Dicey Business

Reviewed by: empress

June 13, 2007

Rating: three-point-five


Cheung (齊歡暢) (Bobby Au Yeung)
Chor (喬正初) (Michael Miu)
Wan (李青雲) (Jessica Hsuan)
Lok (齊歡樂) (Bosco Wong)
譚珠美(青雲表妹) (Tavia Yeung)
Wing (周福榮) (Benz Hui)

“Dicey Business”.. gambling, and money is a plot. The whole mash of this has love, family, and friendship thrown in.

(brief beginning.. don't read on if you don't want me to ruin the introduction to the story)

Cheung (齊歡暢) (Bobby Au Yeung), at a young age he qualified to be in a poker championship and there he met with Chor (喬正初) (Michael Miu), his opponent. Chor was ticked off that Cheung could be so arrogrant and decided to get his girlfriend to seduce Cheung. It worked. Before the last round, Cheung's little brother went missing, and this sent his whole life into the ruins. His last match was against Chor, and since Cheung was completely distracted with thinking about his brother, he forfeited the match. Consequently his family broke apart. Cheung ran way, believing his parents were angry with him for losing his own brother.

The present life, Cheung had moved to Philipines, but was a bum. Roaming the streets in rags, and was pounded for money from being in debt with other people. His days were depressing and pitiful. But the glimmer of hope, Wing (周福榮) (Benz Hui) had met him, and tried to revert Cheung back into a decent human being.

The current Cheung had now grown. Cheung had become close to Chor and Wing, and the three were like brothers. Through a bet with Chor, Cheung was almost forced to return to meet his parents to reconcile. The bet involved an obsessive and compulsive gambler, Wan (李青雲) (Jessica Hsuan). Chor had lost the bet, and Cheung got to stay in the Philipines. While Cheung was helping Chor catch cheaters in the casino, he ended up getting kipnapped and locked in the trunk of a car. After he was saved, he was determined to go back to Hong Kong, and was ready to face his parents.

He did find his parents, their gravestones. He ended up renting Wan's (李青雲) (Jessica Hsuan) apartment, and shared it with an odd outcast, Lok (齊歡樂) (Bosco Wong). He had decided to continue living in Hong Kong to be able to look for his brother.

Comments on the story
The plot itself is very nicely crafted.

Bobby Au Yeung as Cheung (齊歡暢) has lost his touch. His charm wasn't as funny, but he was still charismatic. But humour for me was why I wanted to see Bobby Yeung in the spotlight again. He showed the state of being desperately pitiful well. He looked like a slouch or a slob to me. (7.5/10).

Michael Miu as Chor (喬正初) had deeply went to the moon and back to attack all the dimensions of Chor. He was coldly quiet, and smiled enough to show his love for Wan (Jessica Hsuan). Even though I'm still pondering how Chor went from man of justice to man of scamming and power seeking, but in the end I accepted. It leaves room to think about Chor's personality when it isn't clearly laid out for me to see, which makes his personality that much more complex, and interesting to figure out. This is something new as opposed to the usual simple and typical characters. (8.5/10).

Jessica Hsuan as Wan (李青雲) was left with an uninteresting role, she could have provided a spin on her character but didn't. Jessica Hsuan always seem to stress emotions. Her crying ability is definitely not in the low ranks either. Her chemistry with Bobby and Michael wasn't cute love, more like between friends. (7.5/10).

Bosco Wong as Lok (齊歡樂) was only truly ugly and pitiful when he became irritating, near the middle where his confidence starts to boost. Bosco was strong in showing a weak Lok, with his image very closely mirroring an outcast to society. He didn't overdo it. His relationship that developed into love with Tavia Yeung was what kept me through some of the boring elements of the story. I relied on Bosco to keep the lightness. (6.5/10).

Tavia Yeung as 譚珠美(青雲表妹) passed. Tavia played the materialistic woman who wanted to marry a rich man. What was important to her was looking beautiful, and money. Not exactly the most brightest girl, or most mature. I almost found her personality too childish. (6/10).

Benz Hui as Wing (周福榮) was the most motherly figure ever. He was the only reason why I cried during this series. Unbelievably I liked Wing. He was the only one who seemed to be pure, or even normal and not so consumed by madness and life. But Benz could try to direct his emotions to a higher level. (7/10).

"Dicey Business" isn't exactly breaking new ground, the whole "wishy washy" bland performance wasn't there. I give this a performance rating of 3.5/5, but a satifactory rating of 4.5/5.

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