Dicey Business

Reviewed by: OwarinaiYume

January 03, 2007

Rating: four-point-five


Bobby Au-Yeung
Michael Miu
Jessica Hsuan
Bosco Wong
Tavia Yeung
Benz Hui
Florence Kwok


Chai Foon Cheung (Au-Yeung) used to be a really good gambler when he was younger, but one day when he was facing Kiu Ching Choh (Michael Miu) - it was the very day that he lost his little brother Chai Foon Lok. Cheung didn't have the confidence to play so he forfitted the game, making Ah Choh win. Cheung becomes broke, jobless, and homeless on the streets of the Philippines. He meets Chou Fok Wing (Benz Hui) and they become really good friends.

Wing wants Cheung to pick himself back up again, so he and Choh trick Cheung and they all end up working at the ONISAC Casino. The three of them are really good friends. Choh and Wing manage to convince Cheung to go back to Hong Kong and face his parents. Cheung feels that they are still angry with him because he lost his little brother. But when he goes back, he learns that not only did they not find his brother, but his parents had passed away.

He moves into an apartment building with the help of Lee Ching Wan (Jessica Hsuan), a gambling-obsessed woman whom he met at the casino in the Philippines. His roommate is an anthropophobic young man by the name of Cheung Loi Fu (Bosco Wong). A certain chain of events leads to Cheung finding out that this youngster is actually his long- lost brother!

Cheung doesn't tell Fu that they are brothers because he feels that they haven't known each other for a very long time. But he still treats him with care and respect. Fu's good friend and Ching Wan's cousin Tam Chu Mei (Taiva Yeung) believes that Cheung has feelings for Fu...

Soon, Ching Wan and Choh start dating. But because Choh is being threatened by another man from his past, he breaks up with her. Choh now must comply with whatever he says, and is forced to rob the casino. Cheung finds this out, and in order to save himself, Choh "pretends" to kill Cheung by first beating him and then throwing him into the ocean. When Cheung wakes up in the hospital, the first person he sees is Ching Wan. He tells her everything, but she is still in doubt. However, Cheung gets really angry when Fu becomes a student of Choh's. He tries to tell his brother of all the bad things that Choh has done, but Fu doesn't believe him. He also gets really upset when he finds out that this man is his brother.

Choh does many things to drive the three best friends apart; he blames the robbery of the casino on Cheung, he tries to take Ching Wan away from Cheung, and he even tries to turn Ah Fu against him! But after a few events, Choh realizes that he would have rather given up his position as CEO and be with his friends, than be where he is today. Ah Wing has passed, and Choh is in jail. Cheung believes that everything will be okay again. Cheung and Fu now have a great relationship...but Ching Wan decides to leave. She says she cannot handle starting a relationship with Cheung so soon after these things has happened.

At the end, Cheung and Fu open up their own restaurant on the beach and live happily ever after...


I would have liked it if they told us what Choh's sentence was. If he was put away for life then maybe it would provide some sort of closure. But I wouldn't mind if he didn't get a life sentence because at least he knows that the most important thing to him was his friends. I liked how the realization of it was so...wow. But I thought the pairing of Michael Miu and Jessica Hsuan was too awkward. Their status' were different, and I know I shouldn't judge on status but it's so weird how they were together. I liked the pairing of Jessica and Bobby better. Their personalities matched and they weren't afraid to be themselves with each other, you know? The pairing of Tavia and Bosco was really nice too. They were cute together, I thought.

I don't really get the card games, so I don't really have much to say about that. But even though I didn't understand it, it was really intense and you could feel the tension between the players. It was really good. I have to say, though, the fact that Michael played a somewhat evil role in this series, he wasn't a good person for the role itself. He wasn't evil-looking enough. I thought he was way too cool to be evil haha!

Also, Tavia's character has a lisp in this series. I thought it was better with the lisp. Because her character is supposed to be like Ah Wong's from Life Made Simple. Not exactly like it, but somewhat like it. She isn't the brightest crayon in the box and at first is only after money. At first, she only entered the Casino as a dealer to get closer to the owner's son Ronald (Eric Li). I liked how her character matured throughout the series as she realized she was in love with Fu. Also, she was a bit too tanned. Oh well.

I'd like to say that Dicey Business is a really good series. It is one of the series of 2006 that you just can't miss!


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