Reviewed by: koolkat

January 03, 2011

Rating: two-point-five

Miu Kiu Wai is one of my favourite actors so I was really looking forward to EU. But I was totally disappointed. It seemed like TVB just wanted to get the same crew together because it was a winning combination after two earlier series, which happens really often, and by hook and by crook, cobble them together into a story. As a result, Miu had to act as a totally different person, because his earlier character had died. Totally confusing and disorienting, since the new character bears no relation to his previously good-guy persona.

Actually the show starts off really well, with Miu taking down his old enemy who caused him to go to prison. It shows potential of being really exciting. He takes over the guy's triad organisation and his girlfriend, acted by Kathy Chow. But it steadily goes downhill from there. The producers can't decide between making him a seriously cool, bad dude and a criminal with a heart and he ends up being wishy washy. He alienates everyone, is indecisive and you wonder how he survives as the head of the organisation without the other members just shooting him to end their misery.

And the two boys, Sammul Chan and Ron Ng, were tiresome. Sammul for his sanctimonious preaching, together with his annoying wife, and Ron for just being overeager. Actually between the two of them, it's a miracle Ron survived his undercover assignment since it seemed as if the whole world knew he was an undercover cop.

It's a tossup between the two sisters who's more annoying, Kathy Chow or Leung Ka Kei. For annoying, I'll have to go with Leung, who's appropriately called Yuck Bo in the show. She's preachy and has a seriously shrill, annoying voice. Kathy Chow must also be the dumbest woman in the show, because there's a drug lab right behind her restaurant and she lives in blissful ignorance. There is also a whole host of forgettable characters including Miu's daughter.

Enter Laughing Gor. It's no wonder he emerged as the surprise hit of the show. I'm no fan of Michael Tse and I think he seriously overacted in the role. But his character was the best written in the show. It was a consistent persona, heroic and tragic. His character made sense unlike the others.

So watch this show if you liked the first two series, the Academy and On the First Beat, and feel you must complete it all. If you are new to the show, the many silly plotlines will be irritating.

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