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Actress, Model, Singer

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Ruby Lin whose full name is Lin Xin Run is a Taiwanese actress and pop singer. She was born on 27th January 1976 in Taipei. Ruby first acted in the T.V. series Princess Returning Pearl and Princess Returning Pearl II. She has acted in a variety of roles in movies like Duke of Mount Deer 2000, Flying Daggers, Half Life Fate. Her performance was excellent and earned her a lot of fame. Lin continued to act in a number of television series and won her accolades for her flawless acting. She had won the Honourable Award of Taiwan's most Popular Actress. She is the most successful actress in Taiwan's contemporary Chinese acting industry. In 1999, Lin entered the music industry. She won the most popular new Singer Award. Some of her albums are Hearings,Para Para, New Rubylogy, Onion soup etc. She has won the Golden Melody Award and Entertainer of the Year Award. Ruby Lin indeed has had a successful acting as well as music career.

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Young Sherlock 2013 as Li Zhi (Chinese TV Series)

Qing Shi Huang Fei 2011 (Chinese TV Series)

Three Kingdoms 2010 as Sun Shang Xiang (Chinese TV Series)

Mei Ren Xin Ji 2010 as Dou Yi (Chinese TV Series)

The Legend and the Hero II 2008 (Chinese TV Series)

Sound of Colors 2006 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Half-Life Fate (Ban Sheng Yuan) 2003 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Amor de Tarapaca 2003 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Flying Daggers 2003 as Xue Cai Yue 薛采月 / Yue Shen 月神 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Taiji Prodigy 2001 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Romance in the Rain 2001 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Duke of Mt. Deer 2000 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Princess Returning Pearl II 1999 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Princess Returning Pearl 1998 (Taiwanese Dramas)

Ruby Lin News:

Watch: Taiwanese mega-star Jolin Tsai kisses actress Ruby Lin in new music video
Shanghaiist - Dec 18, 2014

Taiwanese pop legend Jolin Tsai dropped her 13th album Play on November 16, and for the release of her latest hit “We're All Different, Yet the Same” she gave actress Ruby Lin a big smooch on the lips in an impromptu scene that took over an hour to film.

Actress Ruby Lin celebrates 39th birthday with saucy party
AsiaOne - Feb 8, 2015

Taiwanese actress and singer Ruby Lin shocked fans when she celebrated her 39th birthday with a saucy party in late January. The doe-eyed Lin, who gained international fame after starring in My Fair Princess, was seen being carried by five hunks ...

17 years since 'Princess Pearl' drama: Are Fan Bingbing, Ruby Lin and Vicki ...
AsiaOne - Apr 27, 2015

When asked about classic workpiece My Fair Princess, which shot her to fame, Bingbing replied that she was still good friends with fellow cast members, Vicki Zhao and Ruby Lin. They have kept in contact through WeChat. "I was 16 years old at that time.

Relishing her sweet victory
AsiaOne - Jul 16, 2015

In May, the ballad - which features lyrics about same-sex marriage and boasts a music video showing Tsai locking lips with actress Ruby Lin at a wedding setting - set the Internet abuzz when it was banned in Singapore for its "mature content". "It's a ...

Ready to play
The Straits Times - Jul 21, 2015

The video for the mid-tempo electropop number, which has chalked up more than eight million views on YouTube, features a lesbian wedding and a kiss between Tsai and actress Ruby Lin. Tsai, 34, says: "I respect everyone's choices but I would still do ...

Jolin Tsai, Jam Hsiao and more: Upcoming gigs to watch out for
The Straits Times - Jul 21, 2015

The video for the mid-tempo electropop number, which has chalked up more than eight million views on YouTube, features a lesbian wedding and a kiss between Tsai and actress Ruby Lin. Tsai, 34, says: "I respect everyone's choices but I would still do ...

Jolin Tsai Shares a Kiss with Ruby Lin in Her Latest Music Video
Yibada (English Edition) - Dec 16, 2014

The music video, which will be released Tuesday on Tsai's official YouTube channel, showed Tsai and Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin as a lesbian couple. The two shared not only a kiss, but also marriage and spent 30 years together, according to Focus ...

Ruby Lin Tells Yu Zheng to Speak Up About the Actress He Hates; Denies Dating ...
Chinatopix - Nov 14, 2014

Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin challenged Mainland Chinese Yu Zheng to come clean about his previous comment about hating a certain Taiwanese actress, also responding to the speculations that she was the actress that the producer was talking about.

Hebe Raves About Her 'Great God' Takuya Kimura; Japanese Idol Earns Praises ...
Chinatopix - Jul 16, 2015

While Hebe was not able to be part of the send-off party, she quipped about joining fellow Kimura fan and Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin in organizing a show with the actor and SMAP, Kimura's boy band, in Taiwan. She further joked about helping Kimura ...

Yu Zheng Indirectly Criticizes Ruby Lin for her Fans' Behavior
Chinatopix - Nov 15, 2014

Mainland Chinese producer Yu Zheng slams Ruby Lin and her fans on his Sina Weibo account after he received hate comments from the actress' fans following the speculations that he was referring to Lin when he said he detests a certain Taiwanese actress ...

Ruby Lin and Weber Yang Dating?
Chinatopix - Oct 31, 2014

Rumor has it that Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin and her on-screen love interest in 'The Way We Were', actor Weber Yang, are dating in real life after they were allegedly spotted on a date. Lin and Yang, who made a popular pairing in the romantic drama ...

Jolin Tsai shares kiss with actress in new MV to promote tolerance
China Post - Dec 15, 2014

The soon-to-be released video for her song "We're All Different, Yet The Same," shows the 34-year-old Tsai and 38-year-old actress Ruby Lin (林心如) as a lesbian couple which shares not only a kiss, but goes on to get married and spend 30 happy years ...

Jay Chou and Ruby Lin, Now Safe After the Pipeline Explosion
Chinatopix - Aug 4, 2014

Jay Chou and Ruby Lin luckily escaped the gas pipeline explosion in Kaoshiung on Sunday which killed at least 26 people and injured 269. Few hours before the explosion, celebrity Jay Chou was spotted at a shopping mall in Kaohsiung with his fiancée ...

Francis Ng, Ruby Lin Star in 'The House That Never Dies' - Feb 26, 2014

The film stars Francis Ng Chun Yu, Ruby Lin, Tony Yang, Monica Mok, Qin Hailu and Li Jing. Total investment in the film has reached about 100 million yuan. Preparation took three years whilst production took a year. Most of the scenes of the film were ...

Jolin Tsai turns up the heat at Golden Melody Awards
AsiaOne - Jun 29, 2015

Just last month, the 34-year-old Taiwanese pop diva had the Internet abuzz with her controversial song, We're All Different, Yet The Same, with its music video featuring her locking lips with actress Ruby Lin in a wedding setting. The video is banned ...

Taiwan's Blockbuster Hit Lands China's Mainland Cinemas
Yibada (English Edition) - Mar 9, 2015

The movie stars Taiwan actress Ruby Lin ("My Fair Princess") in her lead role as a Taiwan bride in a cross-Straits marriage. Li Dongxue, a mainland actor, played the role of the bridegroom. In the story, Lin's father, played by veteran actor Kou Shixun ...

2015 Forbes China Celebrity List (Full List)
Forbes by Lin, actress, - May 14, 2015

Ru 17.8 million yuan. 83. Julian Cheung, actor and singer, 26.5 million yuan. 84. Ma Su, actress, 26.9 million yuan. 85. Michelle Chen, actress, 17.5 million yuan. 86. Ryan Zheng, actor, 16.5 million yuan. 87. Eddie Peng, actor, 16 ...

Taiwan hit film courts mainland box office
Chinadaily USA - Mar 6, 2015

amed for her role as a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) princess in the hit series My Fair Princess, Taiwan actress Ruby Lin stars as a Taiwan bride in a cross-Straits marriage, which causes a series of misunderstandings due to cultural differences. Mainland ...

Singapore bans Jolin Tsai's lesbian-themed hit, We're All Different, Yet The Same
Shanghaiist - May 23, 2015

The music video for We're All Different, Yet The Same features a wedding scene -- and a kiss -- between Jolin Tsai and Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin. It was inspired by the true story of a lesbian couple who had been together for 30 years. When one half ...

Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin is the boss in charge
FansShare - Jan 19, 2014

Lin Xinru is a famous Taiwanese entertainment personality who is known as Ruby Lin by her millions of loyal fans and the general public. Ruby Lin is a Hollywood personality who acts, sings, writes and produces films and music. The talented actress is ...

Jolin's marriage equality single banned in Singapore for 'adult content'
WantChinaTimes - May 27, 2015

Jolin Tsai, right, and Ruby Lin lock lips in the video for the song. (Internet photo). Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai's agent said Tuesday that the singer thinks it is a pity the Singapore authorities have banned her same-sex marriage new single and music ...

Singapore bans lesbian-themed song by gay icon Jolin Tsai
Gay Star News - May 22, 2015

In the accompanying video, Tsai marries actress Ruby Lin and the two share a kiss. Singapore's censorship board, the Media Development Authority, recently issued a document to all TV and radio stations banning the broadcast of the song, which it said ...