Sean Lau Ching Wan 劉青雲

Sean Lau Ching Wan


Last Name:
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Ching Wan
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Date of Birth:
February 16, 1964
Place of Birth:
China (Mainland)
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Lost In Time 2003 (Movies)

Fat Choi Spirit 2002 (Movies)

Mighty Baby 2002 (Movies)

My Left Eye Sees Ghosts 2002 (Movies)

Running Out of Time II 2001 (Movies)

La Brassiere 2001 (Movies)

Divine Retribution 2000 (ATV TV Series)

The Greed of Man 1992 (TVB Series)

The Challenge of Life 1991 (TVB Series)

It Runs In the Family 1990 (TVB Series)

A Time of Taste 1990 (TVB Series)

The Shanghai Conspiracy 1989 (TVB Series)

Genghis Khan 1987 (TVB Series)

The Grand Canal 1987 as Lee Sai Man (TVB Series)

The Dragon Sword 1986 (TVB Series)

Movie Maze 1986 (TVB Series)

Destined To Rebel 1986 as Sit Kong 薛剛 (TVB Series)

The Battle Among the Clans 1985 (TVB Series)

Take Care Your Highness! 1985 (TVB Series)

Police Cadet 1984 (TVB Series)

Sean Lau Ching Wan News:

Hong Kong films vie for honours in Asian Film Awards
South China Morning Post (subscription) - Feb 25, 2015

Local actor Sean Lau Ching-wan was nominated as best actor for playing a rural chief who fought with other chiefs for control of rural lands in the surveillance crime-thriller Overheard 3. Mainland actress Zhao Wei was nominated as best actress for ...

Thriller Overheard 3 grabs leading 11 nominations for Hong Kong Film Awards
The Straits Times - Feb 5, 2015

HONG KONG - Thriller Overheard 3 has led nominations for the Hong Kong Film Awards with 11 nods including for Best Film, in nominations announced today. The crime drama earned a Best Actor nod for Sean Lau Ching Wan, who is also named in the ...

Sean Lau and Louis Koo all fired up
The Star Online - Oct 7, 2013

LONG-TIME collaborators Sean Lau Ching Wan and Louis Koo Tin Lok play a pair of firemen brothers trying to rescue people from a burning office tower in their new movie, Inferno. The serious firefighting drama features many scenes of massive fires and ...

Johnnie To, Sean Lau win at Golden Horse Awards
South China Morning Post - Nov 24, 2012

Hong Kong director Johnnie To Kei-fung won best director for Life Without Principle and Sean Lau Ching-wan was named best actor for his role in the movie at Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards last night. Lau pretended the award at what are widely known ...

Huayi Bros. introduce Women Who Flirt
Screen International - Mar 24, 2014

Currently in production with Nansun Shi producing, A Tale Of Three Cities stars Tang Wei and Sean Lau Ching-wan in a story that is loosely based on the experiences of Jackie Chan's parents in China in the turbulent 1930s. Cheung and Law worked together ...

Film-maker Felix Chong makes new movie about rising home prices
Straits Times - Jun 5, 2014

Film-maker Felix Chong (above, second from left) with the cast of Overheard 3, (from left) Huang Lei, Kenneth Tsang and Michelle Ye. The property-themed thriller also stars Louis Koo and Sean Lau Ching Wan. -- PHOTO: SCORPIO EAST PICTURES.

Ip Man takes on Ip Man for best actor at Hong Kong Film Awards
South China Morning Post - Feb 5, 2014

The other best actor nominations were Louis Koo Tin-lok and Sean Lau Ching-wan, both for police drama The White Storm, and Nick Cheung Ka-fai, who underwent a hellish training regime to star in Unbeatable. Zhang Ziyi was recognised for her work in The ...

Hong Kong Film Awards: Watch out for Best Actor and Actress categories
Straits Times - Apr 11, 2014

Also in the running are Louis Koo and Sean Lau Ching Wan, both for action flick The White Storm, as well as two actors who portrayed martial arts legend Ip Man in two different movies: Tony Leung Chiu Wai in The Grandmaster, and Anthony Wong in Ip Man: ...

AFM: Rome Closer Kicks up a 'Storm'
Variety - Nov 10, 2013

The picture, which stars Sean Lau Ching-wan, Louis Koo and Nick Cheung, will have its international premiere in Rome next week (Nov. 17) and is set for release in mainland China through Bona Film on Nov. 29. It releases in Hong Kong on Dec. 5.

Out of Inferno 3D (Tao Qu Sheng Tian 3D): Film Review
Hollywood Reporter - Sep 11, 2013

... first third of Out of Inferno trots out a fleet of spanking new fire engines and an army of dedicated blaze-stoppers -- among which we find the film's two protagonists, brothers Tai-kwan (Sean Lau Ching-wan) and his younger brother Keung (Louis Koo ...

'Life Without Principle' Chosen as Hong Kong's Foreign Oscar Entry
Hollywood Reporter - Sep 21, 2012

Starring frequent To collaborator Sean Lau Ching-wan (The Mission, Mad Detective), comedian Lo Hoi-pang and character actress So Hang-Shuen, the latter two television veterans that nabbed wins in the best supporting acting categories in the 2012 Hong ...

'Lust' star lost in scam
Hong Kong Standard - Jan 12, 2014

Three Cities, which also stars award- winning actor Sean Lau Ching-wan. It is being directed by Hong Kong directors Alex Law Kai-yui and Mabel Cheung Yuen-ting. The story is based on the love of the parents of action movie star Jackie Chan Kong-sang in ...

Will Sean Lau trump Andy Lau at the HK Film Awards?
AsiaOne - Apr 3, 2012

A double nominee at the upcoming 31st Hong Kong Film Awards, veteran actor Sean Lau Ching Wan is glad that he has double the odds of winning the Best Actor trophy in the face of strong rivals like Andy Lau. The 48-year-old is nominated for his roles in ...

Bona Bumps Up 'Magician' to Christmas to Battle '13 Flowers'
Hollywood Reporter - Apr 20, 2011

... in Ang Lee's Lust, Caution, will play the powerful prestidigitator Zhang Xian, whose ex-lover (played by Chinese actress Zhou Xun, star of The Message and Painted Skin), gets mixed up with an evil warlord played by Hong Kong actor Sean Lau Ching-wan.

All fired up for 'As The Light Goes Out'
The Star Online - Jan 6, 2014

As The Light Goes Out stars Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Simon Yam and Hu Jun as firefighters while Out Of Inferno featured Louis Koo and Sean Lau Ching Wan. Kwok, 37, stresses that what is more important is whether the film in question has something new ...

Tony Leung says The Great Magician Comes Fast - Jun 1, 2011

In the film, Leung stars as Zhang Xian, a powerful magician living in the early 20th century. Zhang goes abroad to study magic, and when he comes back he discovers his fiancée, played by Zhou Xun, has become a warlord's concubine. Sean Lau Ching-Wan ...

Review: The Great Magician
The Reel Bits - Jan 16, 2012

Set in the 1920s in Northern China, during the period in which feuds between warlords are taking place, one such lord Lei Daniu (Sean Lau Ching-wan), also known as “Bully”, uses butler Liu Kunshan's (Wu Gang) magic trickery to recruit soldiers to his ...



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