Son Dam Bi 손담비

Son Dam Bi


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Dam Bi
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Date of Birth:
September 25, 1983
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South Korea
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Singer, Model, Actress

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Dream 2009 as Park So Yeon (Korean Dramas)

Son Dam Bi News:

Super Junior Heechul Reveals Story Behind 'His Woman' Son Dam Bi
KpopStarz - Oct 31, 2014

(Photo : Facebook ) Heechul told a story on why he calls Son Dam Bi "his woman." Close friends Heechul and Son Dam Bi have a long and playful history together. Like Us on Facebook. Super Junior member Heechul was the guest on the October 17th ...

'What's With this Family' Son Dam Bi Gossips To Kyun Mi RI
KDramaStars - Nov 3, 2014

"What's With this Family" Son Dam Bi talked a lot of gossip to Yoon Park and Kyun Miri. On the 22nd episode of KBS 2TV weekend drama "What's With this Family" broadcast on November 1st, Kwon Hyo Jin (played by Son Dam Bi) went to Cha Soon Bong ...

What's With This Family' Yoon Park Talks About Son Dam Bi
KDramaStars - Oct 22, 2014

Weekend drama "What's With this Family" Yoon Park is playing the role of Cha Kang Jae. He said, "Son Dam Bi changed from a goddess to a girl-next-door character." On October 16th, there was a press conference of the KBS2 weekend drama "What's With ...

Son Dam Bi and Yoon Park show their cute chemistry on the set of 'What's With ...
allkpop - Aug 7, 2014

Son Dam Bi, who plays Kwon Hyo Jin, and Yoon Park, who plays the role of Cha Gang Jae, made funny faces at the camera, being the complete opposite of their serious couple image in the drama. The drama's production company rep stated, "A man, who ...

'What's WIth This Family' Yoon Park, Son Dam Bi Marry
KDramaStars - Oct 14, 2014

On this day, Kwon Hyo Jin (played by Son Dam Bi) was getting picked up by Huh Yang Geum. He then said to Cha Kang Jae, "What are you doing now? Do you want to get humiliated? Are you protesting now?" and started to yell. Before this, Huh Yang Keum ...

'What's With this Family' Son Dam Bi And Yoon Park's Marriage
KDramaStars - Oct 15, 2014

On the KBS 2TV weekend drama "WHat's WIth this Family" (script Kang Eun Kyung, director Jun Chang Geun), Son Dam Bi (played by Kwon Hyo Jin) and Y oon Park (played by Cha Kang Jae)'s wedding scene was released, raising expectations about this ...

Son Dam Bi in talks for new KBS 2TV weekend drama 'What's With This Family?'
allkpop - May 14, 2014

Son Dam Bi is in talks for the role of food stylist Kwon Hyo Jin who gets into an arranged marriage with Cha Kang Jae according to her father's wish and dreams of raising a happy family but lives an unhappy life. 'What's With This Family?', written by ...

Son Dam Bi Tries 'Busking' For The First Time On "Picnic"
KpopStarz - Aug 29, 2014

This episode, filmed with the concept of 'Singer Son Dam Bi's Wishlist', showed Son Dam Bi trying things she had always wanted to do as a singer but was not able to do, and the very first item on that list was a busking concert. Son Dam Bi said, "Even ...

Son Dam Bi talks about her nickname 'smirking' Dam Bi
allkpop - May 25, 2014

She talked about her nicknames on the 24th's episode of KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay', and she explained, "I have a cold image, and I also have an easy-going image." SEE ALSO: [Album Review] MBLAQ - 'Winter'. Her most prominent nickname is ...

Super Junior Heechul, "Son Dam Bi Is My Best Friend... I Call Her Honey"
KpopStarz - Sep 17, 2014

0 comments. super junior heechul relationship with son dam bi. Super Junior's member Heechul revealed his close relationship with singer Son Dam Bi. (Photo : kbs2). Super Junior's member Heechul revealed his close relationship with singer Son Dam Bi.

Son Dam Bi Will Act In The Upcoming KBS 2TV Drama 'What's With This Family'
KpopStarz - Jul 5, 2014

Son Dam Bi will be working alongside Yoon Park and Kim Hyun Joo; which the character that she will play is Kwon Hyo Jin. On this drama, Son Dam Bi's character decides to marry Cha Gang Jae who is played by Yoon Park. Once she gets married to him, ...

Son Dam Bi also confirmed for drama 'What's With This Family'
allkpop - Jul 4, 2014

It was previously revealed that there will be a love triangle in upcoming KBS 2TV weekend drama 'What's With This Family' among Hyungsik, actress Nam Ji Hyun, and Seo Kang Jun. Now, singer Son Dam Bi will be putting down the mic to resume her acting ...

Son Dam Bi Shows Off Her Great Smile Through Twitter
KpopStarz - Jun 27, 2014

In the photo, she is sitting outside and smiling bright for the camera. She is seen wearing a sleeveless black top and reveals her fit body frame. Internet users commented, "Please make a comeback soon", "She is so pretty" and "Such a cute smile.".

Son Dam Bi Shows Off Her Great Fashion Sense
Yahoo Philippines News by Sora Ghim] - Sep 22, 2014

[ On her personal instagram, singer and actress Son Dam Bi posted a photo of her outfit. She is seen wearing a black shirt and jeans, paired with black walkers for a fashionable look. Her black point look is perfect for fall, while her ...

A Review of Son Dam Bi's "Red Candle" MV
KpopStarz - Dec 24, 2013

The first thing I thought about when this first started playing was how closely it resembled to Britney Spears's "Lucky." "She's so lucky, she's a star, but she cry cry cries in her lonely heart," best describes Dambi's new single "Red Candle" in a ...

Son Dam Bi Spotted at Cheongdam-dong
Yahoo Philippines News by Sunghee Park] - Jun 25, 2014

[ Recently, singer Son Dam Bi was spotted at an alley of Cheongdam-dong. As can be seen in the photo above, Son Dam Bi is in her comfortable daily look, making cute gestures for picture. The star still flaunted her beautiful facial ...

[MV] Son Dam Bi (손담비) - 4th mini album '눈물이 주르륵'
YouTube - Nov 12, 2012

강렬하고 치명적인 그녀의 유혹, 가요계를 뒤 흔들 팜므파탈 손담비의 귀환! 차가워진 마음을 눈물로 녹여줄 손담비의 [The 4th MINI ALBUM 눈물이 주르륵] 손담비를 얘기하지 않고 가요계를 논할 수 없다! 솔로 여가수로의 확고한 아이덴티티를 확립하며 매 앨범마다 ...

Son Dam Bi Chosen As Cereal Model, Shows Off Healthy Body
KpopStarz - Feb 8, 2014

Son Dam Bi has one of the most coveted body types among women. Son Dam Bi wore 3 different outfits for 3 different Special K flavors, such as a red shirt and skinny jeans. Although her outfit isn't revealing, her slim figure is obvious through her outfit.

Son Dam Bi, The KpopStarz Interview: The 'Red Candle' Singer On 'Lights And ...
KpopStarz - Jan 17, 2014

Son Dam Bi: "Light and Shadows" helped me gain recognition from a lot of people. Even before the show was extended, there was a lot of pressure because it was already scheduled for 50 episodes. As the episodes progressed, a lot people encouraged me ...

Son Dam Bi Opens Her Closet in \'Get It Beauty\'
Yahoo Philippines News by Sunghee Park] - May 23, 2014

[ Singer Son Dam Bi opened her dress drawer in OnStyle's fashion program 'Get It Beauty.' As one of the representative fashion people in Korea, Son Dam Bi is famous for her sexy image on stage. However, on the day of shooting, Son ...

Heechul and Son Dam Bi Sweet Calls To Each Other 'My Woman' and 'My Man'
KpopStarz - Dec 16, 2013

There is something going on with Heechul and Son Dam Bi as they have their own sweet calls? Find out the real story.. Yesterday, 14th, Heechul appeared as the guest for 'Human Condition'. He was with comedian Yang Sang Kook, who got the opportunity ...

Heechul and Son Dam Bi call each other 'my woman' and 'my man'
allkpop - Dec 15, 2013

On the 14th, Heechul was a guest on 'Human Condition'. He was on the show with comedian Yang Sang Kook, who asked him, "Aren't you close with Son Dam Bi? I like her as a celebrity." SEE ALSO: Short PV for Super Junior's Japanese 'Mamacita' ...

Son Dam Bi, Picture With Her Mom "New Years Eve, I Love You, Mom"
KpopStarz - Jan 1, 2014

Singer Son Dam Bi revealed a picture with her mom on New Years Eve. (Photo : instagram). Singer Son Dam Bi revealed a picture with her mom on New Years Eve. Today, Son Dam Bi posted on her Instagram, "Remembering the 31st. It would have been ...

Kpopstarz Fashion Hot List: Son Dam Bi, Choi Yeo Jin, Lee Bo Young
KpopStarz - Jan 27, 2014

The Kpopstarz Fashion Hot List features Son Dam Bi, Choi Yeo Jin, Lee Bo Young, and more! The stars showed off their love of over-the-knee boots and long coats at various red carpet events. Like Us on Facebook ...

Jerome Dreyfuss Abre una Tienda Emblemática en Chungdamdong
bntnews Spain - Nov 3, 2014

... considerable atención. Además, Tiffany de Girl's Generation, las actrices So Yi Hyun, So Yoo Jin, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Yoon Ji, Kim So Eun, el actor Lee Kyu Hwan, los cantantes Son Dam Bi, Kahi, Kim Greem, y Urban asistieron al evento. (foto de bntnews DB)

Son Dam Bi Sits Front Row at Seoul Fashion Week
Yahoo Philippines News by Chloe Yun] - Mar 24, 2014

[ Singer Son Dam Bi was spotted on the front row at PARKYOUNSOO Collection Show held held as part of '2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week' on March 22 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. '2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week' includes total of 81 fashion ...

Son Dam Bi to Release “Red Candle” on December 23rd
KpopStarz - Dec 17, 2013

"Red Candle" is a bossa nova genre song that is dreamy and is made for Son Dam Bi's sexy voice. The lyrics talk about a candle, which melts easily and is extinguished by even the weakest winds, and is therefore very unstable. The song tells of how a ...

Kwanghee and Son Dam Bi go on a date for 'Son Dam Bi's Beautiful Days ...
allkpop - Nov 1, 2013

Son Dam Bi and Kwanghee recently went on a date while filming for an upcoming episode of MBC Everyone's 'Son Dam Bi's Beautiful Days Season 2.' Photos were recently revealed to show their affectionate date with a little bit of skinship. The two of them ...

Son Dam Bi Flaunts Women's Wannabe Body Line through Advertisement
Yahoo Philippines News - Feb 19, 2014

Son Dam Bi, who is well known for slim yet healthy body line, participated in cereal brand Kellogg's 'Special K' advertisement shooting. As Son Dam Bi has been the brand's main model for two executive years, she showed off her model-like body line in ...

South Korean singer Son Dam-bi to judge Vietnam's reality game show
Thanh Nien Daily - Jan 9, 2014

South Korean singer, actress, and model Son Dam-bi will arrive in Ho Chi Minh City to be a guest judge for the final of television game show "Mr & Ms O'star" on January 10. The 30-year-old is popular in her country for many hit songs such as "Cry Eye" ...

손담비_눈물이 주르륵 (Tears pouring down by Son Dam Bi@Mcountdown ...
YouTube - Nov 15, 2012

2012년 11월 15일 목요일 손담비_눈물이 주르륵. Tears pouring down by Son Dam Bi@@Mcountdown 2012.11.15. Wanna know more about your favorite K-pop artist? - Subscribe - Follow



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