Angels of Mission

Reviewed by: selene

August 06, 2004

Rating: one

This is one of the worst TVB serials I have ever watched. I don't understand how the other reviewers can like it so much. The special effects and the fighting done by the female leads were quite good, but the storyline was just so lame that I laughed out loud as I watched it unfold. The only worthwhile part was when Charmaine went undercover, providing some tension for the audience. I truly feel that "Triumph in the Skies" is the best TVB movie in recent years. This failed attempt to copy "Charlie's Angels" is pitiful. You would think that at least TVB would employ some good storywriters and director to shoot a serial wih so much potential to impress. It's a shame that TVB is falling in quality so rapidly.

For those who haven't seen this serial, I strongly urge you NOT to rent it, because it seriously is a waste of money. Please, if you are like me and feel that "Triumph in the Skies" is the only good serial of recent times, trust me on this one and take my advice.

Let me get one thing off my chest, all three leads - Charmaine, Shirley and Sonija - have lost a lot of weight and are practically skin and bones. The scene where she wore a revealing black dress was so shocking that I actually gasped. Her body is now straight up and down, with no curves and her breasts are seemingly non-existent. What a pity.

I have to comment on the guy playing the missile threat. He is such a bad actor that it's not funny. And he seems to be one of the classic figures in TVB. Honestly, he has no expression on his face and he is so stiff that you want to burst out laughing when you see him. How he became a classic, I'll never understand.

The guy playing Patrick Tam's brother had so much potential to be a star in that role. Talented and strong, he could've been such a great dream guy, but no, TVB got it wrong again when they made him end up alone. I cannot understand why TVB is so incapable of producing romantic stories (except Triumph, Detective Investigation Files 4, Files of Justice, Secret of the Heart and other old ones). I think they should take some tips from Korean serials.

In conclusion, please spare yourself the pain of watching another of TVB's awful and seemingly low-budget serials.

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