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(Spoilers!) "Armed Reaction" is basically about two woman cops and their lives as a policewomen. At the beginning, Esther Kwan and her husband get divorced because of his mistress in China. She then meets Joyce's uncle played by Bobby Au Yeung. They first hated each other but when Bobby ocasionally comes over and helps her out with her son, Bobby suddenly starts to like her. Joyce and her boss Marco always get into arguments about dangerous operations. But when Marco breaks up with his girlfriend Crystal, he gets drunk and Joyce has to take him home and Joyce suddenly starts to like him. Later on in the series, Marco starts to get jealous because Joyce is always hanging around another police man. Finally, he confesses. As for Esther and Bobby, they will get together too. - Synopsis by Tammy


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Armed Reaction

Reviewed by: yingkit October 20, 2009

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

TVB’s popular Armed Reaction saga contains four seasons total with its first installment being the most beloved among AR fans. No doubt, the original storyline and wonderful cast endorse this series’ enduring reputation. Back in the old days, HK policewomen weren’t given much to do regarding male bigotry that females were too incompetent for this particular occupation. Physical-wise, women may be a little puny, but they are not useless – in fact, many are resolute and capable. This is the...

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Armed Reaction

Reviewed by: MysticDust December 25, 2003

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Featuring: Esther Kwan Joyce Tang Bobby Au Yeung Marco Ngai "Armed Reaction" was the new love of MysticDust's life. She rented the whole series and finished it in two days, all 30 episodes. She had to write a review about it, since she could not get it off her mind otherwise. Since there was already a short synopsis of "Armed Reaction," MysticDust will strictly base this composition on her personal opinions. Story: "Armed Reaction" was a beautiful work about cops and cases. Even...

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03-29-2012 02:44 PM


I L-O-V-E THIS SERIS SOOO MUCH WATCH MORE THEN 4 TIMES STILL NOT BORED.ESTHER KWAN IS SUCH A GREAT ACTRESS LOVE HER ROLE.I also like the couple Booby and Esther ,Joyce and Marco very cute.I have never seen an actress who could act with Bobby and have such a great chemistry with him like Esther.Maybe Bobby is a great actor it very hard to find an actress with great acting skill and have chemistry with.Anyway Esther and Bobby one of the best pairing TVB had put together.The story plot is a wonder and samething with the acting.I think armed reaction 1 is the best one out of the four.Armed reaction 2 could have been better if Esther and Bobby actually end up together or get married.The other Armed Reaction with Ada is good to but can't be compare to armed reaction 1.The chemistry between Ada and Bobby I say wasn't as good as Esther and Bobby even.Ada had more chemistry with Lawerence Ng.This seris is worth watching the acting and the story plot five star.I enjoy it a lot.WATCH IT


04-20-2008 12:27 AM


where can i get all these series in english subtitle? I've seen it on our tv channel here and i really love it. I want to have a collection of these series but i can't find the vcd/dvd with the english subtitle. Please help me...


08-27-2007 03:41 PM


I liked the cases in here a lot more interesting then the cases in part 2-4. This is my favorite one out of all 4.


04-03-2007 03:41 AM


I think that is the best one out of the 4 that they've made. Joyce character was so funny and so much more relax then how she was in part 2. But I what I still don't understand is that at the end of this series Esther character was already wearing a wedding dress and then at the beginning of part 2 she was only sitting as a guest.


02-24-2005 12:00 AM


VERY goood seriesss! luvv 'em aLL!

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