Armed Reaction II

Reviewed by: TKL

May 25, 2004

Rating: two-point-five

Starring: Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan, Marco Ngai, Joyce Tang, Eileen Yeow, Eddie Cheung.

Warning! Spoiler Review!

"Armed Reaction II" was made due to the first part's high ratings. It also received high ratings when it was aired in Hong Kong but to me, the sequel is no match compared to the first part, especially the love plot.

"Armed II" starts with the wedding scene, continuing from the first part. However, it turns out that it is only the wedding of Marco and Joyce, not between Bobby and Esther. Frankly, Marco and Joyce do not look like husband and wife--it could be due to their acting ability--but somehow, they look more like brother and sister. There is no chemistry between them. Joyce's character is even more unreasonable than in the first part, though I know that the scriptwriter is trying to lengthen the sequel by creating marriage troubles. Yet her behaviour and attitude are so extremely unreasonable that I hated it every time she appears on the screen. The character's ridiculous personality and Joyce's acting give the audience the impression that she is really stupid. It might be an offence to Joyce's fans here, but I did not feel pity for her when her character was raped by a psycho. Anyway, blame it on the scriptwriter.

The relationship between Esther and Bobby was even more ridiculous. Well, they broke up because the doctor told her that her ability to conceive is very small. However, during this pre-marriage time, Bobby was already attracted to Eileen's character. Just right after Esther left, he started to go out with Eileen and they got married. And just to make things more complicated, Eddie Cheung's character was introduced and fell in love with Esther. He was such a nice person. Somehow, I kept wishing that Esther's character should marry Eddie's character since Bobby did not show that he loved her as much. Then, because the scriptwriters wanted Bobby to have a reason to go back to Esther, they made Eileen's character taking a turn of 180 degrees. She became a completely different person. I really hated Eileen's character in that part--such a shameless character!

The cases in this sequel were not that good. They were quite predictable. The only case I liked was the one with Hong Wah in it. She looked so beautiful and played her role extremely well too. One fact I found funny in this series was the promotion in the police force. It seems as if they can be out on street patrol or right in the detective department. Like Bobby's character, he was an expert in guns. Well, he took a short course about abused and neglected children, then suddenly he was promoted into the team that always took care of cases involving neglected and abused children. There was one more strange thing too, his team was then united with Marco's team to follow serious crimes like rape and kidnap.

The ending was disappointing, here is the spoiler, Esther and Bobby did not get married. I just wanted to scream out, why on earth couldn't the two of them get married??? Do they want to make another sequel? How I felt after watching the sequel: I wish they had never made it.

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