At Point Blank

Reviewed by: Tammy

April 15, 2008

Rating: two

Gallen Lo as Lennon Law King Fai
Kingdom Yuen King Dan as Cheng Hiu Nam
Louisa So as Venessa Wen Yuen Yau
Michael Tse as Bernard Chan Siu Ming
Myolie Wu as Samantha Cheng Hiu Kwan
Fiona Yuen as Cherrian Yau Mei Shuet
Mak Cheung Ching as Law Gai Fai

Why bother with this series? Why? Why? Why? This series made no sense except for Michael Tse and Myolie Wu's story. Other than that, I find this series very stupid and senseless.

How could a proper businessman (Gallen Lo) marry a woman (Yuen King Dan) who is motherly-looking and who looks like his mother? How could a motherly woman have a mother who looks like her sister? Is this TVB's fault? Sure it is. They did such a poor job on choosing the right artist for the roles. I mean Yuen King Dan's mother is Cheng Ho Wai. Don't they look like sisters? God help TVB!

Personally, I thought Michael and Myolie's character made more sense than Gallen's and King's. One was flirtatious, always changing girlfriends, while the other was always the "third person" in a relationship. In the end, these two come together as a couple but are torn apart later. This is because another woman comes between them, a woman from Michael's past.

Another pair that was good was Fiona Yuen and Mak Cheung Ching. Many say that Fiona is a talented actress. That, I agree. She is pretty and blessed with talents to act. As for Mak, I think he's a good actor but TVB needs to promote him more.

I am sorry for such a short review.

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